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Health: Fashion can kill

November 04, 2012

Some of the leading fashion trends that we follow nowadays are not exactly deathtraps but are a serious cause for concern. The effects of blindly doing what is ‘in’ can cause major problems with your health. Given below are a few trends and their side effects that will bring light to common ailments and the real reason behind those various aches and pains.

Piercings: Piercing your face or body can lead to infection at least 20 per cent of the time. Earrings that are long and heavy can cause the earlobe to stretch and even tear. People with nickel allergies get rashes due to wearing jewellry with even tiny amounts of nickel.

Control/slimming underwear: These put major pressure on your abdomen thereby causing acidity, reflux, respiratory problems and even irritable bowel syndrome. This sort of innerwear can hide all your flaws and lumpy bumps but at the same time can trap sweat and moisture leading to bladder infections as well.

Ties: Did you know that around 65 per cent of the men wear wrong collar sizes and knot their ties too tight? If your hubby seems to be having problems like blurred vision, headaches or tingly ears at work, make sure his shirt collars are the right size for him. Tight collars lead to reduced blood flow to the brain and put extra pressure on the eyeballs; also, it can restrict neck movement leading to strained neck and back muscles.

Oversized handbags: Women love the huge suitcases they lug around on their shoulders all day long. With designer bags getting more huge by the minute and the number of gadgets and things that women cannot live without increasing by the day, the weight of their handbags is not less than a couple of pounds. Lugging around heavy handbags on your shoulder or even arm can cause serious neck problems along with poor posture. You might not feel the effects now, but don’t wait around for something to pop up, chances are it will be difficult to fix by then.

Thongs and Y-fronts: Thongs cause friction in the inside thighs leading to chaffing and breakage of the delicate skin, making you more prone to bacterial infections as well as thrush. Synthetic materials used in these types of underwear can further exacerbate the problem. Similarly, men who wear Y-fronts are at a high risk of overheating their testes and reducing their sperm count, albeit for a short while.

Skinny jeans: These look amazing and you will hardly find a girl or a woman not wearing one or not having one in her wardrobe. The problem with skinnies is that they lead to digestive problems as well as increase the chances of infections. Apart from this they even cause nerve compression.

High heels: High heels, whether stilettos or sky high wedges, cause a range of foot ailments including bunions, bone death, hammer toes and the like. High heels cause the weight to shift to the balls of the feet thereby harming your posture and causing various back problems as well. Stress fractures, tendon injuries and joint pain are common for those who wear high heels on a regular basis.

Flats: The extreme opposite of heels are flip flops, ballet pumps and those absolute flat shoes that play havoc with your feet. They offer no arch support or cushioning, causing joint pain and splints. They might look more comfortable, but don’t go on looks, try something that offers your feet a bit of support and reduces the shock on your joints when walking on hard surfaces.