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US presidential debate

November 02, 2012

IN the final debate, President Obama and Governor Romney dwelt on the subject of ‘Islamic’ terrorism as well.

Islam has existed for over 14 centuries but never had anyone heard of Islamic ‘terrorists’ or ‘suicide bombers’. Muslim countries from Morocco to Indonesia, Turkey to the Maldives without exception loved America. So why has it become so difficult today for a Muslim country to love America?

In his report to the General Assembly, Richard Falk, a UN official, proposed sanctions against companies that supply bulldozers to armed Jewish settlers who demolish Palestinian homes and orchards on a daily basis (Dawn, Sept 27). Susan Rice, the US ambassador to the United Nations, promptly protested. In fact, any form of protest in the UN against Israeli oppression has been brazenly vetoed by the US for the last 60 years.

In the debate the causes of terrorism were explained away with old worn - out clichés like lack of education, poverty and unemployment, forgetting that most of the suicide bombers on ‘9/11’, when it all began, were fresh college graduates from wealthy Saudi families. At their age with so much to look forward to, why would they sacrifice their own lives?

After Iraq and Afghanistan, now it is the turn of Iran, it seems.

Iran has nothing to do with Al Qaeda or 9/11. They have been attacked but have themselves never attacked anyone or occupied any neighbour’s territory.

On the other hand, Israel occupies or controls the territory belonging to every neighbour north, south and east.

On the west there is the Mediterranean Sea which they also control. They continue building settlements and demolishing Palestinian homes with impunity.

“Their authority to occupy Judea and Samaria comes from the Bible,” they say.

Israel also has enough nuclear warheads to blow the entire Middle East off the face of the earth but Iran is the one under the heaviest sanctions ever imposed by the US.

The allegation is that they may achieve nuclear capability some time in the future.

A very loaded question was put by the compere: “What would you do if you were given the news that Israel has bombed Iran?” Both debaters started looking for chinks in the question to say something that would please Israel.

The most powerful man in the world and the one who was vying to replace him were both outdoing each other in soft - soaping Israel. This was deplorable.

It appears that the Israeli elephant inside the Oval office will remain invisible. There is little hope for the Middle East with either of the two candidates taking charge for the next four years.