WE may lose Malala Yousufzai if we do not send her to Dubai or the UK immediately. I am an ex-army doctor. We, in the armed forces, look after all very healthy people and rarely come across complicated injuries except in wartime.

So the armed forces doctors are not very proficient in complicated injury cases in peacetime. With due respect to all, as an ex-Army Medical Corps doctor, I would request our senior AMC command not to make it a matter of ego and send Malala somewhere where she can be treated better.

We lost Arfa Karim, the world’s youngest certified IT specialist at that time, a few months ago in CMH, Lahore. She had met Bill Gates who praised her after being certified. Later, he also offered to foot the bill for her medical treatment but our AMC officers never sent her out of Pakistan to a better medical centre.

Here we are dilly-dallying on Malala’s treatment, who has been offered an air ambulance by none other than the US president, the most powerful person on the Earth.

DR KHALID BUTT Ex-AMC officer     Karachi

Moses for Pharaoh

THOUSANDS of years ago, there was a ruler who started killing innocent children in Egypt. He was Pharaoh. Moses came and defeated that cruel ruler. Now a minor girl was targeted by followers of that cruel ruler. Who will follow in the footsteps of Moses?.


Funding for terrorists

THE nation bleeds and weeps for Malala, the brave teenager who stood up to the wrath of the Taliban and fought for justice and the education of girls in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. There is no nation in the world that would support what the home-grown terrorists have done.

The act has been condemned by every nation. It has aroused the conscience of the world and demonstrated that Pakistan is a far bigger target of the terrorists than any other country including Afghanistan. It has certainly shaken up the military that has vowed to finally smash the stronghold of the radical fanatics.

While the army and air force will do their bit, it is inexplicable why the Pakistan establishment has not taken any action against the people who are funding these terrorists. Surely military intelligence and the ISI, assuming they are two different entities, know the identity of the rascals who are causing this mischief. Even the man in the street has his suspicions. Meanwhile, the imams in mosques and the priests in the churches are praying for the recovery of this brave girl who defied the odds in a grossly intolerant and retrogressive society.

ANWER MOORAJ      Karachi

Nobel prize

THE whole world has eulogised the gallantry displayed by Malala Yousufzai in the face of militancy and obscurantism in Swat.

The internatonal media has given full coverage to the tragic episode of attack on her life.

However, much more needs to be done to recognise extraordinary efforts of the teenager epitomising soft and liberal image of Pukhtuns, in particular, and Pakistanis, in general.

I suggest and recommend that she be bestowed upon with the Nobel peace prize for her indefatigable efforts for peace and education in militant-infested area despite all odds.

ATHER NAVEED      Peshawar