ISLAMABAD, Sept 18: Some national and international religious scholars Tuesday stressed on the Muslim Ummah to make modern education its top most priority in the face of emerging challenges in the contemporary world.

They were speaking at an international seminar “the emerging challenges and the responsibilities of Islamic scholars” based on an interaction between International Islamic Scholars and Pakistani religious scholars which was organised by Pak Institute for Peace Studies (PIPs).

“On the face of present challenges being confronted by the Muslim World, it is imperative for us to stop finding faults in others for our failures and instead should do serious soul searching to redress the emerging issues”. These views were expressed by Senator Maulana Mohammad Khan Shirani, chairman Islamic Ideological Council, while speaking as the chief guest Maulana Shirani said that there are so many commonalities among the majority of humanity and that need to be highlighted, instead of focusing on differences.

He added further that it is the responsibility of religious scholars to promote peace and tolerance in society.

Maulana Shirani urged United Nations to ensure religious freedom for the follower of every religion.

Earlier, eminent scholar and Vice-Chancellor University of Peshawar, Dr Qibla Ayaz, during his keynote address, said that it is unfortunate that in the Muslim world education is deemed as spending whereas rest of the world consider it as an investment.

He said that one great challenge is the growing trend of extremism.

He said that Muslim Ummah is now looking towards the Muslim leadership and religious scholars to come with up with solutions of present challenges.

He said that tolerance and diversity are the key elements of any forward looking society which has been ignored in Muslim World.

Dr Arif Zamhari, religious scholar from Nahdatul Ulema Indonesia, while speaking on ‘Challenges on educational front and the way forward’, termed lack of education and modern knowledge as the biggest challenge of the Muslim world.

He said that Muslims lag far behind other nations in almost every field of modern education and thus, it must be an area of concern for all the Muslims in the world.

Sheikh Mehmet Paksu, religious scholar and writer from Turkey said that Muslims should develop a system of education that could cater for their religious and spiritual needs as well as contemporary requirements.

Mufti Mohammad Zahid, Vice Principal Jamia Imdadia Faisalabad said that Muslims cannot perceive a state craft without religion and therefore they seek the solution of their socio-political issues in accordance to guiding principles of Islam.

He said that it is a positive sign that Muslims around the world now have developed a strong realisation that they need to equip themselves with modern education.

Maulana Yaseen Zafar, Secretary General Wafaqul Madaris Al-Salfia Pakistan, emphasised that education ought to be objective and getting a good employment should not be the mere objective of education.

Religious scholar from Iran Dr Abideen Momneen underpinned the plight of Muslim World and said that Muslim Ummah should develop self-reliance to get empowered.

Earlier, Mohammad Amir Rana, Director PIPs delivered key note address.



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