THIS is apropos of Rao Atif Raza's letter ‘Hindus are safe in Sindh’ (Aug 19). The writer has tried to convince readers that the media may be projecting Hindu persecution and migration issue in an exaggerated way and he also denies observing any discrimination at the government level.

But then what is making these Hindu families flee? Why is the media exaggerating about Hindu persecution?

The reasons are obvious. Pakistan’s minorities are feeling insecure about their wealth, respect and life.

Pakistani Hindus have been well-educated and economically sound in the country even before partition, they have never been a part of any bigotry, hatred or roguery.

Many Hindus who migrated to India after partition have become the part of the elite group of a populated country and serving in business, politics, government and Bollywood famously.

Why couldn’t they serve their own country Pakistan and make it more prosperous, getting a sense of respect and equality in return?

The Constitution of Pakistan and the majority of the population do not treat their minorities equally. Is it difficult to postulate Hindu persecution when you see being a minority they are frequently robbed, kidnapped, threatened and converted?

Hindus have lived in countries for many centuries, they would never want to leave their homeland. The only thing is that they need is a sense of security so that they can live here with peace and contribute to the prosperity of Pakistan.