In Greece, 3,000 immigrants protest racism

24 Aug 2012


Immigrants living in Greece take part in a rally in front of the parliament as they protest against racism attacks in Athens on Friday. – Photo by AFP

ATHENS: Greek police say up to 3,000 people have participated in a peaceful demonstration by immigrant groups in Athens on Friday to protest racist attacks in the crisis-struck country.

Protesters, most of who were from Pakistan, marched to Parliament shouting slogans and brandishing banners.

Friday's march was held to protest increasing racist attacks and alleged cases of police brutality against immigrants.

Greece is the main entry point for illegal immigrants seeking a better life in the European Union.

The massive influx coincided with a spike in crime, and contributed to the sharp rise of the extreme-right, anti-immigrant Golden Dawn group that won 18 of Parliament's 300 seats in June's national elections.

Golden Dawn supporters have been repeatedly accused of violent attacks on immigrants, which the group says it does not condone.