HYDERABAD, Aug 18: Speakers at a seminar have called upon the government to put an end to alleged migration of Hindu people to India and forced conversion of girls of the community.

They urged the community people to discourage the trend of migration and, instead, launch a struggle for their rights. They alleged that Faryal Shah/Rinkle Kumari -- a Hindu girl who has embraced Islam and married a Muslim youth at her free will -- was in the custody of an MNA and demanded her “recovery.”

They were speaking at a seminar on “An end to harassment and migration of Hindus” organised by the Sindh National Movement (SNM) at the local press club.

SNM leader Ali Hassan Chandio said that conspiracies to ferment religious extremism in Sindh would be foiled. He said that in 1947 Hindus were forced to migrate but now people of Sindh would not remain indifferent to their plight and launch a struggle to defend them.

Acting chairman of the Jeay Sindh Qaumi Mahaz Dr Niaz Kalani said that excesses against Hindus were part of a broader conspiracy against the province as Hindus were an inseparable part of Sindhi society.

He said that the JSQM would observe protest in the village of the MNA to force him to end excesses against Hindus. He announced that party activists would stage a rally from Ghotki to Pano Akil on August 29.

Secretary-General of the Sindh United Party Dr Dodo Maheri alleged that those farmers who borrowed money from Hindu traders to buy fertiliser were trying to occupy their properties.

He said that such conspiracies would be foiled and advised the Hindus not to leave their homeland.

Awami Jamhori Party chief Abrar Kazi said that Sindh was known for religious diversity. There was a shrine in Oderolal which was visited by both Muslims and Hindus, he said, and added that similarly the shrines of Qalandar Lal Shahbaz and Sachal Sarmast attracted followers of both the religions.

Civil society activist Zulfikar Halepoto said that Sindhis were secular, liberal and peace loving people but anti-Sindhi forces did not like it and hatched conspiracies to change the social milieu. He said that the Hindu community needed protection.

Advocate Kalpana Devi said that the Hindus were facing problems because of absence of laws about the community.

Vice-president of the Awami Tehrik Syed Alam Shah said that a joint struggle was needed against those who did not respect rights of the Hindus.

Jam Saqi said that the situation was so bad that underage Hindu girls were kidnapped and forcibly married off.

Rights activist Amar Sindhu said that the Hindus were indigenous people and being targeted under a conspiracy.

Amar Lal, Taj Mari, Punhal Sario, Akbar Khoso and others also spoke on the occasion.