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A tale of two very different stories

Published Aug 02, 2012 04:50pm


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Something remarkable is happening with the mainstream Western press: It’s starting to produce stories on India’s underside.

This is striking because in recent years, Western media narratives on India have mostly revolved around economic success, flourishing democracy (“the world’s largest”), and Bollywood.

The turning point seems to have been an incident in Assam several weeks back, when, with cameras rolling, a mob of marauding men assaulted and stripped a young woman on a Guwahati street. This deplorable act has generated extensive coverage in America and the UK, and has triggered a steady stream of stories about the dreadful status of women in India. A well-researched piece in the Guardian, headlined “Why is India So Bad for Women?” catalogues a litany of horrifying examples — women gang-raped at a police station, stripped and shaved by villagers, beheaded by their fathers — few of which have previously received any coverage in the West.

Of course, any casual visitor to India will quickly recognise the struggles faced by women in the country (according to the United Nations, India has more gender inequality than Pakistan). I was in New Delhi on March 8, 2011 — ironically, International Women’s Day — when a 21-year-old female university student was shot, in broad daylight, by a probable stalker. The attacker got away easily, and the woman lay bleeding until a solitary policeman placed her in a rickshaw and brought her to a hospital, where she was pronounced dead. Indian media reports described the case as a failure of New Delhi law enforcement. I wonder, though, if efforts to come to the victim’s aid and to apprehend the attacker would have been more robust and immediate had the victim been male.

This represents the dark side of India — the one that isn’t “shining,” and the one that Western media coverage largely eschews. It’s dominated by appalling levels of poverty (admittedly, several Western outlets have reported Oxford University’s finding that there is more poverty in eight Indian states than in all of sub-Saharan Africa combined) and corruption.

And then there’s the violence. The latest flare-up of ethnic strife in Assam’s Kokrajhar region (covered by few Western outlets besides the BBC and New York Times) is a recent example, yet there is also frequent religious and caste-based violence, not to mention unrest sparked by the roughly 100 insurgent groups operating in northeastern India alone, and by the country’s Maoist rebellion.

Of course, these are the same types of problems afflicting Pakistan, and they figure prominently in Western media depictions of that country. So why does the Western press so often highlight these issues in Pakistan, yet so rarely in India? One possibility is that they are, broadly speaking, less widespread and acute in India. After all, New Delhi, unlike Islamabad, makes genuine efforts to provide for the general population — generous shares of national budgets are dedicated to social services and human development, and efforts to educate the masses have enjoyed a measure of success. Additionally, India is not burdened by a legacy of military rule — or of state-sponsored support for militancy.

Another reason why India is portrayed more positively in the Western media is that it enjoys a better image abroad — thanks to both a Bollywood-fueled global cultural narrative (also known as soft power) and an extensive diaspora, which features prominent public personalities (from Deepak Chopra and Fareed Zakaria to Nikki Haley and Rajiv Shah) and boasts powerful lobby groups in key Western capitals.

How about Pakistani media treatment of India? The Pakistani press certainly doesn’t ignore India’s unsavory side. However, it is guilty of another important omission: It rarely captures the sentiments of the rising numbers of Indians who neither regard Pakistan as a threat (notwithstanding continued fears of terrorism emanating from Pakistani soil) nor harbor a desire to attack their western neighbor. By hewing to this strategy, Pakistani reportage undoubtedly strengthens the Pakistan-under-threat line long peddled by elements in the security establishment. Yet in fact, even while many Indians remain hostile to Pakistan, their fears about Pakistan, as I’ve written previously, are increasingly getting eclipsed by growing alarm about China. When I speak with Indian security experts about future war scenarios, they all want to talk about China, not Pakistan.

So it’s important for the Western media to provide a balanced picture of India. Yet it’s also essential for the Pakistani media to do so. By highlighting India’s softening perceptions of Pakistan, the Pakistani media can help reduce domestic paranoia about India, thereby improving the already-encouraging climate for Pakistan-India détente (and yes, I acknowledge that Indian media coverage of Pakistan is far from flawless, and that it could also help improve bilateral relations with more balanced reportage — both points deserving of separate posts).

Is this all too much to ask for? Probably so. But it’s still well worth a try.

The author is the program associate for South Asia at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington, DC. You can reach him at

The views expressed by this blogger and in the following reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of the Dawn Media Group.


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Michael Kugelman is deputy director of the Asia Program and senior associate for South Asia at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington, DC. He can be reached at or on Twitter @michaelkugelman

The views expressed by this writer and commenters below do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of the Dawn Media Group.

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hrleen Aug 03, 2012 02:02pm
Good point. No doubt Pakistan has some bold media guys and some great news channels and papers like Dawn. India too has many such journalists, channels and newspapers. Infact, India has much more than that. Do you have an Anna Hazare who can spearhead a non-violent campaign on the scale of I'ndia Against Curruption' Campaign ? Do you have something even similar to "Tehlaka' ?
Raoul Ciao Aug 03, 2012 01:58pm
my god, this is horrific....never knew this news till now. Thanks for sharing Gerry .
Raj Patel Aug 02, 2012 01:42pm
Yes the incidents are alike in India and Pakistan, but the response of the common people and the Government and Judiciary as a whole are different in India and Pakistan and that decide the rating in the international media. A rape incident in USA, India and Pakistan dealt differently.
neelam Aug 02, 2012 02:56pm
I do Agree with Asim
Ali Aug 02, 2012 02:22pm
And what is your point?
Essjay Aug 02, 2012 04:01pm
As per World Economic Forum 2011 Gender Gap Report India is ranked 113th out of 135 countries covered. Pakistan is ranked 133rd, followed only Chad and Yemen. The world is aware that India has multiple problems but it also realizes that India is making genuine efforts to alleviate the problems.
Sanity Aug 02, 2012 04:10pm
Although I do not believe that the status of women is same in both countries, however lets agree to it for the sake of argument. The key difference between the two countries is mindset. On one hand, you have India which want to progress and bring gender equality. On the other hand, you have Pakistan which bring religion in everything, a country which is still not sure whether various genders should have equal opportunities or not. A country which want to go back ward instead.
GRK Aug 02, 2012 02:26pm
You disclosed your identity by putting "unfortunately" in bracket.
teekay Aug 02, 2012 01:10pm
teekay Aug 02, 2012 01:10pm
You need to get your statistics right. The gender gap is greater in Pakistan than India according to the UN.
Chaman Aug 02, 2012 11:41am
Discrimination against women is still prevalent in many societies of the world. It is neither morally right nor unpardonable. The social injustice has to be addressed wherever it exists no matter what the motivation behind these evil practices. To a large extent, the problem is caused by illiteracy and poverty. The answer is to spread education and improve economy and enable women to fulfill their aspirations. Laws must be enacted and enforced to punish the perpetrators of such brutal crimes. Barring some unfortunate incidents in the backward sectors of the society, Indian women enjoy lot more respect and freedom to excel in any field they choose to pursue. They are pilots, astronauts, educationists, doctors, engineers, politicians and business executives and even fighters in the Army, Navy and the Air Force. Pakistan needs to tow the line and eliminate the evil practices against anybody based on gender, religion and ethnicity. Western observations must be viewed as eye openers not bruisers of the egos. What is wrong is wrong no matter where it happens.
harinder Aug 02, 2012 04:10pm
When will you stop killing 1) Shias 2) Baluchis 3) Ahemdias 4) Non Muslims in Pakistan
Realist Aug 02, 2012 04:12pm
It always amazes me that a young man can claim to be an expert on South Asia, a region with one of the most diverse populations in the world, which covers around 1.7 billion people, or around 28% of the world's population. Perhaps this gentleman should heed the saying (probably coined by an older and wiser "South Asia' expert) about India which says that Westerners who visit India for a week or ten days write a magazine article; those that stay for a few months, write a book, and those that visit and stay for more than a decade, realize that they really do not know much about India, and therefore just be quiet.
Indian, Guwahati Aug 03, 2012 11:50am
There are thousands of Hassan Nisar and Najam Sethi in India who criticize the government every day in thousands of Indian channels. So need to grow up and keep yourself informed. Do not forget that India has 24 official languages and having hundred of channels in each language.
Capt C M Khan Aug 02, 2012 03:13pm
I am living abroad but was raised in a village. i have travelled all over the world many many times. unfortunately he treat,ment of poor and uneducated women on both sides of the border is exactly same. Second or Third Class humans. Both countries have to go a long way to bring equality. Sad but True. India Shinning only for the Rich and Priveleged. For Pakistan only Religion is shinning which is bad news for women as the religion does not treat them equal to men.
syed Aug 03, 2012 01:12pm
Besides a wider strategy to promote India by western govts and media, one reason that makes Pakistan different from India and other countries (e.g., Mexico and even USA) is that both in India and Mexico there are bubbles, bubbles of security and economic growth and bubbles of insecurity and mayhem. In Pakistan insecurity and terrorism is simmering everywhere, not only that Pakistan is unable to control it but at the same time have lost its focus from other areas as well, and that happen mainly due to incapable and lazy people in power. The intensity and magnitude of terrorism in Pakistan may be less than Mexico (~50,000 killed in Mexico’s drug war), but unfortunately Pakistan has completely stopped working on the progress; some insecurity does not mean that we stop working to solve (electric)power, water and economic issues. Both India and Mexico did not ignore the economic progress and nurturing their strong points and are rightfully reaping the rewards.
Salim Langda Aug 02, 2012 01:32pm
Discrimation exists everywhere... whether it is women or religion. If US is so secular, why has the US never had a female president ever? India had Indira Gandhi as a Prime Minister, Bangladesh had Sheikh Hasina, Pakistan had Benazir!...
Sakthi Aug 02, 2012 01:01pm
The author has indicated aboue the recent assam incident. He must have seen in TV that there was a prompt action by the government and put all the molesters in Jail. Have you ever heard in Pakistan that it takes any action against any accused targeting women or monirity. I do agree that many criminal incidents happening in India. Bit it never gets the support of either its people or Our Govt.
Indian Aug 02, 2012 01:38pm
Excellent article. Exposes truly the myth of shining India. Far from being "shining" India still needs ages to reach the stage of being civilized nation. Can't agree more. We need to correct so many things within our society and country.
Tahir Aug 03, 2012 04:15pm
i second your comments mrs khan! In addition, why dont the Indians clean up the filth in the river Ganges.. i saw a video showing rotting corpses and people bathing and drinking from the river. If India was such a great nation, then its holy river would be clean??!! Why does the number of Indians living in poverty exceed all the Africans in the same conditions. Its a farce that India is rich... it has money no doubt and millions of wealthy people but the fact that nearly 800 million Indians dont know what they will have for supper tonight! This amazing fact is rarely reported in the west.
SVP Aug 03, 2012 01:35pm
Wonderfull, its true
Ixion Aug 03, 2012 11:35am
Thanks for educating me on this aspect of India. It's news to me but a sad one, indeed. With justification or without, it seems that it's really the media that makes or mars a people.
true pakistani Aug 03, 2012 10:11am
counterintuitivist Aug 03, 2012 01:35pm
I am an Indian. And I'm sure the educated youth of India does not fear or hate Pakistan. They are just concerned. I'm not sure of Mr Kugelman's nationality. But he sounds 'anti-India' and 'anti-West', which is not an impartial stance to take when you are writing a comparison piece. And dear friends, who have commented here, the issues between India and Pakistan were born much before most of us were. I mean, it was not our making. So, let's not carry them around ourselves. Dear Pak friends, as an Indian I am aware of what all issues my country faces. All I can do, as a journalist, is to speak against them through my writings. I wish you do the same too... Protest against the wrongs of your land before pointing fingers at your neighbour. best.
Gerry D'Cunha Aug 03, 2012 10:30am
Please look first in your own country and then blame others. The recent event in Karachi will open the eyes of every Muslims: Christian staff nurses of Civil Hospital Karachi were poisoned as punishment to drink tea in their Hostel rooms during Holy Month of Ramadan being observed these days by Muslim majority community of Pakistan. Among Eleven (11) poisoned Christian nurses (3) were rushed to Intensive Care Unit ICU of Civil Hospital Karachi were remaining (8) are being treated in emergency ward. Civil Hospital Karachi is under ministry of health of Sindh government where Christian medico staff was in majority till 1985. Staff Nurses Rita, Anila and Rafia were in serious condition in ICU ward of CHK while staff nurse Rita was later transferred on life saving equipment.
SVP Aug 03, 2012 01:29pm
Its very easy beacuse in INDIA these women are so power full, If you have some list you can show us Pratibha Patil (Ex President) Indira Gandhi(Former prime minister) Sonia Gandhi(Congress party president) Meera Kumar (Speaker of Lok Sabha) Jayalalitha (Cheif minister Tamil nadu) Mayavathi (Ex cheif minister of Utter pradesh) Mamata Benarjee (Cheif minister of West bengal) Susma swaraj (Opposition leader in Loksubha)...
Chaman Aug 02, 2012 11:42am
Discrimination against women is still prevalent in many societies of the world. It is neither morally right nor unpardonable. The social injustice has to be addressed wherever it exists no matter what the motivation behind these evil practices. To a large extent, the problem is caused by illiteracy and poverty. The answer is to spread education and improve economy and enable women to fulfill their aspirations.
pramod Aug 02, 2012 11:04am
Yes . Problem are still there and it is happening . But that is also true that it is changing . Many women are getting good studies (outdoing boys in most of the states.) , high profile jobs in all the fields. complete change will take some time but that day will come for sure.
Khizr Aug 02, 2012 01:56pm
Media in the west always seems to have an agenda to serve special interest groups. When their interest require to paint a nation good, they will do so. When that need is not there, they will show the negetive side.
Mandeep Aug 02, 2012 12:43pm
Why not ? You come out with your argument. If you can defend a borderline failed state which is fountainhead of terrorism and pain in the neck of international community a broke economy why can't we defend an India which is doing well in amny fields.
Ejaz Butt Aug 02, 2012 11:55am
We always saw a shining example of India on Western Media. This was due to extended economic relations and the Western Media didn’t want to annoy the trading partner India. It's a breath of fresh air to see the other side of the coin as well. The UK TV Channel 4 recently filmed and aired a program showing belligerent human rights violations and the horrific torture that is carried out against the Kashmiris by the Indian Security Forces. Hopefully, the World’s conscious is resurrected to put pressure on India so that human tragedies may end in Kashmir, Assam, Nagaland.
Hari Aug 02, 2012 11:54am
Sir just want to confirm that. The lady's kill which you have mentioned got this much publicity because she is lady. Am 100% sure if he was a male still the same delay or more only might have happened. These are acts of people who only knoe how to use others a means of happyness. In all socity people like these are there. More so in our part of the world asthe difference between haves and have not is huge. So natural thinking if you are not going to get it then destroy it. Again the person who shot that lady is from a poor back ground. Unless genium effert is made to bridge the gap between have and have nots and iredicate cast system and religion a strightly a private matter both country will never become developed nation.
Ankush Aug 02, 2012 11:50am
Simple reason, Pakistan allegedly gave shelter to OBL and has many terrorist safe havens. Also India is doing some improvement even though its huge population is an impediment.
Dumb Guy Aug 02, 2012 11:51am
Uh oh! Get ready for the onslaught of defensive comments by the patriotic Indians.
Salim Langda Aug 02, 2012 12:55pm
A good attempt to highlight both the sides of the coin. Well, I guess this is nothing new in developing democracy. Look at any country in the world, even USA has had its bad side: 1) Segregation 2) Covert wars 3) Grid failure (Canadian incident)? While Indians may be softening our attitude towards Pakistan, how longer will it soften given the extremism breeded in that country? Why does Bangladesh not have those problems? China ia a genine threat to the entire world.... it just happens to be a more geo-political threat to Asia. Hence India's or ASEAN's focus is right...
Ravi SFO,CA Aug 02, 2012 12:47pm
Yes, woman issue is a bigger issue in India.There are two main issues women face, first is being backward in many aspects which is mainly due to the tradition that continued for centuries where woman's role was confined to kids,family and householdwork. The second issue is, lack of safety which is mainly due to lawlessness coupled with changing culture where women are getting more progressive, in their views,their relationships, their dress attire and some men always try to take advantage of, sometimes by force. As for Pakistan and India, I donot see why author wants to compare the two. I dont see any reason.
G.a Aug 02, 2012 12:05pm
Some acquaintances who've been to India say it reminded them of Pakistan prior to Zia years. Despite the insurgencies, major cities are safer than Pakistan which brings India millions of foreign tourists thus earning India a lot of goodwill. Indians also make an effort to showcase their country when abroad. Problem is that, in trying to stand shoulder to shoulder with the West, they are shoving all her ills under the carpet. They find these shortcomings embarrassing thus their vitriol against anyone who highlights it as you will soon find out through their comments on this article.
Gauhar Vatsyayan Aug 03, 2012 09:31am
Well said......
ROHIT PANDEY Aug 02, 2012 01:15pm
And silliest counters by Pakistanis?
asim Aug 02, 2012 12:33pm
Nice writing. While living in west and reading the different newspapers, i had the very questions in mind which you addressed here. I do not agree with one point when you say "India is not burdened by .......... state-sponsored support for militancy." As I know the history, India has sponsored militancy in East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) by arming the Mukti Bahni and then Tamil Tigers. India only abandoned the policy of dancing with militants after loosing two prime minister, Indira and Rajiv Gandhi. But India did not mix religion with these conflicts which is the biggest difference if you compare militancy support by Pakistan.
Manny Aug 02, 2012 12:26pm
Dear Sir. I am from India and live in New Jersey. I do agree with you that India and Pakistan and even Bangladesh faces similar problems (corruption, inefficiency, lack of accountability, tremendous gap between the rich and the poor, terrorism and the list can go on). However I do not subscribe to the notion that issues from India are not highlighted in the western press (read WSJ, NYT etc.). I think they do to the extent that it reached a negative point. That being said, the main reason Pakistan issues (unfortunately) gets more light, relatively speaking, is due to the terrorism and Af-Pak issues (India has its own terrorism problems).
Not So Dumb Aug 02, 2012 01:20pm
Hi Dunb Guy, you're right Indians are very defensive about criticisms of their country. That's because they haven't yet bocome cynical. They still feel shame when their flaws are pointed out. They want to be perfect. Perhaps Pakistanis should emulate that. Then they might be motivated to change their country. Be well.
siddharth singh Aug 02, 2012 04:51pm
nice article
Anthony D'souza Aug 02, 2012 05:38pm
Lol..the Author could have also post the number of Tourists visits to India as compare to Pakistan. Why Pakistan need India everytime to get highlighted ? There is a any single thing about pakistan which can get some attention except...we all know what.. god bless pakistan .
@hasanarshad_ Aug 02, 2012 06:06pm
My cousin recently visited india, she lives in Karachi, Pakistan, she visited the cities of lucknow and allahabad, when she posted the pictures of trip on facebook, both the cities looked utterly gross and could compete with a shady neighborhood of karachi's outskirts
mayur Aug 02, 2012 06:07pm
we as indian defend our country because we love our country, we love our country because we are proud on which we have achived success uptill now & tring hard to achive future target, yes we have problembs but we are tring to elliminate it.but on other side you have nothing special on which you can proud exept terror, military rule etc
Umair Aug 02, 2012 06:17pm
Coudnt agree with you more. I think the issues Pakistan is facing directly impact the west or allegedly impact the west. India's issue are mostly mostly internal.
ssk1 Aug 02, 2012 06:48pm
The post misses the main aspect, india has a population of 1.2 billion and if we assume such incidents are say 1000 per year at the same time pakistan has a population of 0.18 billion and such incidents are 2000 per year. This is the reason this gets highlighted as major issue. Something to be thought about.
Sunnyboy Aug 03, 2012 12:25pm
Pakistan has state sponsored suppression of women rights where Indian government in principal is trying to uplift the Indian women rights. Pakistan under the disguise of Sharia laws portrays women as inferior gender and give men authority to enslave, torture or even kill them. Women education is discouraged by Mullahas and political leaders
Sumit Aug 02, 2012 08:26pm
Just one thing - shouldn't we get over with our obsession with the West? We are suffering from chronic inferiority complex.
BNS Aug 03, 2012 12:29am
Michael, Good observation and great suggestion. Media can help soften images on both sides.
Mrs khan Aug 03, 2012 01:06am
Dear Indians this is not a blame game dearies , it's just a fact that now that the west wants to b friends with India they want to show the shining India , and keep showing regressive Pakistan, otherwise both the countries since independence have seen ups and downs it's just that rt now Pak is at it low , because Muslims all over the world r being killed by giving it a name WAR ON TERROR. Another reason u r friends with Israel which Pak can never be , dear Indians try uttering a word against Israel and your country is bound to b in a worse condition than Pak , come on guys we all know what's going on in the world , Power game, that's what I call it , and neighbor if u r so shining brightly y not let Kashmir b independent or just let the free media roam around in Kashmir :).
BRR Aug 03, 2012 01:13am
Don't worry, several India newspapers cover atrocities in India - openly and regularly, to keep people informed. I am glad they do that - that is what democracy is all about. And you should see the great strides India has taken in last 20 years. Along way to go - nothing to hide but the truth. But looks like you are interested in propaganda against India, not the truth.
ali Aug 03, 2012 01:33am
At last somebody in West writes the truth about India and all Indians know it in their heart. But always either hide it or deny the reality of horrible plight of Indian women as the women are treated badly in India because of hinduism and everybody knows it but they stick to their outdated religion and keep treating women in horrific ways
nimesh Aug 03, 2012 01:35am
This is not true and I recognize the natural human instinct in the author to believe his hypothesis. I read all the papers mentioned on a daily basis and I can tell you the coverage is about even. If anything the british press might carry a slightly anti indian slant as compared to pakistan. The american press is about even. More anti pakistani stories in america are correlated with anti terrorism coverage. The real change that has come about it the ubiquity of, and enormous increase of media coverage in india itself. More Indian media content is now readily available to international companies. Since they don't have to prepare, vet or generate content, they can easily broadcast it. Also they can simply cite an indian source and carry the story. Think about it and you will recognize this to be accurate.
nimesh Aug 03, 2012 01:40am
I've been reading most pakistani websites for years. Its harder for Indian media to carry anti pakistan stories because of India's 200 million strong muslim population which I am justly proud of. Adopting too strong an anti pakistani slant on a regular basis would immediately destabilize India as it would be perceived as anti muslim. The opposite is not true of pakistan as it does not have significant minority populations.
Shafiq Aug 03, 2012 02:08am
source please.... i really want know more!
anand (canada) Aug 03, 2012 02:16am
sorry buddy. no success there. all the hyperexcited media of UK US take one isolated incident and that makes their day! i wonder if the new york and chicago suburbs are any safer! the write up honestly lacks any evidence or statistics. anyone who saw these scenes on tv channels can write such a crap! what has the author added to already existing knowledge of the readers? i have travelled in chicago, new york and if the author could throw some light on crime rate and safety of women travelling alone at midnight in these suburbs, i 'll be more than happy. in a country of 1.2 billion, one incident happening in one corner of country can not be generalized. sorry michael, thumbs down for this understudied weak attempt to publish in pakistani media.
Suraj Aug 03, 2012 03:28am
The religious violence and intolerance in India is not even close to Pakistan's where native Hindus have been decimated and forced to live under "islamic republic". Still there have been no Hindu terrorists in Pakistan but plenty of Muslim terrorists in India as well as Pakistan. Go figure.
Manoj Aug 03, 2012 12:41pm
I don't understand .....why Pakistan is so obsessed with India and Indian affairs.
NOT DUMB Aug 03, 2012 04:00am
The Problem India is facing is faced even by USA when democracy was maturing. India being a democracy and critisizes it leaders and govt. This is what democracies do...There has to be something right that leaders of india have contributed....otherwise India won;t be a topic at world stage....... You are right about westerm Media about India negativity. Even the presidental ads mention about jobs being outsourced to India. certainly Pakistan is no threat for job being outsourced.....Why do you even compare? India and Pakistan. That era is over....I am Glad that Media is covering those incidents....Guess what ?free press works....and democracy is the people power given by the constitution.....regarding law and order ...who would have thought that group of political parties can work does..... Have you ever thought why Hindu political parties don't get easily elected inspite of 80% Hindus? Bangladesh is having a better democracy . why? Your Nuclear weapon are the biggest road block for development. Imagine if Pakistan was not nuclear then blackmailing and threat won;'t be an option and all focus would have been on development......India is the largest democracy and that is what respected because democracies are bound to have innovation as bi product....
Komal S Aug 03, 2012 04:12am
Landing in the US over 25 years back, i was always annoyed at the lack of coverage in the western media about India and when it was rarely covered it was almost always negative. I do agree over the last 10 years due to IT talent and more visibility of the success of the India-Americans there has been more coverage on the positive side. Pakistan's negative coverage has been more on the Islamic terrorism and that lead to covering negative impact of the Islam terror on social fabric. India did not have equivalent newsworthy item. Western media covered Gujarat riots, all bomb blasts over the last 10 years including mumbai incident unfortunately the terror events had Pakistani origin. So western world has started seeing India as a victim of terror and finally started listening to it's narrative.
whats in the name Aug 03, 2012 04:27am
@Ejaz Butt : How about Bauluchistan as a starter.
Jim Aug 03, 2012 04:36am
Human Rights Violations...what about Balochistan ?? what about minorities living in Pakistan..who are forced for the conversion ?? what about "Death for singing"..I can go on n on..I do agree their are problems in India but you have to realize the on going slaughter of humans in Pakistan..
srini Aug 03, 2012 04:43am
I think the author has no clue about what is being written about India. For the past 200 years, India has been villified, its confidence destroyed and its religion and practices ridiculed. The world, driven by British, has focussed only on the negatives of India for the time immemorial including Caste(ignore the racial divisions), Sati (ignore the Witch trials), Dowri (which was present world over, including Britain), toilets, lack of infrastructure and so on... The list is endless. To be contd...
Srini Aug 03, 2012 04:44am
Contd... The west which dominates the media and there by the awards ignores Indians for Nobel prizes (Gandhi, Bose, Ramanujan and several others). They give awards to the despicable movies and books that only highlights the negative aspects of India (Slumdogs...). The history that is filled with Indian achievements in astronomy, maths, science, geometry, spiritual thoughts, have been completely whitewashed and being peddled as Greek , islamic and western achievemens. Aryan Invasion theory is being peddled as ultimate truth. The extremely strong influence of Sanskrit in European languages especially Latin, Greek and German has been hidden. To be contd...
Srini Aug 03, 2012 04:44am
Contd... If you read German books from early 1800s you will realize that the world wanted to look, talk and mimic the Indians. But after British subjugation, this had completely changed and the world did a 180. The day is not far when the world will do a 180 again and follow India. As far as Pakistan is concerned, it is an aberattion in the long history of India and an artificial entity trying to survive with "we are not Indians" syndrome. It will also do a 180 as it miserably fails and every one will start saying "afterall we are one and the same" soon. But India should watch out and leave the Pakistanis alone for atleast one more century after they turn around. That will flush the badblood and clear their brainwashed minds and eventually make them ready to reunite. Until then, please try to stay safe whereever you are and try to be truthful to yourselves.
sundar Aug 03, 2012 04:46am
I think every country lives by myths -- and that includes western countries too!! West seems to believe that they are champions of "free democracy" , "liberal values", 'human rights" and so on. Yes, our record on many of these apsects are poor -- but I wish you could see your side too. West would like to believe "industrial revolution" powered their growth. Never mind that 70+ Asian and African countries were subjugated for raw materials and labour. They preach others (especially Asians) to do more on "pollution" reduction!! Never mind about the biggest per-capita contributor of pollution. You and your media would favour a country when there is a market for you to sell your "goods" - potato chips, soft drinks or whatever else. Perhaps your folks see bigger market in India and hence the "support". Moment Pakistan buys more -- you'll support Pakistan too. If you can sell nuclear fuel/machinery, you'll support anyone who can pay. "human right" violations will be tolerated anywhere if there is sufficient market. You'll submit yourself to autocratic governments -- so long as they are favourable for your corporations.
Rao Aug 03, 2012 05:06am
Typical Pakistani mentality.......Talk about Kashmir & North East.
Roti kapra aur... Aug 03, 2012 05:20am
You forgot to mention Ahmedabad riots, Samjhota Express burning, Female foeticide and Christians being targeted and killed among many more
whats in the name Aug 03, 2012 05:39am
1/2 I am an analyist by training and profession. The reason why pakistanis are so religious and fanatical is they have no option. To draw an example with India because of Historical Links and not to insult. India today has multiple platforms for its people be it a reasonably good Education System, Space Program, Information Technology or Biotechnology, Rapid Industrial Revolution, Bollywood (Films), TV's , IPL and very many more. It has given confidence to its people to venture out and engage with outside people quite confidently. But Pakistan sadly does not have any and to what ever extent it has, it is too small or only for the previlaged few. So the only thing they can hitch their bandwagon to is religon. Where people will not stoop to quote a quote from here and their, because they have other better things to do.
whats in the name Aug 03, 2012 05:40am
2/2 And in todays 21 st century people to what ever they are religious is left behind in their homes. Just look at the top few news portals of Indian and Pakistani websites. One you can find Marching ahead (Progressive) and another either stagnant or walking backwards(retrogressive). However the solution here as mentioned here is not Change from Bottom to Top but certainly TOP to BOTTOM. Some tough measures needs to be taken like eliminating non state actors etc. Tough initially but not impossible. Is somebody in/from the top reading this.... Regards P
non Aug 03, 2012 05:48am
The Bollywood 'effect' sure is powerful - the world sees Indians singing and dancing with huge smiles on their faces. Pak's official image is nothing like that, complete opposite. So, India must be a happy place; hence the overall positive depiction in the media.
lop Aug 03, 2012 05:51am
in india women have more power than pakistani women....! more news media are in india than pakistan...! more women compete with man directly in india compare to pakistan
Saadia Aug 03, 2012 06:37am
The day when Indian TV will host the shows of people like Hassan Nisar and Najam Sehti who openly criticize their govt and people then I'll call India has a true form of democracy where media is really free.
NOT DUMB Aug 03, 2012 12:50pm
The new generation in Pakistan should shy away from India centric approach. The world is a bigger place. Western Media or even India Media always cover problem issues and that is good. Problem is problem no matter where it is and if covered gets attention. Does that mean UN or USA going to impose sanction against India? Till a countryt or a human lives there will always be problems and a solution will be required but sometime Country as such become a problem and it rolls back like Syria, Libya ....
NOT DUMB Aug 03, 2012 12:50pm
Dear Saadia: India is a Capitalist country and so press is like a company they try to cover what sells. for your information look at the program that Amir Khan is hosting. Satmev Jayte. (Amir Khan is a muslim). That is how a fowarding looking country works. It is the trend that matters not the current state. It is not about defensive but the fact sheet. There are laws in India that are terrible but will force govt to change in future....It is the free press that has forced so many changes that otherwise won't have happenned. There will always be problems and people criticing the country even if India become the superpower. There is a total mindset in India. There was a generation who wanted and hoped that someday Pakistan will be integrated with India like Germany. The new Generation and Political environment does not want that at any cost....why? Because the govt in democracies work with people mood....
Sam Aug 03, 2012 07:57am
A feel-good article for the Pakistani public. I would however like to state that although the same incidents happen in India - the rule of law exists and the culprits are caught while in Pakistan even the killer of a governor is likely to be released soon because after the lawyers ransacked the last judge's chambers (and forced to flee the country) who will dare to convict him ?
Vijay Aug 03, 2012 08:35am
When this Author writes about the plight of the women, he should include the women from Western countries as well. Almost all the women are looked as a sex object - whether young or old. The fashion show, Miss world/Universe are all the best examples. Women are treated like an object rather than respectable human being .
pramod Aug 03, 2012 09:03am
lets start the noble cause with your own Balochistan and Sindh then we ll think about Kashmir
syed Aug 03, 2012 01:09pm
You summed it up well.
Ali Aug 03, 2012 09:51am
how do you know??????????
Nair Aug 03, 2012 07:12pm
All Indo Pak articles in the internet revolves around snubbing each other.Nobody provides or does a solution to the problems of the society.The article seems a tilted directed towards hate the neighbor philosophy
BHB Aug 03, 2012 07:36pm
While many of the problems are common, the essential difference is as follows: The mindset of the people in India is essentially moderate & centrist and progressive. When a misdeed becomes public, the reaction of the people and the government is swift, rational and appropriate. That is not the case in Pakistan where killers are showered with rose petals, discrimination against minorities is state sponsored and confused religious tenets permeates every facet of public discussion.
Sonia Aug 03, 2012 10:06pm
Oops! So many Indian to show their disgust for Pakistanis! I personally have been to many western countries including America and have observed that a very positive image of India exists there. Its neither solely because of India's economic progress nor the superior law and order condition and successful democracy. Its because of positive portrayal of India's image through media. On the other hand, Pakistan's problem is that it has been a victim of discrimination due to its ideology i.e. Islam. Due to this deep-rooted discrimination, Pakistan has been targeted severely to unveil its issues while neglecting the neighbours.
kashif Aug 03, 2012 11:29pm
Loser talk
Ali Aug 04, 2012 02:14am
Amazing statistics for dawn about its Indian readers. It seems like more Indians read Dawn compared to Pakistanis.
david Aug 04, 2012 02:26am
i guess no one knows you yet
david Aug 04, 2012 02:31am
good luck on that and please hurry up
david Aug 04, 2012 03:09am
is that why you reading dawn post
usama Aug 04, 2012 04:35am
Re-unite buddy u live in dreams:pu and your Leader are just like our fanatic religious leaders 60 years have gone past while people were saying Pakistan will beg India for reunification after a week on its independence it never happened uptill now. i love ur inner fear! GOD bless you
hoor Aug 04, 2012 05:21am
"state sponsored suppression of women rights". Please correct yourself. Women is Pakistan are not at all suppressed by state.if that had been the situation you would not have seen women on such high positions in government. Mullahs only confined to the tribal areas do not let women to accelerate. Women education in Pakistan is low due to poverty a case similar to India. Instead of criticizing each other both countries should look at their mutual problems and resolve them.
Kaly Aug 04, 2012 06:13am
God know why they don't want others to drink or eat, it seem they don't have control on themselves and depends on others, it also seems they don't love GOD in proper manner....hopeless people indeed.
taranveer singh Aug 04, 2012 06:54am
what the hell is wrong with dawn news website am facing big problem whenever i try to read anything. photo of imran khan most commented most read is coming on my phone screen i cant read anything. facing this problem from 3 days. cant close this window huh fix this bug
Caz Aug 04, 2012 07:47am
India is an emerging super power and success story of South Asia. pakistan is an historical mistake and politically economically and morally bankrupt. Thats why! Now have the courage to print this truth
Sam Daniel Aug 04, 2012 08:19am
The gist of the article is "India has problems, but it makes genuine efforts to improve". The author stopped short of saying, Pakistan should learn from mistakes and improve. But, the comments from pakistani friends suggest they don't get it.
faisalmannil Aug 04, 2012 08:22am
that's it...
anup Aug 04, 2012 09:20am
realy , nice hoor ji