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July 21, 2012

Be prepared for the rainy season

THE rainy season has just arrived in many parts of the country and, besides enjoying it to the fullest, you must take some precautionary measures to save yourself from mishaps and diseases.

Keep yourself warm after enjoying in the rain by having tea, coffee or hot soup. Also avoid unhygienically prepared food sold in the market, especially during rainy season because it can be contaminated with germs that can easily lead to problems such as diarrhoea. Enjoy rain but be safe.

Saima Khan, Islamabad

Rainy jokes

Rainy jokes published in the July 14 issue of the Young World were really interesting. Rains have started in different parts of the country and with the schools closed we have a chance to enjoy this weather.

Salman Ali, Karachi


This is with reference to the poem Exams by Yahya-ur-Rahman (YW, July 14, 2012). I was quite shocked to find my own poem published with someone else’s name. The poem Exams, copied by Yahya-ur-Rahman was actually written by me and published in Dawn Young World on March 17, 2012. The ‘writer’, however, didn’t copy my whole poem but only a stanza from the beginning, and to prevent himself from being caught in this act of plagiarism, he cleverly changed a few words of his poem.

I’m sorry to say that it’s a fact that no matter what you do, ‘cheating’ will always be called ‘cheating’.

I strongly condemn this act of plagiarism. Hence, I advise everyone that it’s better to write something from your own mind and be self-satisfied rather than copy someone else’s work only to get your name in print.

Sadia Maqsood, Karachi

Please don’t edit the poems

I am an avid reader of the Young World and also contribute poems in the magazine. I do see my work published there, but I am always disappointed to see my poem ruined by the editor.  The editor edits the poem, and in the process the poem is ruined. The words in the poem are changed and the sentences are made shorter. Due to this, the poem doesn’t rhyme anymore and looks more like a paragraph.

Therefore, I request the editor of Young World magazine not to unnecessarily edit the poems.

Mariam Ali, 12 years, Karachi

The three Rs of environment

This is in apropos to the article The three Rs of environment by Rizwana Naqvi (YW, June 9, 2012). The article focused on the importance of recycling, reusing and reducing. I think the fourth R should also be added which would state ‘reforesting’.

We should not only save paper in order to save trees, but we should also plant more trees. It would definitely explain the phrase, “more trees, more green”.

It’s time to realise that what we save today would benefit us for a better tomorrow.

These Rs have taught us the way of living life in a civilised manner. The heaps of garbage found at many places not only give our country a dirty look but also lead to unhygienic conditions and diseases. We are certainly not aware of the side effects of all these.

If we can recycle the garbage then we are certainly going to save ourselves economically and health wise as well. We all need to act wisely and save our environment.

We have been blessed with this planet Earth and it’s our responsibility to take care of it. We need to get wise before it gets too late and we would be left with nothing but disappointment.

Ruba Baig, Daharki

Grapes are sour? Really?

This is with reference to the article Grapes are sour? Really? (YW, July 14, 2012). Grape is my favourite fruit, I munch on it sometimes and sometimes my mother extracts its juice which I and my siblings enjoy a lot.

I would like to suggest to all readers, as mentioned in the article too,  that grapes are low in calories so instead of unhealthy snacking, we should eat grapes and other low-calorie fruits to satisfy our hunger at odd hours.

Sana Khalid, Karachi

Space pioneers

The cover story The real heroes by Shahida Paracha (July 14, 2012) was an excellent piece and it really enhanced my knowledge. I also got to know about the significant role of animals in space exploration, which revealed to me that along with humans, animals too played a great role in opening up the outer space for us.

K. J. Khan, Karachi