A Pakistani paramilitary soldier gestures toward media at the site of bomb blast near the main gate of Karachi University on Saturday. – Photo by AP

KARACHI: Officials of the investigation team, probing recent remote-controlled roadside blasts in Karachi, on Saturday revealed that the militant outfit Jundullah was involved in the blasts targeting Rangers, DawnNews reported.

According to SSP CID Fayaz Khan, evidences have been found indicating involvement of Jundullah in all four roadside blasts during the current week. Khan further said that the leader of the gang, conducting attacks on Rangers, was Fasih-ul-Rehman, a resident of Landhi.

He said the group had been operating since 2004, however they have obtained expertise in road-side bombings now.

The SSP CID further told DawnNews that the group used mobile phones to detonate explosives in their earlier bombings. “the group is now capable of  detonating explosives from far distances,” he indicated.

According to another senior police official, Rangers were the main target of the roadside blast near Karachi University earlier today.

The bomb exploded when a vehicle of Rangers was passing near the university. Two Rangers’ officials injured during the attack.