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Why single Akhtar out?

Published Oct 06, 2011 10:05am


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Pakistan cricket has been groped in further controversy since Shoaib Akhtar’s aptly titled “Controversially Yours” was launched almost two weeks ago. Before its official launch in Mumbai and Bangalore, journalists managed to pick out certain portions of the book and flash them as breaking news on various media outlets across India. Pakistani media, as always, was quick to jump onto these bits and pieces of information and, before anyone knew it, there were talk shows on Akhtar’s statements, in Pakistan, and across the border.

Many former cricketers were against these statements and said that this wasn’t the time to release a book like this as the relations between the two countries were getting better. Allegedly, Akhtar had called Tendulkar a ‘coward’, Akram a guy ‘who threatened to walk away’ if Akhtar played his first test, Dravid ‘not a match winner’ and so on.

I, and many other followers, had only one question then – did any of you, who’re audaciously running their mouth against Akhtar, read the book? The answer was, and probably still is, a simple no.

The Indian media picked a line and conveniently dropped the rest of the paragraph in all those cases. They chose to focus on the negatives in his book – and I can say that because I’ve read the book. They completely forgot to mention how much credit Akhtar gave to Sehwag, Gambhir, Yuvraj and Kohli for changing the face of Indian cricket. They didn’t tell us how much he has praised Ganguly in his book. Above all, they ignored Akhtar’s affection for the Indian public as he repeatedly says, in his book that after Pakistan, he got the most amount of love from India. Of course, who cares about the positives, right?

I understand that, in these times, controversial news sells and who better to use than Akhtar to rake in some extra money, right? What I don’t understand is Pakistani media’s obsession with picking up news from another channel and, without clarification or direct quotes from the individual in question, go on and insult him. Drop your heads in shame, really!

Akhtar has, at no point in the book, said that Tendulkar was scared of his bowling. He says that Tendulkar was handicapped by his tennis elbow and was ‘uncomfortable’ facing Akhtar. If you’re an expert, and like to run your mouth at every instance, please watch the highlights of the match he is talking about on YouTube. Tendulkar was visibly ‘uncomfortable’ – unless getting hit on the head means something else. He then goes on to praise Tendulkar as one of the greatest to have played the game.

Media reported that he didn’t think Tendulkar and Dravid were match-winners but they didn’t report, and I am assuming the reporter got lazy, that Akhtar in the next couple of paragraphs explains how Sehwag, Gambhir, Yuvraj and Kohli are great for Indian cricket and, with them, Tendulkar and Dravid have learnt a lesson or two and started winning games.

He says in his book that Akram threatened to walk out of the test Shoaib was going to play in because ‘he probably didn’t want to change a winning combination’. Is that too hard to report? Oh I forgot, reporting the latter wouldn’t sell in the media. He also talks about infighting and how the team didn’t get along closer to the 2003 World Cup. Who here is surprised? Wasn’t this public knowledge that there was drama in the team that led to a disastrous campaign in 2003? Most cricket pundits are now being naïve and playing the ‘oh-we-did-not-know-about-fights-within-the-team’ or ‘dressing-room-stories-should-stay-in-the-dressing-room’ cards. Come on, it was well-documented in the media then and everyone in the country knows about this – why single Akhtar out?

You can hate Akhtar for how controversial he has been but you can’t deny that the guy was a special talent and has won Pakistan many accolades. Sure, there have been controversies but I suggest you read his book before jumping the gun and calling him all sorts of colorful names.

The Pakistan Cricket Board is at fault in the way Akhtar was treated. And isn’t an autobiography about a person’s point of view? If Matthew Hayden airs his views, it’s okay. If Javed Miandad talks about infighting and revolts by players back in the early 1990’s, it’s okay. But if Shoaib Akhtar does it, it’s blasphemy? Let’s give the guy a break.

Fast bowlers are crazy and they’re a rare breed. Give Akhtar credit for being one of the few players who have never been alleged of match/spot fixing, despite being an out-and-out game changer. He is a passionate guy and loves his country so whoever thinks he’s brought shame to Pakistan to sell a few copies of his book and make an extra million or two – please don’t buy the book and stop judging him because he has done more for the country than anyone of us ever will.

A cricket enthusiast who practices accounting on the side. Based in Ottawa but firmly believes that he'll lead the PCB one day.

The views expressed by this blogger and in the following reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of the Dawn Media Group.


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The views expressed by this writer and commenters below do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of the Dawn Media Group.

Comments (165) Closed

Saad Khan Oct 06, 2011 03:33pm
I was waiting for someone to write this sensible piece. I bought the book and finished it in one day. It was so much fun to know about the person and his never say die attitude that I could not help but like him even more. I totally agree with this article. I can understand the way Indians behaved after one of their heroes was attacked, but I am sure that once they read the book, they will understand what Shoaib was trying to convey. I am actually absolutely gutted by the Pakistani media, who always try to shun their own people for a simple of fact of earning a buck or two by publishing or showing negative views and opinions.
Morfi Oct 06, 2011 03:40pm
Brilliantly done Sir!! I am glad someone has done it. The Pakistani and the Indian media, moreso the latter are to blame here. I am glad Sachin chose not to respond to any of it - perhaps the gentleman that he is, he would have read the book first and known what Shaoib is saying. I suggest Shoaib should send a complimentary copy to all of them, to READ at first.!!
Ajaus Oct 06, 2011 03:49pm
Good on you Mr.Lallani; As a matter affect' you are the one who at least make people in a way that they can think before they say.Its true that media gets negative first rather than pointing out the positives which unfortunately weakened the source of thinking positively.
AKG Oct 06, 2011 03:51pm
Completely agree with each and every word you said. Good job!
Sabir Ayub Rabbani Oct 06, 2011 03:55pm
Great article. Yes you are right we should not jump to conclusions with out first confirming the facts. These days media is out there to sensationalize each and every news and negative the better. And specially if it involves Pakistani cricketers. Shoaib Akhtar always played with hear and his love for Pakistan can not be denied. A total team man and a great personality. A true super star.
Talha Oct 06, 2011 03:59pm
I support Akhter and firmly believe in every word of his; the question is why launching a book in India if you are a patriotic?? it would have shed some light in our industry and I would have been there too..
Ghalib Mirza Oct 06, 2011 04:03pm
I love this article. I love you more.
Nadia Ali Oct 06, 2011 04:07pm
I must congratulate you for writing a timely and much needed piece on shoaib akhtar.I haven't read his book but i knew there is more there than meets the eye. Thank you for clearing the misconceptions regarding a great cricketer who is and should be the pride of the nation.Well done!
Ravi Oct 06, 2011 04:15pm
Stop being so sensitive. We all know indian media. We all know the indian society as well. We admire Akthar was his fast bowling, at the same time we all know he is a loudmouth.
khattak Oct 06, 2011 04:17pm
hats-off bro. Job really well done :)
Umer Oct 06, 2011 04:19pm
You are right...I still watch Shoaib on You Tube... I think Shoiab you should make a bowling academy where you can train fast bowlers.. I am sure your worth wont be much in Pakistan so I will advise you to make such an academy in England or Australia .... U will have a better response
WKhanzada Oct 06, 2011 04:21pm
Bro, may be you are in wrong profession!! I almost knocked my self out knowing you wrote this article, kudos to you. Excellent article great work
Chaigram Oct 06, 2011 04:26pm
Everyone has the right to their opinion and so does Shoaib. Like many others I can not stand watch mr. Sachin playing. I have never enjoyed it and never will. I am the one enjoys Mohammed Hafeez hammering every loose ball to the rope.
Ahmed Oct 06, 2011 04:28pm
Your article is an EYE OPENER. Thanks a lot for sharing this and giving us complete picture. A half truth is as good (bad) as a lie. So the media has been lying to us all the time ! Finally shame on Pakistani media picking up second hand and unauthentic news from Indian media. I think there is a definite lack of patriotism in Pakistan. We are ready to critcize ourselves....
Nizar Oct 06, 2011 04:31pm
My boy Lilly, great work, loved your take on "CY". I remember watching some Pak TV anchor bashing S.A and defending Shah Rukh Khan, Tendulkar and Indian media, it was funny to see how anchor had so much love to Indian player and media when it comes to S.A. I have seen the same anchor bashing Indian media in other instances, completely double standard. Whatever S.A do, we gotta admit that he was one of the most watched fast bowler in the last decade or so.....cheers!
krishnan Oct 06, 2011 04:32pm
Kapil Dev recently told Imran that it would be easier for him to lead Pakistan than its cricket team.Coupled with it ,is our hysterical media ( especially on cricket )and you have the garam masala for TV ratings to go up. Shoaib has been let down by his publicity manager.
Naveed Ahmed Oct 06, 2011 04:48pm
Good Work , Someone like you needs to be in the PCB , then another best player like Shoab Akhtar will not be ruined in the peak of his career .
M khan Oct 06, 2011 04:51pm
Awesome article. Cheers mate
Ahmed Oct 06, 2011 05:01pm
How controversial Shoaib Akhtar may have been but one definite thing we all agree is that his name NEVER EVER emerged in any financial scandal what so ever. Wasim Akram may defend himself but the fact remains he remained a notorious figure like many others in match fixing. I still remember he went into hiding when his home was pelted by angry mob. SA may be bad but I will still call him a rebellious natured HONEST straight forward cricketer who could have done more if his nature was understood and utilised in right direction.
Sumair Ahmed Watani Oct 06, 2011 05:05pm
Bravo.........., this article was wrote superb and monitor our eyes on fact elements however both countries media are so corrupted and they are making more money to create issues. I also personally advise to Shoaib to start own cricket academy to create fast bowlers for PAKISTAN.......
nizamuddin khan Oct 06, 2011 05:05pm
I believe Shoaib is paying a price for letting people down with on the field and off-the-field behavior. Shoaib might have had great moments but cricket is not just a gentleman's game anymore it is a money making industry. Shoaib needs to make peace with his team and other players from all over the world. He will continue to get the flack for being the "bad boy" as long as he continues to irritate the cricket industry. His greatness will only be remembered by few and he will fade away faster into oblivion. The only way his greatness will be acknowledged is when he is willing to stop pointing a finger.
SU Oct 06, 2011 05:22pm
Danish... i salute you for this article. At last some one has come out in favor of Akhtar. There is no better sight in the world than watching Shoaib Akhtar bowl in full flow.
Salman Khan Oct 06, 2011 05:27pm
You make me proud son!!
Shayan Naseem Oct 06, 2011 05:27pm
boy great article
Waqas Ali Oct 06, 2011 05:29pm
Atleast there is someone who has read the book and then given opinion. Great Job!
Muhammad Afzal Oct 06, 2011 05:31pm
Shoaib Akhtar is our Hero and a great bolwer Pakistan ever produced in its cricket history. We will back him and support him. Our media needs to look what it did with him in the past without knowing that he was not a normal guy but he performed better than any one else. We all love him and with him. He is the Real Champion with imran Khan. Thanks
Khurram Zawar Oct 06, 2011 05:41pm
Very well written and researched, this is what our media lacks the research and bringing out the facts. Shoaib had his ups and downs like of all of us faces in our life, but very rightly mentioned that he was never named in any match fixing saga. Its time that we should bring out the positives and beauty of our own people rather praising outsiders.
Zubair Oct 06, 2011 05:52pm
Solid article. Dude we need people like you to write more. Good job,
Sriharish Oct 06, 2011 06:24pm
all respect to Akhthar for his sheer cricketing ability. but if someone gets nailed every time and then goes on to name his autobiography as controversially yours, then its only fair that he expects some irk. what am I missing here?
Imran Oct 06, 2011 06:28pm
The article is very good based on facts, Shoaib was one of the best entertainer in world cricket ever along with Tendulkar, Lara, Wasim etc., he has the right to express his opinion but it will not effect the greatness of any other player like 10dulkar. InshALLAH Pak India Test series will start again and we'll enjoy that without fear of winning or losing
rvel Oct 06, 2011 06:32pm
I so agree with you! Media nowdasy likes to give hype on everything, selling their stuff in fish market and attracting everyone. Akhtar is a living legend. World class bowler. Altohugh brief career but an exciting and memorable one.
shaafi Oct 06, 2011 06:39pm
If Kamran Akmal had read this article, he would have said: " Shaaba danish" Shoaib Akhtar is king and thats the bottom line
Aamir Oct 06, 2011 06:44pm
Very good and well written piece !! If politicians, generals and civil servants can write a book on their lives exposing sensitive subjects or incidences, why cant a cricketer do that? and media's problem is that they have to make money, dont matter how
Abdul Basit Oct 06, 2011 06:48pm
Very well written article Danish..Let not blame the TV journalists for senseless talk shows...and ofcourse controversial news sell quick :). The problem is Shoaib put all the issues together in one plate..hard to digest. Good job Danish..One required on Sachin Tendulkar now!!
Shahid Oct 06, 2011 07:07pm
Excellent writing - now that's what should be a nice article based on homework; not just pasting reviews from here & there !
Naveed Oct 06, 2011 07:31pm
electronic media in India and Pakistan is just like a circus or an amusement park mostly to entertain people with some masaledaar bits and pieces... and the people are all too eager to lap it up. Well i guess it is true, to some extent, with electronic media everywhere in the world.
maria Oct 06, 2011 07:35pm
Now people praised Shoaib,after reading this good article?what about before?making nonsense comment on him, by using abuse language .so sad....Im an Indian girl,but i was praised him from d bigning when all this controvercy strated.
Dan Oct 06, 2011 07:37pm
no point in being so bitter abou it. cricket is like a religion in the sub-continent and any attempt made on the demi gods shall always be met with harshest of force, so whatevr u saw were initial knee-jerk reaction of fanboys, obviously media couldnt be left behind when it came to sensationalising issues. my dear friend by making such generalised statements against the indian media u are no better. u might win some cookie points back home but try and gain some maturity.
Me Oct 06, 2011 07:44pm
yeah typical of pakistan and pakistanis do something controversial and then make excuses ...even is sachin cudnt win many matches did shoaib akhtar consider that mayb tendulkar was trying and mayb he didnt have enough support ... shewag and yuvraj and gambhir came later for a while sachin was playing lone matches and ppl had to stop watching a match when he got out....and its very easy to complain but how many matches can one Individual drag and win without a team... its a team sport not tennis in a normal case some1 writing a book considers such points .... but then again if something is questioned about pakistan or a pakistani ... what we shud do is just get up and blindly support it.... weather its right or wrong .... mayb help a few more army men hide the next OBL :P ....
Adeel M K Oct 06, 2011 07:55pm
we need more Danish Lallanys!!! a great read!
Ghalib Mirza Oct 06, 2011 07:58pm
This article is sweet. Like a pastry.
abbas Oct 06, 2011 08:05pm
vey well said my friend...
Sajid Ali Oct 06, 2011 08:37pm
Outstanding Job dude, Inshallah you will lead PCB one day :D. Jazak Allah Khair!!!
Oh my God! Oct 06, 2011 08:41pm
My My...this is really a very emotional nation. Yes the writer has done a good job highliting facts and should get due credit. However at the same time why cant we be a little balanced or act maturely for a change. We must learn to see things in reality folks. Shoaib was indeed a great sensation in his peak times but he never learnt to control his emotions like many of his countrymen. Slapping his teammates, being actually violent in the dressing room more than once, using abusive language towards his teammates really does not reflect signs of a matured or balance mind. so while we praise his skills as a great fast bowler we must keep in mind his general behaviour during his time in particular with his team mates. And than one friend is comparing Sachin with Hafeez stating Hafeez is a better player just bcoz Hafeez is a pakistani? For gods sakes guys, grow up so that the world starts looking at us seriously and not like an emotional bunch who always struggle to reflect maturity.
Dual Oct 06, 2011 08:41pm
OK, someone finally writing about the controversy after actually reading the book. However, as much as I admire Shoaib for his bowling, at times, be brought 'wrath of the system' upon himself...
parwez khan Oct 06, 2011 08:47pm
very nice article i have not read the book but what ever he said is right every one knows the truth its media doing all for TRP well written bro....................
Junaid Azad Oct 06, 2011 09:01pm
Well written! Very glad to know that still there are Pakistanis who are not totally ignorant and talk sense!
Aqi Oct 06, 2011 09:21pm
Awesome, some one think
gp65 Oct 06, 2011 09:33pm
You say Shoaib has a right to express his views. OF course he does. Others - particularly those whom he has pointed fingers towards and their supporters - have a right to disagree and many people are exercising that right. Why does that bother you?
kenny Oct 06, 2011 09:37pm
Great article i wish this article can come on TV so ppl can change their views.... There is good saying "Don't judge a book by its cover"
Asad Oct 06, 2011 09:37pm
I think one of the reasons that led to all the criticism was that he picked on Sachin Tendulkar and said that on a particular day he was afraid of Shoaib. But lets face it, there were countless times when Sachin made Shoaib look like he was bowling with a tennis ball! So if Shoaib had to claim that or mention it in his book, he should have also mentioned more than one days when he was afraid of bowling to him, because that sounded more like bragging than writing facts. And no I am not an Indian!!
A. Rashid Bhatti Oct 06, 2011 09:46pm
Danish Sahib, I agree. It is an autobiography of Mr Akhtar. He has written what he believes in. He tells the truth. Actually, we are used to lies, hear lies and accustomed to believe in lies. Once Dr Delawar Hussain, pre-partition India's famous cricket player (wicket keeper) described, how a fast bowler should look and act like in a game. Mr Akhtar, fit very much that definition ( big, strong with an intimidating personality). Unfortunately, he did not fully ex-polite his God given talent. This is my personal point of view.
Ali Sikander Oct 06, 2011 09:52pm
In fact, "Negative news is a news, good news is no news" as Media believes these days. Well attributed article man! Your defensive attack to the media and Cricket pundits who threw their comments without any endorsement of truth or like deserve applause..
sidd Oct 06, 2011 09:55pm
Friend you did not hear one important thing on Indian TV's..... "ITwas all a publicity STUNT"...people said Shoaib was the best sales man for the book...
gabby Oct 06, 2011 10:05pm
Excellent article Danish.
a sHAH Oct 06, 2011 10:05pm
This guy is a complete clown and a joke. Please go sell your rubbish book somewhere else. We dont want you in Pakistan.
Adeel Oct 06, 2011 10:13pm
Salam Danish, Great article. Surely cleared alot of my personal misconceptions and I stand corrected due to this article. I agree with alot of things in this article, however we do disagree on one thing: You Said PCB was at fault the way Akhtar was treated. Although I do agree PCB has got to be the worst sports administration body in the world and is highly incompetent in player management, I also believe that Akhtar's misfortunes were also due to largely because of alot of fault of his own. His work ethic and focus was always questionable and the random incidents marring his career didnt help, one being hitting mohammad asif with the bat in the dressing room. Everyone saw how his body deteriorated over the years. He would bowl in one match, then get injured, make a comeback then get injured again. He didnt take care of his body how a fast bowler needs to. Watch him bowl when he came in and how FIT he was (in 1999( and then look at him later on. His line got wayward (altho I am going to be honest, it still baffles me how depsite the deterioration, he was still pulling a staggering pace of 90+). But overall, he didnt take care of himself how he should have and often showed arrogance. I agree the guy was mighty talented but his downfall cannot be attributed to PCB alone. He was also at fault.
ahmed saeed Oct 06, 2011 10:28pm
See the mindset of these people, only few days back they were thrashing Shoaib and now all praises for the King. What a set of people we are.
Majid Rahaman Sk Oct 06, 2011 10:30pm
Akhtar is True ........ Bravo man !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SanCha Oct 06, 2011 10:48pm
No doubt shoab was a terrible bowler, irrespective of any controversial issues after the book.
Sikandar Ali Oct 06, 2011 10:52pm
Are there any counter measures on the mentioned subject, because his performance was excellent in Pakistan Cricket team. Pakistan median had sleeping pills as usual. I appreciate Danish and lots of respect for Shoiab.
Harish Oct 06, 2011 11:13pm
I think author has raised a very critical point- the role of publicity manager and the media. Media is loyal to none.. except to its own commercial interests. Media will manipulate, delete, assume, edit, twist any statement to sensationalise it. Media thrives on sensationalism. It was always deliberate and well designed. Barring very few exceptions, MEdia is the biggest mafia of 21st century. On the other hand the author is absolutely right to suggest that very few people have actually read the whole book. They say' a little knowledge is a dangerous thing' we must always listen out a person completely or read a book completely before giving our opinions on it. Very well written.
Faizan Ali Thaver Oct 06, 2011 11:18pm
Bro toooo good man.. i always loved your passion for cricket.. today i respect your passion for cricket! keep it up bro!
asad Oct 06, 2011 11:20pm
shoaib akthar is our nation hero he gave pakistan great name in world. his book is not up to the mark because his allegation is without any reason and it did not make sense. he wrote just to make a source of income.
Sikendar Oct 06, 2011 11:26pm
I too was swayed by the overwhelming barrage of media attacks on him but aqfter reading this article I feel ashmaed and stupid...its true...the media will say whatever will get it more attention and shoaib is indeed a national treasure
Noor Oct 06, 2011 11:30pm
Very well said . Common sense is not common .U R 100 % right .This our problem that without thonking twice we jump the gun immediately.That is a shame.
a fan Oct 06, 2011 11:39pm
I was waiting for someone to comment exactly after reading the book man.. you have done it, they were just media crooks who responded like this way. They dont do something like authenticating the news but just keeps on passing the whatever is fake or ridiculous and in the end tou wont receive any apologies from there side. Akhtar is no doubt a legend only one chairman (Tauqir Zia) understood him and supported him and as a result he stood up till here. Look bret lee how much he is being appreciated and what we had done with him.
Fakiha Oct 07, 2011 12:00am
Thank you for sharing this information with us! I read about Akhtar once in an article and what media was showing, my heart couldnt believe. I havent read the book but you have surely urged many of us to read it now.
butseriouslyok Oct 07, 2011 12:39am
From India - you are taking this too seriously. This is not the first book by a cricketer and almost all books so written start with a is all a game in name of entertainment and selling books. Such news helps in digesting your dinner while watching TV news. Shoaib is much admired in India and this doesn't change that.
Michael Warner Oct 07, 2011 12:47am
In the past and even in the current situation batsmen always fear fast bowlers.Everyone feared Gilchrist and Wes Hall, even legendary Hanif Mohammad despite of scoring a 339 runs inning and scoring very freely against top fast bowlers of his time.If Sachin fears fast bowlers or is a suspect in playing fast bowlers after scorig 99 hundreds in international cricket,it is possible.Actually,credit goes to Sachin that he played the attacking bowlers so well that his own doubt even did not stop him playing so brilliantly.About,Shoaibs book it must be a nice book and I am reminded about a book written by an American basketball player, Dennis Rodman. His book,"Bad as I want to be" was a best seller.
parveez UK Oct 07, 2011 01:02am
Shoaib was not liked because he did not take any nonsense from the pcb, and he spoke the truth. As you know the Indian can not hear anything about their crickrters. But its true Tendulker had lots of hunders, yet they lost the matches. All the best Shoaib, we were very proud when you came in steaming, and knocked the wickets, and yes players were scared of you.
Roa Oct 07, 2011 01:23am
Good article
imran Oct 07, 2011 01:28am
excellent article.... completely agree. he is among the best 5 fast bowlers pakistan ever produced... i lve him...
Kami Oct 07, 2011 01:40am
great job..:) Shoaib had been ignored and been punished for nothign throughout his career just because of the reason that He was out spoken and short tempered along with liberal thoughts.
Afzal Siddiqui Oct 07, 2011 01:58am
A great article and enjoy reading this. Perhaps it is a time for Ejaz Butt and Wasim to apologise publically to Shoaib for jumping the gun without reading the truth.
Ajay- India Oct 07, 2011 02:04am
A very well written article, nice to read some sense in this mad world. As for Shoiab, I have been his absolute fan and many in India love and adore him....his passion for fast bowling made Cricket more competitive and interesting and because of him we had some epic encounters between the bat and ball. He bashed Sachin some times and was smashed by Sachin some times but the presence of both these greats on the field, electrified the atmosphere to super exciting levels. Thank you Shoiab for giving some much to Cricket.....your bowling is a joy to watch
Sumit Oct 07, 2011 02:14am
Hi guys, I am an indian and i must say this was an interesting article. Cant agree more on the fact that news channel are basically concerned more about creating sensation out of nothing. I can understand people love tendulkar like crazy but here the backlash was more media created then people themselves. No doubt shoaib was a treat to watch and i can understand a batsman (even of sachin's caliblre) can be a little uncomfortable at times (Not always though - i love him :) ) but at the end of the day its just shoaib's perception and i guess he has a right to say anything he felt in his biography. WIll definitely try to get hold of the book and read it. Cheers guys
Awais Oct 07, 2011 02:49am
Good Job. Hope there were more journalist like you.
amir Oct 07, 2011 03:57am
Very objective insight into this shoaibamania going on. I think your research based retort exemplifies what many intellectuals have craved for and I think you have a great future if you take up journalism as a profession. Cheers, Amir Choudhury( Islamabad)
Ali Niazi Oct 07, 2011 03:57am
Good article mate.
sabi Oct 07, 2011 04:51am
as a indian ,i loved ravalpindi express and one of his big fans.Its a fact that he is a hot headed sometimes but was a real matchwinner.
Danish Bawla Oct 07, 2011 06:27am
I remember Majid Bhatti's comments on TV about Shoaibs book and Shoaib Akhtar which I found to be attacking him personally all based on what was coming from those slides on TV. The book was not released so I am sure he had no idea what was on it.
hamid nawaz Oct 07, 2011 06:28am
You are right. But this is a reality that in Pakistan including PCB and Media people are only the hypo crates and below average, almost dummies are working on key posts. They do not the vision to differentiate between the wrong and right. So they are blindly following the flow of water. When Shoab criticized Tandulkar and Dravid he invited the Indian wrath. The Indian media is very nationalist and they would never allow foreigners particularly Pakistanis to say a single word against their players. Although the recent performances of Tandulkar and Dravid have proved that they are not match winners and could not help India to save a single match against England. Regarding Waseem no doubt when he was playing under Imran, he has won so many matches for Pakistan but later he showed his colours and now he is India guy starts his day through praising and thinking for Indian players.
Danish Bawla Oct 07, 2011 06:31am
I agree
Mukhtar Ahmad Oct 07, 2011 06:59am
People of Pakistan seems to be less patriotic as compared to india. If shoiab would have been in indian cricket team he would have been made a hero by Indian media. Pakistan has no respect for the great player like shoiab. No doubt his behavior is somehow controversiall but still he is a great player and a good man by heart. I as a kashmiri would like to say that people of kashmir love him more than that his own people.
Tariq Oct 07, 2011 07:13am
Shoaib dis respect for Cricket was obvious throughout his brief career. No doubt he is the fastest bowler, and nobody can deny this fact. Whatever observations he made in his book was his his personal, many will agrees it and some will dis agrees. But making hue and cry is simply ignorance. If Tendulkar fears in facing Shoaib, is not a big deal, Shoaib is a fastest bowler, and anybody can feel uneasy facing him. Indian fans hue and cry is unimaginable.
Salman Oct 07, 2011 07:54am
Great piece. I would still thank the media even if they focused on the negatives - atleast it ensured constant publicity for 2+ weeks. The Fact is: Shobi was an extraordinary talent and like all superstars, needed to be managed in a way that would allow him to live up to his full potential. I would blame the PCB for failing on that front. Love him or hate him, he was an inspiration for a generation of fast bowlers that put passion and aggression above all else. Thank him for his service to Pakistan and the game of cricket. I like the 50 thousand plus screaming Calcutta fans at the inaugral season of IPL will remember him as one of the greats of the game.
sehrish kanwal Oct 07, 2011 08:11am
great work; after reading this; i must agree with that there r two ways to think abt anything; one is positive n othr is negative; n how we see things thats makes a huge difference
Danish Khakoo Oct 07, 2011 08:17am
You've hit the spot bro. Akhtar was a team man, a champion bowler and was always there to play for his country, even in times when he was sorrounded by all kinds of injuries. He was a match winner! He's the guy. Second last is the truth! Lallany, I think it's time that you should interview Akhtar next and let the truth come out.
SREEJIT COIMBATORE I Oct 07, 2011 08:37am
Very good write up. There is no doubt that Shoab is one of the best fast bowlers we have seen.
shoaib khalid Oct 07, 2011 08:42am
Very good article indeed! i never trust media
king nabz Oct 07, 2011 08:50am
great article bro!!!! Respect!!!! tell me a nice pakistani restaurant in ottawa and my treat to you for writing this solid article!!!!
Eli Oct 07, 2011 09:14am
A very fine article, ofcourse. Shoaib has full right to air his views in way he feels fit. I know Indian newspapers are full of viewers' comments that Sachin is not a match winner, but strangely if somebody else says the same, sky seems to fall down. But I would also says as usual, Shoaib is not careful with his words and that is quite in line with his little rebellious nature. Anyway, we should simply adore him for his honesty, non-involvement in rampant match-fixing in our team and his love for the country
Babur Sohail Oct 07, 2011 09:44am
very nice to see something different in view of his book. yes fast bowlers are rare breed and have to be taken care of. shoaib has been great fast bowler and great countryman.
zain Oct 07, 2011 09:52am
lol after reading your article, i do hope you become the chairman of PCB!!!
FRabia Oct 07, 2011 10:06am
Well said...totally agree...and now I am compelled to buy and read the book too.
Shoaib Oct 07, 2011 10:52am
u have pointed right bro............. Pakistani media is handicap............. they dont have international level of sence, they just critise pakistan by their own selves ........... while rest of the world never criticised their own country/man.........
Raza Oct 07, 2011 11:19am
I have not read his book but this is the first time I liked him
sufyan Oct 07, 2011 11:41am
Indian media never misses chances to critisise pakistan... and Pakistani media never misses chances to critisize its assets like Shoib akhtar... i totally agree with you
Goga Nalaik Oct 07, 2011 12:15pm
Rajesh from India Oct 07, 2011 12:20pm
I agree with the author . Indian media is not right in this case and always most often . Just for TRP rating they do this . BTW , I have watched Sachin and other Indian greats facing and they are uncomfortable . I'm not surpised if they do pee in their pants while facing Shoiab . He should have born in India to be treated like god . We miss him . He is legend whose career was spolied by PCB & Pak Media . Wasim should have supported Shoaib like Ravi Shastri did for Tendulkar.
Devil Oct 07, 2011 12:36pm
are you sure that you are an Indian ?
Jogesh Narula Oct 07, 2011 12:39pm
Thats journalism for you. One thing, which is very difficult, is why should Tendulkar be never Criticised. And if the criticism hurts Tendulkar, let him defend himself or ignore it. Why should entire Indian Yellow journalists,jump into the fray. Tendulkar is a better player than most and thats about it. Don Bradman is much above him and so are many more like, Clive Lloyd, Gordon Greenidge, Viv Richards, Greg Chappel, Ricky Ponting and many more. All of the above could savage an attack, however good, Tendulkar couldnt and Dravid Never. Tendulkar may be admired for playing for a longer time, accumulating more runs and recmaining free of scandals, thats about it
Malik Oct 07, 2011 12:40pm
I would only say, this is an EXCELLENT ARTICLE. Someone should make the indian realize that they should first read the books and see the positive side of that as well.
Devil Oct 07, 2011 12:41pm
Crib Crib Crib !!! Grow up Dear !!! I think you have good journalists and print media ..atleast the print media.. I read Dawn almost daily and I can say that they have got the quality and are unbiased (as much possible) !!
Ashok Pandey Oct 07, 2011 01:42pm
I totally with you Malik. All those people are behaving like headless chickens ahve not even othered to read the book. Akhtar for me is one of the best bowlers Pakistan has produced after Wasim Akram. Its Shoaib's right to express what he feels and people should read it first and then comment.
Rajesh from India Oct 07, 2011 01:54pm
Critizing so called greats and Praising a geninue pacer do not make me non-indian either .
honestfellow from In Oct 07, 2011 02:06pm
It's unfortunate that Mr. Shoaib Akhtar could not get honour & regard for his services to the game of cricket for which he is fully deserved. If he played for India, would be a STAR like Kapil & Tendulkar.
Pakistanian Oct 07, 2011 02:28pm
Good lad! thanks for making some sense!
uSMAN Oct 07, 2011 03:31pm
If media do not verify anything. We people also on same level, do not verify anything.
Mirza Ali Oct 07, 2011 03:40pm
Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Surely people need to know the complete story before they can talk crap about others. All the best to all the Great Pakistanis who are making us Proud .
ejaz ahmad Oct 07, 2011 03:40pm
this article will remove negatives and show the positives to our country fellow as well as to the whole world.
AemJay Oct 07, 2011 04:04pm
Totall agree with the content of this article. Reporters are the same all around the globe. Sensationalising the most mediocre of things. And Shoiab has always flirted with controversy so what better than maligning him a bit more :) Akhtar is an excellent cricketer who is truly a fighter. True as an Indian, I used to hate him when he bowled his deadly spells but I always admired him as a cricketer. His passion for the game and his country is unmistakable.
Fahd Oct 07, 2011 04:43pm
Excellent Article indeed. Akhtar is truly a living Legend !!1
Fazeel Shahid Oct 07, 2011 05:03pm
I totally agree with this article.Very well said 'sir' Hats off to you for this.Shoaib is the real star, we should appreciate his hardwork for pakistan cricket despite the fact that he had physical problems.Shoaib has always been a hero for me.. GOD BLESS..!! :)
Ali Khan Oct 07, 2011 05:13pm
I miss shoaib, and afridi. What a tragedy. They definitely belong to Pakistan dream team, along with Wasim and Waqar, Mushtaq and Saeed.
wasif khan Oct 07, 2011 05:40pm
Shoaib Akhtar was the only cricketer after Imran Khan who defended Pakistan and Image of Pakistani Cricket around the world Including the monotnous Indian Board/Cricket/Media/Crowd and The Threatening Australian Batsman. He is a Proud and Passionate Cricketer who gave everything and I have a great respect for him. I totally agree with Shoaibs View and they are not biased. His views are based on his experience over the course of his cricketing era and one can always deny them but please do not target his personality before reading the book. Thanks.
CM (India) Oct 07, 2011 06:16pm
I remember a TV Talk show where Ramiz Raja interviews Shoaib @ his home. Shoaib mentions that he received immense love and affection from the Indian people esp, Kolkata. Many times, he praised Tendulkar more than anybody else on World Cricket. I agree he has great admiration for Sachin Tendulkar. Media is playing the "Controversially Yours" role more clearly than Shoaib.
Osama Siddique Oct 07, 2011 06:36pm
Danish. Good piece. And it would be great if someone like you does lead the PCB one day. Keep writing.
Abdul Qadir Oct 07, 2011 06:43pm
A fair article about shoaib i have read after a long long time, good job very well done :-)
maria Oct 07, 2011 06:48pm
If any one do not want to buy a book go & eat chaat.....
Ali Abul Hassan Oct 07, 2011 07:00pm
Though I've not read Shoaib's book yet I still believe that Shoaib Akhtar a thinker and he knows the importance of "being modest and good to others." Having admired Indian people and Indian Cricketers he actually proved that we Pakistanis on the whole are not prejudice or biased in fact we believe in equality. So far as media be it Indian or Pakistani they are good for nothing. They look for negativity and love spreading it as well...
maria Oct 07, 2011 07:01pm
If Matthew hayden airs his views it's okay.If Javed main dad talks about infighting it's okay.If Akram & Malik involve in Match fixing it's okay.but( Shoaib kare to charecter dhila hai?????)??????
Humble_Indian Oct 07, 2011 07:34pm
I am sorry on behalf of the Indian Media. Shoaib Akhtar is a legend.
waqas Oct 07, 2011 07:40pm
i have read so many negative comments about akhtar for the last 2 weeks but this article certainly brought a smile on my face... am glad that there are more than one passionate fans of akhtar... proud of you man...
Khurram Oct 07, 2011 07:46pm
And May I ask, what have you done for Pakistan? if you don't mind......
manu Oct 07, 2011 08:00pm
how can the writer be so positively sure that people who are criticizing Akhtar have not read the book. How can he know.
Rehan Akhtar Oct 07, 2011 08:15pm
what a pity, that every hero of pakistan go with sarrows,and akhtar is the new example of it,but we miss u all time. U r the Tiger who clashes with opposition in his country. and i would say only that "The Pain of Heart dz not explain it can be write only on the pieces of paper"......?
Waqas Aziz Oct 07, 2011 09:07pm
Excellent. People in all around the word just pick put the flowing mouths and don't even try to get closure on reality. Shoaib Akhtar is a legend. I strongly agree that he was always mistreated and mis-translated
Indian Oct 07, 2011 09:40pm
TIMES OF INDIA, u put me to shame.
Ayesha Naqvi Oct 07, 2011 10:04pm
Well Said Sir, I wish ll of the people of our country could understand to whom they should regard and to whom they should not. We Love our Super Heroes so do we love you Shoaib Bhai.
Nasir Oct 07, 2011 10:10pm
Wow awes0me .heart touching article
ArishaG Oct 07, 2011 11:58pm
"What I don’t understand is Pakistani media’s obsession with picking up news from another channel and, without clarification or direct quotes from the individual in question, go on and insult him." Very typical! Perhaps they don't know that 'A little knowledge is dangerous thing'. Well said, Danish. I am no 'fan' of Akhtar but was very amazed and at times gobsmacked with the hue and cry over his 'alleged comments' in the books from all and sundry who hadn't even read the book and were reacting to hearsay.
aisha wasif Oct 08, 2011 12:51am
i totally agree with regarding waseem akram
Realist. Oct 08, 2011 01:14am
Akhtar's Fan for Life! One in a Billion Mother gives birth to a legend like Akhtar! the FASTEST BOWLER EVER walked on Planet earth!
uzair Ahmed Oct 08, 2011 02:18am
Very well written. what he said about Imran khan is true. Both guys are true Sports men and Pakistani. I have great deal of respect for Shaoib and Always will. Long Live Pakistan
PakFan Oct 08, 2011 05:19am
Thank you, first of all for reading the book… I care less about journalists from the other side but it is just pathetic how every Tom, Dick and Harry has become a journalist in our country. I would blame editors and directors of the news channels and talk shows for this mess as they do not seem to question the source of the news – one would assume while watching a clip about a discussion on any book that at least one person who is involved in making the clip has full knowledge to present an objective view on the topic but more often than not that isn’t so. I hope as the media had evolved in this country the standard of journalism also catches up rather than becoming a tool for making few bucks at any cost.
Ace Oct 08, 2011 06:41am
Epic article, sir. I hope you do lead PCB one day.
Zeeshan Oct 08, 2011 06:43am
It's an excellent article!! Thumbs Up
siraj Oct 08, 2011 07:32am
realy nice article. but he is supposed to be a bit arogant with seniors. if , I am not wrong
Reader Oct 08, 2011 07:55am
Akhtar's mouth was a loose canon and thats what media needs to make money. Thats why he is media magnet for all wrong reasons. There are fast bowlers who are/were savvy
devs Oct 08, 2011 08:58am
Many people are getting tied up with what Shoaib Akhtar said about Sachin Tendulkar.....while Shoaib does suffer from 'foot in mouth' disease, let's give Shoaib credit that despite all the controversies, his name has never come up in match least the guy kept his soul intact when people around him were selling theirs.
aruni basu Oct 08, 2011 09:18am
when ever akhtar took the ball a billion hearts stopped....he is the man whom we indians loved to hate....akhtar is still however very popular in far as the author is concerned ....well indian media is like this only....besides i think "i am not sure" that akhtar told in an interview that sachin was scared of facing him....
khalid Oct 08, 2011 09:45am
A very nice read article. There seems to be no doubt that shoaib had been under a lot of controversial headlines but he always managed to keep his shirt clean.
Mohammad Oct 08, 2011 10:12am
Love it. Can't wait to see your more articles.
Uzzam Oct 08, 2011 11:22am
The writer is right in every aspect that one should read the complete book before only commenting on the specific sentences inside it. But one aspect Danish missed is to comment on the title of the book - "Controversially yours"; with that name on the cover, you are ASKING people to come tearing at you. And Shoaib should be happy with all the attention that he has gotten, even though it has been a bit negative, it basically means more books would be sold and more limelight for him.
muhammad Nashaid Oct 08, 2011 11:51am
Its Shoaib's right to explain the things that he feels through out his splendid career..although he suffers from many controversies but he is not the only one who is responsible for that..but being a Pakistani he is a real patriotic please do justice with him ..long live pakistan long live Rawalpindi express..
Anas Iftikhar Oct 08, 2011 12:15pm
Very well said Brother.....I strongly with you.....Excellent article :-)
Wasim Oct 08, 2011 02:21pm
(From India) Very well written...hat's off to you!!! Soaib is a legend and will remain....I would appeal to the others if they have some interest then read his book and then comment...I bought and could spare the book and untill finished. The book is well written and direct from heart....I value Akhtar...he is invaluable and real a Gem...He is God Gift to Cricket and so the cricket far as the things in book I want to comment on two point...1. He is very right that every one is scared of him...I must say...not only batsman but the Coach..Team..spectator and the miles away viewers on TV set were seen equally theartened....2. He has shown the inner crises of is no more a hidden but Shoaib just shown it again....PCB has ruined the careers of a lot..and nobody is spare of dirty politics of Pakistan Cricket.....God can only save PCB...Shoaib You were Hero...will remain Hero...and We love you....I would appeal to you to come out and Play South Africa T20, Aus T20, Eng T20 and some other so that we could get another chances of Steaming Shoaib.....Game of cricked would become Cricus without Fast Bowler...only Fast Bowler make batsman scared...spinner can only out a batsman...nothing more than that...batsman can show aggression any time on Spinner....Long Live Shoaib.....We are indebted to you!!!
Najm Akhtar Oct 08, 2011 02:27pm
ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT! One of the best articles i have read on the entire matter. the article clears up all the misunderstandings and negativity that was being thrown at Shoaib. The book was his chance to tell his side of the story. Shoaib is a Pakistani hero and icon, he loved his country dearly and gave very drop of blood in his body for Pakistan. I along with the entire nation salute this great asset of Pakistan.
Khan Oct 08, 2011 04:23pm
I start reading the article .. and i kept on reading till the end.. What a lovely article.. THUMBS UP!!
Uzair Oct 08, 2011 07:17pm
Whatsup with the indian media ? A human being should never be praised and worshipped so much.
Muneeb Oct 08, 2011 08:16pm
Excellent article!hats off
Faith Oct 08, 2011 08:45pm
SPOT ON article. I've been waiting for someone in PAKISTAN to write about this. Shame on Pakistani media who just grabbed headlines from Indian counterparts without even touching the book itself. Its in Pakitanis' nature to be thankless to their heroes. THANK YOU AKHTAR. You were the last of the Pakistan's bowling prowess. And no, Mohammad Amir doesn't count anymore.
Dr Abdul Hye Oct 09, 2011 10:06am
I ahve been an avid cricket fan, enthusiast siunce earlky fifties. I would request the readers to have an insight of his book witha positive bent of mind, will only be able to explore the greatness of this epic cricketer who has been a victim of petty politcs. Akhter';s poitentials were destroyed by sheer jeleousy. He was handled by the authorities which went against the interest of Pakistan cricket. Lets appalud his greatness instead of dragging him into murky controversy. From NY
Aftab Khan Oct 10, 2011 12:16am
Mr. Lallany I haven't read the book yet, but I believe the way you have wrote this, would be a slap on the faces of the peoples across India and some ugly faces in Pakistan who were against the "Pride of Pakistan Mr. Akhter (THE SPEEDSTER). I wish you best of luck for your future and keep on writing these kind of lovely articles. True Pakistani from Regina, Canada.
Fahad Alam Oct 11, 2011 10:14am
This guy is a national hero, he deserves praise and respect, not what our media is giving him.
mohsin Oct 11, 2011 05:32pm
Wow, Bravo man. Just Excellent!
qaysy Oct 11, 2011 07:22pm
Thank you. though it was surprising that in today's times one is talking good about his country man.
haris Oct 12, 2011 06:28am
We never been in doubt on S.Akhter patriotism. Everybody gonna miss him. Can we have direct link for his book?
asad Oct 12, 2011 03:50pm
excellent boss ...
abhay Oct 14, 2011 11:18pm
"Give Akhtar credit for being one of the few players who have never been alleged of match/spot fixing, despite being an out-and-out game changer." Sad state of affairs indeed when not being involved in match fixing deserves "credit". Shouldn't that be a minimum expectation from any sportsperson?
Umesh Joshi Oct 15, 2011 11:13am
He is my Favorite bowler and i always loved his bowling not just because he is the fastest bowler on Planet because he is a great guy too
MUDASSAR Oct 16, 2011 04:04am
Thumbs up man, enjoyed it.As far as people talking negative you will find them every where and even here on this page.
dear Oct 16, 2011 12:22pm
excellent article..