Pakistan vs India

Published March 29, 2011

-Photo by AP

True to historic India-Pakistan cricket clashes, the epic semi-final promises fans across the world a thrilling ride! invites its readers to be a part of its first ever Global Blog and share their experiences by blogging in real time.

No matter where you are, just as long as you’re tuned in to the live coverage of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 India vs Pakistan semi-final, here is your chance to provide your analysis, set the field, live commentate, share pictures and videos, predict the outcome of the match and have your say as Pakistan takes on India in what promises to be a cracking showdown.

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India wickets:

Virender Sehwag



The mood in Pakistan and India

I Don't Like Cricket!

Fans at the FC University, Lahore



Renowned Pakistani comedian Liaquat Soldier passes away

Famous Pakistani comedian Liaquat Soldier passed away after a heart attack in Karachi on Wednesday.

He was participating in a live television show in a special transmission for the World Cup semifinal between India and Pakistan when he suffered a heart attack and passed away while being transported to a hospital.


Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi:

Pakistan's tennis star Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi tells that he is watching the match with Rohan Bopanna – his doubles partner from India – in Miami, where they are playing the ATP Masters. The IndoPak Express play their quarterfinal against Oliver Marach and Janko Tipsarevic later in the day.



Harbhajan gets a lot of turn in his first over. Are India one specialist spinner short today?


Mehmudah Rehman from Dubai

Update (22:19 PST)

Pakistan – hold your head up high, and take this loss with dignity and indeed, pride. We were down and out before the World Cup and have done remarkably well to make the semis. Cricket has won, and thank you India, for a great match! Pakistan Zindabad!

There will be inevitable whispers of match-fixing and Misbah and Younis’ inning, plus the timing of the powerplay would have raised many eye-brows (mine almost went through my forehead)!

Misbah Misbah – you missed a trick there buddy! Left yourself too much to do! Too late – great SIX though! Love it when they hit it straight

Update (22:11 PST)

Shahid Afridi looks crestfallen. You gotta feel for the guy. Misbah hasn’t given up though.

Update (21:47 PST)

It had to happen sooner or later – the tailender can only do so much. Wahab Riaz is out and Dhoni and his men are on the brink of a memorable win here!

Update (21:31 PST)

That’s it! He’s gone! Afridi the man, it’s curtains for Pakistan, surely! Indians are celebrating

Pakistan falling like a house of cards.. Misbah- today's test player is still there though. We need a blitzy 20-20 knock!

Update (21:21 PST)

Dhoni has been pretty good with his bowling changes, Zaheer Khan has been used wisely. He’s back here and what’s  Shahid Afridi ‘s plan of action?

Update (21:04 PST)

BOOM BOOM AFRIDI walks out to the middle! Abdul Razzak has been bowled Indians have the momentum and the hopes of a nation are being dashed – ball by ball, over by over. 8 an over reqd.

Update (PST 20:51)

Abdul Razzak is a very capable batsmen and all is not lost! Pakistanis around the world are praying for a performance like THAT one against South Africa…

Update (PST 20:47)

I heard the wicket of Umar Akmal before I saw it – HUGE cheer in the crowd. So that’s Pakistan’s main man gone! India are really choking Pakistan here!

Update (PST 20:31 PST)

The tension is mounting as Miss-bah has missed the ball, and is playing really slow. C’mon, rotate the strike!

Update (20:29 PST)

Umar Akmal hits a four and then a SIX! Relives the pressure! He needs to do something extraordinary to save the match. Required run rate well over 6

Update (20:10 PST)

Younis Khan never looked comfortable out there – he was always struggling. His strike rate of 41-odd is quite a let down. In walks Umar Akmal, who happens to be one of Pakistan’s most talented players, and has been touted as the ‘Inzamam’ of this tournament. Can he do something special here. Well over a run a ball required, and Pakistani hearts are in the mouth.

Update (20:02 PST)

Another Pakistani throws it away after getting a good start! Asad Shafiq looked so promising .. he perishes and India are on top! Yuvraj Singh is a real crowd favourite - and then he's playing for someone special too, remember?

Update (19:52 PST)

That does NOT look like India in the field! What’s with the electric fielding?!

Update (19:48 PST)

I like how Zaheer Khan hides the bowl in his hand right until the point of delivery. Crafty operator… Pakistan need to play him well.

Update (19:39 PST)

Younis Khan is a better player than his average suggests – 32.29. he needs to stay at the wicket and get a partnership going.

Update (19:27 PST)

OH NO! Hafeez is OUT! That was a needless shot! Mohali stands up to applaud the efforts of Munaf Patel, whose tight line has paid dividends. But really, that was more the batsmen’s fault, than the bowler’s skill. Paddle sweep? C’mon guys!

Update (19:21 PST)

Pakistan are getting just a little bogged down here. The run rate for the last 4 overs has been around about 3. Milk the bowling, take the singles! Munaf Patel’s tight line is right on the money.

Update (19:08 PST)

India is a side not known for its fielding, but they’re quite good in the field today. Energy, dives, and a bit of lively banter too. As for Pakistan we need to play risk-free cricket, and Asad Shafiq is a guy who could do just that. Prodigious turn for Harbhajan Singh… ooh, better watch out Hafeez!  Yuvraj Singh will be itching to get a bowl!

Update (18:59 PST)

India need to introduce spin to stem the flow of runs, and the fact that Ashwin has not been selected is a boon for Pakistan.

Update (18:54 PST)

Mark Nicholas is a commentator I regard highly, both for his views and his crisp delivery of words. He says on air that the semi-final of a tournament is the hardest game to play. I agree. Remember THAT semi-final between South Africa and Australia?

Update (18:28 PST)

Beautifully timed by Mohammed Hafeez on the on-side, wristy, if you like! Boundary to Pakistan!

Update (18:23 PST)

The second innings is underway and Kamran Akmal has absolutely creamed two boundaries to best bowler in the Indian line-up, Zaheer Khan. His performance behind the stumps seems to have given him confidence.

Update (17:52 PST)

Excellent last over from Wahab Riaz but the Indians have piled on a pretty respectable total in the end, and this will take some seriously good batting to get. This is a placid batting track at Mohali, though a good start is vital, because the pitch generally deteriorates in the second innings and the ball doesn’t come on to the bat too well.  Innings break now, and what a match this has been so far!

Update (17:28 PST)

These last few overs are extremely important and could well be the difference between the two teams. Umar Gul’s yorkers are going wrong, and Raina is having a ball. Another boundary. We need to pull back! Score getting healthier with every stroke, and Afridi is a worried man.

Update (17:13 PST)

Last boundary was at 29.5 overs – and we’re currently at 43.2 overs. Well done, Afridi and Co!

Update (17:10 PST)

Remember Harbhajan Singh is an attacking playing, and a more than useful tailender. Can they get him? Afridi’s attacking field is spot-on, says Sanjay Majrekar on air.

Update (16:49 PST)

Twelve overs still to go and we’ve got Pakistan bowling like a well-oiled unit. Any guesses on the final score? At one stage, one would have thought India would have demolished Pakistan and collected in excess of 300. We have pulled back with those Wahab Riaz wickets, and now let’s watch Ajmal operating with his offspinners and doosras. Let's hope he can fox the batsmen and get a wicket

Update (16:45 PST)

FINALLY! The lives are up and Afridi gets his man! Pakistan are breathing easier and Suresh Raina walks out to a pressure cooker situation, another one of India’s mightily impressive young batsmen. Saima Hussain from Toronto: Finally! Tendulkar gone. Finally! Out at 85 And very appropriate that Skipper Afridi did the job.

Update (16:27 PST)

If only we took our catches, we would have been on top! Here’s hoping we give no more chances… India has a formidable batting line up and Pakistan have only themselves to blame that the wicket column says ‘4’.

Update (16:19 PST)

Sachin Tendulkar has moved on to 70, with all those lives … Hundred number hundred in a semifinal match against Pakistan? He looks tentative and yet the ball regularly goes to the boundary. This is frustrating for Afridi!

Update (16:04 PST)

We’ve just given two boundaries to MS Dhoni through edges!? Why don’t we have a slip in place Afridi?

Update (15:34 PST)

YES! Kamran Akmal and Mohammed Hafeez have affected a stumping! Off goes Gambhir! Spin seems to be making an impact! Here’s Virat Kohli, I’m a big fan actually. He’s a great timer of the ball. Let’s hope he can’t time it this time!

Update (15:10 PST)

Things have gone quiet since Ajmal was introduced and the swashbuckling Sehwag departed. Saeed Ajmal reminds me of another off-spinner who at one time, caused Tendulkar problems. Saqlain Mushtaq anyone?

I’ve been reading how acrobatic Pakistan have looked in the fielding drills. At the moment though, the fielding is anything but outstanding. OH! A DRoP CATCH! MISBAH UL HAQ< did you just drop the world cup?  Tendulkar gets ANOTHER life.

Update (15:00 PST)

Did we get Tendulkar???? Almost! Oh dear! The balls not hitting the stumps in the DRS. Mohali goes wild. Pakistan look devastated. Just missing leg. And another appeal! A stumping from Kamran Akmal??? Pakistan looks confident, and I can’t stand the tension...not out!

Update (14:56 PST)

And Saeed Ajmal gets the ball. He’s bowling to Gautam Gambhir, the left-hander who averages 40-odd in ODIs’s. Ajmal’s body language looks good though. He looks confident. How much will the pitch turn? Remember Pakistan are batting second, and the pitch is likely to turn more then. Harbhajan Singh will be quite ineterested in how the pitch plays.

Update (14:41 PST)

Wasim Akram is in the commentary box… what if he had been playing? Umar Gul looks to be struggling with the line.. another boundary to fine-leg. Wristy subcontinent players, c’mon Umar!! Sachin’s a treat to watch though. Gotta appreciate the Little Master. He looks divine when he plays that straight drive. Gladly straight to the fielder that time.

(14:30 PST)

Mohali is a riot of sound and colour as Virender Sehwag has dispatched everything to the boundary with disdain. Here in Dubai, the match is all anyone is talking about.Offices will be let off early today and many malls have giant screens to display the match. Soon I’ll be going out to join the crowds too. Just hope Pakistan fares better. Here’s Wahab Riaz in place of the veteran Shoaib Akhtar. Was it a good decision? Let’s see… Sehwag looks in ominious form.

YES! Sehwag goes!!!!!!!!!! Mohali is quiet and Pakistan and Afridi are all smiles!


Dileep Premachandran from PCA Stadium, Mohali

Update (19:34 PST)

Jesus! What was that from Hafeez? I'm glad he lives in the 21st century. That would have been a caning offence in the 19th.

Update (19:14 PST)

Quite a few journalists upset over Ashwin's exclusion. I'm not upset, but it did perplex me, given that neither Nehra nor Munaf has uprooted trees in this tournament.

Update (16:03 PST)

The crowd is still quite animated. But also quite a few worried faces. The Yuvraj wicket was a big downer. Local hero and all that.

Update (14:48 PST)

Had to get through four security checks to get in. The Punjab Police take it all over seriously. Saw a smattering of Pakistan fans looking at bit dazed, with TV camera and microphones in their faces.  Not as much of an atmosphere as Ahmedabad inside. Makes you wonder about the wisdom of giving out too many freebie passes. The real fans are being squeezed out. The crowd made more noise at a sighting of Aamir Khan than they did for anything during the team practice sessions. Saw only one big Pakistani flag in the stands, held by a woman.

Big roar after the national anthems, but unexpected silence during moments of calm once the match started. The decibel level really went up when Sehwag took Gul for five fours, but it's been a bit muted since, except for the obligatory chants of 'Sachin, Sachin'.


SpiceBoxofEarth (Dileep Premachandran) tweets

Update (20:41 PST)

In 1992, a young prodigy saw Pakistan home in a semi when they needed 263. Can another one do it today?

Update (19:07 PST)

Wahab Riaz is the new Gary Gilmour. Pakistan will hope this semi has the same result as the 1975 one.

Update (17:25 PST)

I refuse to believe that's Umar Gul out there. Must be an imposter!

Update (16:12 PST)

Journo who played a lot of cricket here as a junior says it seams a lot under lights this time of year. Hence Nehra ahead of Ashwin.

Update (15:05 PST)

Tendulkar suddenly looks very jittery. On another day, that Afridi gift would have been smashed for four.


Stephen Fleming tweets (16:02 PST)

India 4/141.Riaz bowls Yuvraj 1st ball.Game turning around.Great bowling by left arm quick. W.Akram would be proud.


Andrew Miller tweets (15:38 PST)

What sort of a weird game is this? Akmal is flawless, and everyone else is a klutz


Azhar Mahmood tweets (15:37 PST)

Sachin was out on that ball that was dead out with the naked eye. I don't agree with hawk eye


Sanjay Manjrekar tweets (15:25 PST)

Whos who of india and pakistan high society here in the VIP lounges..not too many former cricketers


thefakebutt (Obaid Nasir) tweets (15:01 PST)

But doesn't India hate UDRS ?


Tazeen Javed tweets (14:58 PST) :

Pakistanis praying for Sachin's century. We all know what happens when sachin scores a ton


Salman Ahmed (former Junoon guitarist) tweets (14:30 PST):

Sehwag's wkt: One very good reason to play Wahab riaz and not Shoaib Akhtar


FunnyFacts_ (Funny Facts) tweets: match is currently watched by over 1.3 Billion people.


Ronnie Irani tweets (18:32 PST)

Pakistan did well (apart from fielding). Alfridi's captaincy was exceptional rotating the bowlers.


Faraz Aamer, Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture, Karachi, Pakistan

Kohli's wicket

Our resident praying shaman Arif Bhai


Faisal Kapadia, Karachi, Pakistan

Update (22:09 PST)

The main thing to cheer for here is that a team which no one counted as a threat made it this far whatever happens now... well played to team Pakistan

Update (20:58 PST)

I fail to understand why aren't we going for it this 2 runs an over will never win us the match its up to Razzaq and Afridi Misbah is playing a test match

Update (20:45 PST)

Yuvraj Singh may not have batted but he is bowling us out of the match

Update (19:42 PST)

Tense faces again here at imperial in Karachi the fall of wickets daMpening some spirits this is going down to the wire

Update (18:49 PST)

All Pakistan need to do is keep their heads that's all , at imperial in Karachi there are 100 foot flags and teams of pak shirt wearing kids its electric we want this win!!!!

This is how many of us in Canada watch cricket.... Live streaming zindabad!

Update (17:05 PST)

Despite all the catches dropped we are still fighting and that's what counts!

Update (15:55 PST)

Yuvraj bowled pandemonium here absolute ecstacy

-Photo by Bisma Tirmizi

Update (15:35 PST)

Nerves are playing a large part today Pakistan Fielding is in tatters !

Update (15:30 PST)

Tendulkar has just gotten his third life luck seems to be of a blue color today

Update (15:03 PST)

These reviews are playing havoc with the public here.. its like we all stop breathing till the decision comes.

Update (14:36 PST)

Stunned faces at first with pak losing toss and then the sehwag blitz but we have BOUNCED BACK dancing he's Gone we are in the game!!!!

We need to get Tendulkar out early if we are to restrict India below 300 runs.


Omair Babar, Oxford, UK

Update (18:57 PST)

With the second innings under way, the boys in green are off to a steady start. Every four is met with a giant cheer gestured towards the Indians sitting in the crowd. Likewise every bit of good fielding gets the Indians clapping like mad  Nothing like a bit of friendly banter to keep both camps involved.

One thing is certain. Whoever wins today will unite the subcontinent against Sri Lanka.

Update (14:35 PST)

And the match termed the daddy of all matches is underway. We are all watching it at the Oxford university club here at Oxford. The excitement in the air is electric and infectious. An eclectic mix of spectators from all races including the usual Pakistani and indians all drawn towards the hype behind the match. The flags are out and it's a wonderful sight to see both the Indians and pakistanis sitting shoulder to shoulder watching the match in anticipation.

Sehwag's onslaught had the Indians in full swing but his wicket has us on our feet ! May the best team win!!


Saima Hussain from Toronto

Update (21:48 PST)

Too bad this website won't allow expletives...I have tons to offer right now :(((((

Misbah....errrr...sahib... is still there wasting overs

Update (20:25 PST)

Look at that run rate... :/ Only about 20 overs still to go. Come on, boys! Come on!!!!

Update (20:05 PST)

Half the overs are gone. We are at 106 and down 3 wickets. A considerable numbers of runs still to go. Getting a little nervous now. Not the best situation for the team to be in, but it will get better. Just need to steady the nerves ... theirs and my own ...

Update (17:50 PST)

Update (18:29 PST)

Keep calm, boys. Calm and confident. The runs will come. No funny business, and no point taking any risks at this stage.Easy does it....

Update (18:20 PST)

Wahab Riaz rocks!

What we all missed in this inning is Afridi's signature pose after he takes a wicket. He didn't get an opportunity. But hopefully Boom Boom will make his presence felt in the batting line-up. 261 will not be a walk in the park, but it's not impossible either. Just need some concentration, good sense and team effort.

Update (15:36 PST)

Dropped! again!? Tenulkar dropped second time.First Misbah. Now Younis. What is going on!!!???

Update (15:23)

Runs need to be contained. We're not always the best side when it comes to chasing big totals. And in any case, why take the risk. A wicket (or two) is urgently needed. Urgently. As in NOW!

Update (14:07 PST)

It's 5 am. Pitch dark outside. Game just began....I set my alarm AND asked my brother in Karachi to call to wake me just in case too. Sehwag has hit a boundary. Hmmm :/

So many Indians and Pakistanis I spoke with yesterday said they will go into work late today. And now another boundary....What's happening, Afridi?


Faez Roger from Islamabad reports

Update (16:52 PST)

The audience comes to life again in the 37th over, as Afridi keeps his promise of keeping Tendulkar from completing his century.

Update (14:27 PST)

Kuch Khas is slowly filling up as word gets around that this is one of the few (if any) places in Islamabad that's screening the match for free indoors. There is a feeling of disappointment in the air however as India's Sehwag whacks away at the ball.

Update (14:00 PST)

We are at the screening of the India-Pakistan semi-final at Kuch Khas in F-5, a centre for Arts Culture and Dialogue. The gathering here of 50+ mostly consists of young people, a lot of them wearing the Pakistan Cricket team T-shirts (even the ladies). With two screens inside and one outside under a tent, everyone is really excited. AND THE CROWD GOES WILD at the first ball of the match.


Bisma Tirmizi from Las Vegas, USA:

Update (21:10 PST)

Spirits down. Every ball makes my heart jump, please boom boom you can do it! Don't do anything stupid! I joined the party, the band of brothers look dejected!

Update (19:17 PST)

Morning in  Vegas, 7:06 am. Pakistan batting, in the previous inning, Umar Gul's performance was more than disappointing, I hate to bring this up, but such irresponsible cricket from him in a crucial match. Afridi was fantastic, upbeat, confident, a true captain, and Wahab Riaz..... Impressive, a young man to watch and cheer for... Our boys are batting.... stay calm gentlemen.... it is very doable!

Update (17:40 PST)

What is Umar Gul doing? He is giving it away, another one out, Saeed Ajmal myboy.....yes.....Zaheer Khan in, come one boys... finish them NOW..... Aamir Khan....I have always liked you, your movies..... please do not look so happy on every 4 and 6.

Update (16:46 PST)

Sachin ouuuuut, the cat does not have 9 lives, it ends at 6!

Update (16:26 PST)

Umar Gul back in the game, 41 runs in 4 overs. Let's see what he'll do now, hopefully bounce back in the game, he's capable! Just a few more wickets boys. Good comeback over for Gul,he just gave one run! So exciting, come on, come on.....

Update (15:59 PST)

It's 3:29am pacific standard time, the gang is jubilant Gautam Gambhir out! Thebeat at the viewing party, so erratic, insane downers, ahhhh, we dropped...Tendulkar. Unbelievable, the tension is mounting.... butterfingers. The idea of giving this one away is a killer, but I am keeping my hopes up. The lights are on boys and we are waiting to exhale.

Update (14:49 PST)

Watching the match with my four girlfriends, Anila, Nausheen, Uzma and Asma! We are dying here, sitting in our individual homes, texting on every ball, 'cake ke laaj rakh lo,' says Asma!

This is the cake the 'band of brothers' in Las Vegas will eat at the match viewing party. Cake courtesy Nausheen and Amir Qureshi.


Imran Lalani from USA reports:

Atmosphere: The excitement amongst the expat South Asian community is palpable; whether it is talk of Sachin's 100th century, or if Shoaib has one last epic burst left in him, fans can think of nothing else. This sense of anticipation has seized those at the very top as well, with Hussain Haqqani tweeting (please see quote below) an open invitation to come watch the match live at the Pakistani Embassy in Washington DC.

All across the US, cricket aficionados have started partying in anticipation of the 4am kickoff to what promises to be the mother of all semi finals.



"Time to bury the ghost of '96!" - Mughees Butt "Imran Khan 1992, Younis Khan 2009, Shahid Khan Afridi 2011!"- M. Ahsan Siddiqui "I have been beating Indians in Book Cricket, Basement Cricket, and Tape Ball cricket. It's a sign. 4am at the Pakistan embassy tomorrow!" - Sauleh Siddiqui

Nepalese: "India is going to lose! They are either a 125 or 350 team; 350 againt Holland and 125 against the test playing nations. I'd say no contest. Go Pakistan!" - Praghyan Pradhan

Indians: "I predict a blowout - India's batting is too volatile... if they click it's 380 and game over, and if they flop its 150 and no contest." - Chirag Jain

Bangladeshis: "It's a great opportunity for reconciliation between the two nations... but at the end of the day I hope India lose and the smile is wiped off Sreesanth's face!" - Saleh Nasir

Embassy officially invites everyone to com see the game:

All Pakistanis & cricket lovers welcome 2 embassy auditorium Wednesday 4AM for live telecast of World Cup Cricket semi-final on big screen" - Hussain Haqqani via twitter


Danish Lallany, Toronto

For starters, everyone has gone patriotic. People who didn’t follow cricket, or didn’t care about cricket, are now avid supporters with an Afridi or a Tendulkar display picture. Status updates have gone from being pro-Pakistan/pro-India to anti-Pakistan/anti-India. The videos of cricketing legends arguing over which team is a rickshaw and which one’s a bmw have increased the hype surrounding this encounter.

I am watching this game at Fox n Fiddle downtown. The game is scheduled to start around 430-5 but I’ll be there, with my crew, at 330am to get the best seats. Everyone is excited and looking forward to this. A few places (including unversities and theatres) are showing this match and all are expecting a full house. Most people under 30 years of age have taken the day/morning off here in Toronto only to watch the game and then celebrate it (depending on who wins).

I have personally taken a restraint approach to this game. Zero hype from my side. I am actually supporting India because I intend on jinxing them so Pakistan could win. However, many Pakistanis can’t wait for the game to start and see either Akhtar or Gul knock those stumps out of the park! That is the feeling among the ‘Pakistani camp’.


Farhan Lallany, Waterloo, Canada

So everyone here is going crazy and everyone is skipping lectures and even labs and getting a doctors note already - by everyone i mean the Indians and Pakistanis. :)

All of us have decided about the face paint, what we are wearing, who is bringing the flags, who is bringing food - trying to feel at home (the food part).

I'm gonna watch it at the University of Waterloo - we are expecting around 570-600 people there and I don't think the hall's capacity is anywhere near that. So its going be insane.

I know most of the other universities are screening it too - UofT, York etc.

All in all, everyone's super excited. We've been talking about it since the day India beat Australia. I CANT WAIT!


Tajdar Chaudry and his friends join in the cricket fever spreading quickly across Lahore before the India-Pakistan semi-final.

Update (19:12 PST)

May the best team win - which will be ours of course: pop musician Annie says.

India has fought well, but Pakistan's got the X-factor on their side today: Sana Ansari

Update (18:53 PST)

Its easy to criticize a game sitting on the sidelines, but the Pakistani team have shown chutzpah in the face of surmountable odds. Win or lose, this is one for the record books. I’ve found new respect for the team regardless of the outcome.

The views expressed by the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of the Dawn Media Group.



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