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Kiran unlikely to swim for Pakistan again

Published Jan 24, 2011 07:51pm


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“I having achieved laurels for the country, am not satisfied with the unsuitable treatment meted out to me by the national federation,” Khan (r) said. -Photo courtesy Kiran Khan

LAHORE: Pakistan's leading female swimmer Kiran Khan, who is leaving for the United States, says if the national federation does not accept her terms and conditions, she may not continue to represent Pakistan after completing her education in the next two years.

“I got scholarship in the subjects of sports sciences and sports medicine from the University of Florida, and after completing my two-year education I will decide about my professional career,” 22-year-old Khan told Dawn on Monday.

“If the Pakistan Swimming Federation (PSF) offers me a package of my choice I would respond to it, otherwise, I will opt for an appropriate job in the US,” she added.

“I am not upset with my department [Pakistan Army]. However, I having achieved laurels for the country, am not satisfied with the unsuitable treatment meted out to me by the national federation,” she said.

“My department headed by Brig. Iqtidar is helping me meet 30 per cent of the education expenses [for two years] as the University has only waived off 70 per cent fees,” Kiran said.

She insisted if the PSF required her services it should also meet her demands, adding if the federation was not interested in doing so she might consider the option of not representing the country.

Khan clinched several silver and bronze medals in the last three editions of the South Asian Games besides winning one gold medal in the first South Asian Swimming Championship.

She bagged eight silver and four bronze medals in the ninth SAF Games, six silver and four bronze medals in the 10th and two silver and as many bronze in the 11th edition.

For Army, Khan secured 15 gold medals in the 31st National Games at Peshawar, last December.

When asked what her department's view of the whole situation was, Khan said during the next two years she would follow their instructions but after that she would take every decision keeping her future in mind.

Khan said one of the reasons which compelled her to leave for the US was that she would be able to continue her sport in a more professional manner.

“It has become hard for me to go to train properly in Lahore and juggle my studies at the same time,” she said.


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Comments (11) Closed

satyan israni Jan 25, 2011 02:02pm
politics in the south asian countries does not allow the growth of professional atheletes.. same situation is faced in india where the federations completely disregard the athletes requirements and needs.. in fact abhinav bindra had to take on the federation which then backed down as the entire country was behind abhinav bindra.. we need more and more former athletes to get involved in sports administration or else these Babus(as we like to call them in India) are simply making merry at the cost of the growth of sports in the country..
Wiqas Ahmed Jan 25, 2011 06:53pm
Initially she was advising women to come forward and represent their country in sports and now she herself is leaving out of country and not sure if she could represent country in future or not, conditioning if PSF could meet her demands or not?? Very surprising.
mystic Jan 26, 2011 12:00am
Why is Pakistan Army spending money on someone who doesn't even want to return to Pakistan?
Arsalan Jan 26, 2011 01:44pm
i sympathize with her, if you cant treat your stars right, then you don't deserve to have them. For all those people doubting her intention to represent pakistan should consider one thing first, she is only trying to get what she deserves & to meet her needs. She won 26 or so medals for pakistan, and even then she is not given some special treatment?! I think the federation is the one that needs to meet and better her demands, cause she deserves it.
Shuaib Jan 26, 2011 02:43pm
Doesn't matter at all. We will survive without Kiran. Afterall, we are surviving with the teams (in hockey and cricket) who loose against Ireland and Canada. So loosing Kiran is no loss for this already lost nation.
Wasim Jan 26, 2011 06:27pm
"Demands" is a loaded word. What are her demands? Will this cry for "give me more" help glorify the cause for bringing more women to the sports? I think the country and her department should give her 30 percent tuition and let her swim to the West. She did her deed for "herself" and its time to take a hike.
cidpusaorg Jan 26, 2011 07:36pm
This is the general trend that national athletes are being let down All sports from cricket to squash are not following rules and regulations
Hashim Kamal Janjua Jan 26, 2011 08:03pm
She has to do what is best for her. Why should she sacrifice for a country thats falling apart and that restricts her rights as a citizen of the Islamic Republic? She will find the best facilities are training which will help her achieve her full potential. She will also find US society to be a very hospitable one. I hope she will everntually embrace the US as her homeland like I did and never look back. We will welcome her to the free world.
sara Jan 27, 2011 03:59am
EXACTLY!! talk about being ungrateful!!
saleem Jan 27, 2011 06:22am
she is very blunt, isn't she?
Maliha Jan 27, 2011 07:59am
You stole my words. after readin the article thats what I thought. Kiran onyl cares about her self. Well Pakistan didnt force her to represent Pakistan in south asian games. and if she is not even willing to go back why Pakistan Army is spedning the money in first place. Secondly , she will opt for a job in USA. what job is she looking thinking of doing here. Bar waitress or Strip Dancer.