Bush orders Afghan strategy review

26 Sep 2008


WASHINGTON, Sept 25: President George W. Bush has ordered a review of US strategy in Afghanistan, a senior Pentagon official said on Wednesday amid rising insurgent violence and tensions with Pakistan.

The review is being led by Lieutenant General Douglas Lute, a deputy national security adviser, with the participation of senior representatives from the Pentagon and other departments, the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

“Clearly this seems to be a larger, more cross-governmental approach to what we do here on a regular basis,” the official said, referring to the Pentagon and its regular reviews of military strategy.

“I think we're trying to get everything in order and make sure were on a footing for long-term success,” he said.

With only months left to the current administration, the White House wants to move quickly, the official said.

“I wouldn't necessarily assume that there is going to be a complete new strategy. That's what's being considered. Are there things that require adjustments?”, he said.

It comes amid growing concern in the military and elsewhere over signs that insurgent groups operating from safe havens in Pakistan have coalesced and gained strength over the past two years.—AFP