Eunuchs warn Mepco of ‘dance protest’

April 08, 2008


MUZAFFARGARH, April 7: Local eunuchs have given a three-day ultimatum to Mepco officials to announce power loadshedding schedule for the district, otherwise they would dance in protest outside the company office.

At a press conference held at Khangarh here on Monday, four eunuchs --- Reema, Kajal, Beeni, and Khushboo -- warned Mepco officials against unannounced power loadshedding, saying it was affecting their business adversely.

Kajal said because of unannounced loadshedding, they had to abruptly end their performances at many places which cut their income considerably.

Khusbo deplored the outages were being carried out in the `peak business season’ as most of the marriages took place in March and April, just before the arrival of hot summer.

Beeni said due to loadshedding the tailors and drycleaners found an excuse to delay cleaning and stitching of their clothes, making it hard for them to fulfill their business commitments.

The group warned Mepco that if loadshedding schedule was not announced within three days they would stage a dance protest in front of the company office to highlight the issue.

A Mepco official said the loadshedding was a countrywide phenomena and it was beyond their capacity to control it.