PPP, PML-N activists arrested

01 Jan 2008


SHEIKHUPURA, Dec 31: Dozens of activists of PPP and PML-N were rounded up for rioting following the tragic incident in Rawalpindi.

Among those arrested were: PPP’s Akram Nawaz, Idrees Bhatti, Rashid Ali, Shaukat Ali Kausar and PML-N central vice-president Javed Latif, Riaz Ahmad and Bashir Ahmed.

Police have registered cases against some 200 people on charges of damaging banks, commercial centers and filling stations.

Angry activists of both political parties have started taking out rallies and demonstrations.

CONDEMNED: The PPP district president Altaf Hussain Virk while condemning the mass arrests described it as part of rigging.

He said that former army general and his cronies were afraid to hold free, fair and transparent elections.