HYDERABAD: CPP splits again

11 Feb 2002


HYDERABAD, Feb 10: The Communist Party of Pakistan, (CPP), Sindh chapter, was reportedly divided in two groups at the provincial conference of the party held in Naseem Nagar on Saturday.

According to reports, the councillors severely criticized the role of Imdad Kazi and claimed that according to the central committee commission report, he had been dubbed agent of agencies.

The dissident group further said that Mr Kazi had encouraged factionalism in the party.

The group is reported to have raised slogans against Mr Kazi and his supporters and later held a separate provincial conference at Abdullah Homes which discussed the latest situation in the party.

A seven-member committee was also elected with Rauf Korai as the secretary.

The meeting resolved to struggle for the restoration of democracy in the country and strongly opposed the amendments in the Anti-Terrorism Act.

Meanwhile, a press release of the Communist Party said that Rauf Korai had appealed to the provincial conference for the restoration of his membership which was rejected and therefore he had issued a statement against the party.

The press release further said that the secretary general of the party had suspended the membership of Korai in Oct last for violations of the party rules and finally his membership was terminated in Jan.

The press release said that Rauf Korai had nothing to do with the party and he was not a delegate in the conference.

Meanwhile, Larkana district secretary of the party, Comrade Saleh Selro, in a separate statement, has strongly contradicted the allegations of Rauf Korai.

He said that Korai had not been allowed to sit in the district conference.