ISLAMABAD: The civic agency has decided to construct tuck shops and toilets along IJP Road to facilitate the public.

The under-construction road is near completion and the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has decided to also operate a metro bus service (silver line) on it.

For this purpose, the CDA has decided to get a bus bay constructed after every one kilometre. CDA officials said member engineering Syed Munawar Shah gave a briefing to CDA Chairman Noorul Amin Mengal on the progress of the project.

The officials said during the briefing the chairman directed the engineering wing that besides the bus bay, tuck shops and toilets should also be constructed to facilitate the public. According to its PC-I, the project to widen and overhaul IJP Road is to be completed in April this year. However, the officials said the CDA chairman had directed for completion of the project by March 23.

CDA decides to name more capital roads after prominent persons

Construction of two flyovers, two bridges and seven culverts was also part of the project.

Around 85pc work has so far been completed as asphalt has been laid in major portion of the road. Moreover, work is in progress on the construction of 9th Avenue.

“Now, our focus is only on this flyover otherwise work is almost complete as the second quota of asphalt is not a big deal for us,” said an official.

He said on the direction of the CDA management, construction of the bus bay will be made part of the project.

The IJP Road is one of the major arteries of the capital. Before the start of the project, the road had not been repaired for many years as a result of which potholes had developed on it. It links Islamabad and Rawalpindi besides connecting G.T. Road and Islamabad Expressway.

The road is on the border of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. It divides both the cities. It crosses through Islamabad’s I sectors and J sector (which could not be developed) on Rawalpindi side, that’s why it is named as IJP Road.

Initially, when Islamabad’s master plan was developed it was decided that Islamabad will have sectors up to I series and other side of principal road there will be J sector to be developed by Rawalpindi authorities. But later, Rawalpindi decided not to develop J sector, but the road is still known as IJP Road.

A large number of heavy trucks also use the road as Islamabad’s wholesale fruit and vegetable market is located along the road.

Similarly, because of the general bus stands at Pirwadahi, thousands of passenger buses, coaches and other vehicles use the road.

After the meeting, when contacted, the CDA member engineering told Dawn that the chairman had directed him for construction of tuck shops and public toilets along the IJP Road not only to facilitate passengers but also general public.

He said he has now activated his team for completion of the design of tuck shops and toilets.

“Soon we will start construction activities on these two components as well,” he said.

Asked about completion of the entire project, the member said that every effort had been made to get it completed before March 23 for its inauguration on Pakistan Day.

Roads to be named after prominent figures

The city managers have decided to name the capital’s roads, streets, intersections and important places after prominent personalities of the country.

For this purpose, provinces and governments of Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan have been asked to provide details of such personalities in their respective areas.

The famous personalities will include poets, artists, politicians, singers and martyrs who would be paid tributes for their work and services beside making people aware of their contributions.

Earlier, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) used to name roads after prominent personalities on the advice of the federal government or organisations and some time on the request of individuals.

However, now it has been decided that roads and streets would be named after prominent people based on the level of their contributions for the progress and dignity of the country.

Officials said CDA Chairman Noorul Amin Mengal recentlywrote to all chief secretaries of the provinces, AJK, GB and armed forces, including Intelligence Bureau (IB), to provide by February 10 a list of 20 individuals each who had historic contribution for the country.

While serving in Lahore, Mr Mengal a couple of years ago had played a leading role in naming roads and important spots after a number of famous personalities.

The officials said after joining the CDA, he got a briefing from the civic agency and was told that that a number of roads and important places were still unnamed. He then sought details of such places for naming them after famous personalities.

When contacted, Mr Mengal confirmed to Dawn that ICT-CDA had decided to name roads and streets after prominent personalities.

“We are going to do this to honour historic icons and to raise awareness of the contribution they have made in their respective field, particularly among young people,” he said and added that not only roads but various streets, intersections and significant locations throughout Islamabad will be named after prominent personalities including poets, artists, politicians, singers, martyrs etc.

He said this was a common practice across the globe to name streets, roads etc., after important personalities for publicly honoring their achievements.

“This is a way to keep the memories of our heroes alive and allowing them to remain an important part of the country’s history and culture,” he said.

The CDA, which was formed in 1960, so far has named around 107 roads after various personalities, including four roads after head of states of foreign countries - Faisal Avenue after former Saudi king Shah Faisal, Attaturk Avenue after Turkish hero Mustafa Kemal Ataturk; Chinese leader Zhou Enlai and former Egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser.

Sources said roads in I-11, I-14, I-15, some in G-8 and D-12 while many roads and chowks in old sectors were also to be named.

Published in Dawn, February 3rd, 2023



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