LARKANA: Pakistan Peoples Party Sindh president Nisar Ahmed Khuhro has said that general election will be held after legislation for electoral reforms have been made with consensus of all political parties.

Khurho said while speaking to party workers at his residence on Monday that electoral reforms on the pattern of 18th Amendment were mandatory so that no political party could question transparency of elections in future. Imran Khan was maneuvering to recapture power through ‘engineered’ elections therefore all openings for ‘engineered’ polls would be plugged, he said.

He said Imran Khan’s sit-ins before Election Commission of Pakistan were an attempt to mount pressure on the commission to get elections done through Result Transmission System (RTS) and Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) and form next government. But, he said, they would not allow him to do that. “We want fair elections after required legislation for electoral reforms, he said.

He said that the foreign funding Imran Khan was receiving needed to be investigated as to where it was being utilized. It could be a conspiracy against the country as funds were allegedly coming from Israel, India and Russia. What could be the purpose behind such foreign funding, he questioned.

There existed no law in the country to govern foreign funding of political parties, he said. But even then the political parties were bound to submit funding record to the commission.

Since Imran Khan had concealed his foreign funding details he was out to criticise Chief Election Commissioner and mount pressure on the commission to stop verdict in the foreign funding case, said Khuhro.

He said that Imran would no more be able to conceal his theft. It made no difference if Imran managed to gather thousands of people in Islamabad.

Khuhro claimed that Imran Khan was trying to get an NRO from Asif Ali Zardari but he would not get one.

He called for stern action against those who had violated sanctity of sacred places in Saudi Arabia. Imran was creating unrest in the country with only one target to reach the power corridors again but his conspiracy would be foiled, he added.

Imran Khan was now set to launch “save Farah” campaign. He referred to Tosha Khana case and accused the former prime minister of misappropriating the costly gifts, he said.

Khuhro labeled Tehreek-i-Insaf as Tehreek-i-Intishar and said that its leaders were using non-parliamentary language and passing derogatory remarks after losing power through vote of no-confidence.

MITHI: Khurho said at a public gathering held to mark Labour Day in Nagarparkar town on Sunday night that PPP leadership had always stood by peasants and farmers and framed pro-labourer policies.

He said the PPP leadership was ready for elections but fresh elections could only be held in the country after much-needed legislation was carried out through parliament.

“The politics of Imran Khan was marked by hooliganism and hatred which has died its natural death,” he said and advised PTI leadership to stop daydreaming to bring back incompetent rulers once again to power.

Khuhro said that PTI government had only multiplied misery for people and put every institution at stake. The process for ousting Imran’s government was democratic. “Imran Khan, instead of creating law and order in the country, should try to rest in his house if he wants to avoid troublesome life in jails,” he added.

He said that people like Imran should not be allowed to do politics of hate and religion. Imran was pursuing a Jewish agenda and wanted to destabilise the country, he said.

He hoped the coalition government led by Mian Shehbaz Sharif would bring some respite to people who were groaning under the worst conditions due to uncontrolled inflation and price hike of essential commodities.

The PPP leader claimed the PPP government in Sindh had undertaken ‘revolutionary’ steps to boost agriculture sector in rain-dependent arid zone by constructing small dams to store rainwater.

Published in Dawn,May 3rd, 2022



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