LAHORE: Alishba Mohsin, a school girl from Lahore, opened up a new chapter in the equine sports history of Pakistan, when she became the first-ever female professional rider to win a race in a Lahore Race Club (LRC) event at the Racecourse here the other day.

Alishba rode the A.B. Malik-trained bay mare Magical City, owned by Mohammad Safdar Jutt, to win by four lengths from bay gelding Sultan Jahaniyan ridden by Hassan Toor in a field of nine runners, eight partnered by male riders following her in a procession thus breaking the spectre of male chauvinism which had prevailed in the all-male race track since the club’s inception way back in 1924.

Taking a flying start, she strode her mount gallantly leading all the way home presenting a rare sight.

Fresh from the history creating victory on return in the paddock, Alishba was received by former steward Mahmood Khan and was soon accorded a grand standing ovation by race-goers, joined even by those who had not bet on her. It was a joyous moment seldom seen at the races.

LRC’s senior administrator announced a cash award of Rs20,000 for the proud female rider and Rs10,000 for her mare’s trainer, A. B. Malik, who along with her riding coach, Waheed Akhtar, a former champion jockey, was overjoyed by the doll like rider seated on her mount to receive the public applause.

Senior administrator Hafeez Akhtar Randha praising the feat while sitting in the stewards room.

Alishba’s historic success overshadowed the feature event, the Thrill Cup, a class VI Division VI (Class V included) run over 1200 metres. It was won by bay colt Amanah registering his second success on the trot under jockey Aftab Choudhry.


Kaghan Plate Class VII Div V & VI — 1000M.

Magical City (Mohammad Safdar Jutt) 8-10 Alishba Mohsin 1. Sultan Jahaniyan 7-8 Hassan Toor 2. Chhota Pathan 9-0 Nafeel Aamir 3. Hidden Fire 7-13 Assad Abbas 4.

Won by 4 L, 2 L, 1 ½ L. Time one minute 3 3/5 seconds. Winner trained by A.B. Malik.

Kaghan Plate Class VII Div V — 1000M.

Watto Choice (Mian Mohamamd Abbas Watto) 9-0 Aftab Choudhry 1. Nalain Princess 8-4 Shahbaz 2. Soldier Queen 7-12 M. Zulfiqar 3. Gifts Of Gold 8-6 Haroon Gulzar 4,

Won by 5 L, 2 L, Neck. Time one minute 3 4/5 seconds. Winner trained by M. Afzal.

Kaghan Plate Class VII Div III & IV — 1000M.

Generosity (Mohammad Latif & Azam Ishaq) 8-4 Haroon Gulzar 1. Chhota Dera 8-10 Mubashar Bhatti 2. Tatla Princess 8-4 M. Sajjad 3. Meri Malangni 8-0 M. Hanif 4.

Won by 2 L, 3 L, 2 ½ L. Time one minute 3 4/5 seconds. Winner trained by Arsalan Khan.

Thrill Cup Class VI (Class V Included) — 1200M.

Amanah (Syed Atif Ashfaq Shah) 8-8 Aftab Choudhry 1. Alamgirian 8-8 Aamir Pervez 2. Sanctity 8-10 Tahir Abbas 3. Fantastico 8-2 Sohail Ahmad 4.

Won by ½ L, 1 ¼ L, Distance. Time one minute 14 4/5 seconds. Winner trained by Mohamamd Afzal.

Murree Plate Class VI Div III & IV_1`2100M.

Dear One (Mian Khan 7 Asif Mahmood) 8-2 Zulfiqar 1. Raksh 9-0 Aamir Pervez 2. G. One 8-4 M. Hanif 3. Queen Of Spades 8-2 Aftab Choudhry 4.

Won by 2 L, 7 L, ½ L. Time one minute 15 seconds. Winner trained by Haji Abid Mahmood.

Kaghan Plate Class VII Div 1 — 1200M.

Bala Khatoon (Ansar Abbas) 8-6 Aamir Pervez 1. Hussan-e-Kainat 8-0 M. Hanif 2. Common Champion 8-2 Mazhar Ali 3. Americal Gangster 8-6 Aftab Choudhry 4.

Won by 6 L, 6 L, Head. Time one minute 16 3/5 seconds. Winner trained by Rashid Latif.

Kaghan Plate Class VII Div II — 1200M.

Marco Polo (Najeeb Haider Baghri) 8-8 Aftab Choudhry 1. Hamlet 7-12 Kashif Assad 2. Amazing Runner 9-2 Aamir Pervez 3. Zaman Sahib 8-2 M. Hanif 4.

Won by Neck, Neck, head. Time one minute 18 3/5 seconds. Winner trained by Rashid Latif.

Published in Dawn, January 27th, 2022



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