THIS is with reference to the letter ‘Belated, but in the right direction’ (Oct 4). In this respect, I wish to bring to the notice of our ministries of finance and industries the method that is currently being followed for booking of a new car.

About 30 to 40 per cent of the amount is received by the dealers of car manufacturers at the time of booking. The period of delivery differs with every brand. This is often three to four months after the agreed time for delivery.

Then, to my surprise, there is a clause in the booking proforma of the car, according to which whatever is ‘own’ rate at the time of delivery, 30-40pc of it is the share of the dealership taking the booking.

This is in black and white. I wonder how the dealer of any brand of car ask for a share in the ‘own’ price, which is the difference between the booking price and the market rate.

Can any ministry of the federal government take notice?

Inayat Ullah Sheikh

SCHOLARSHIP DENIED: My daughter, Safia Rani Bangash of the City Girls College Gulbahar, Peshawar, recently passed the intermediate from the Peshawar board in the first division. She was entitled to a scholarship worth Rs10,000 for students belonging to the erstwhile federally-administered tribal areas, including Kurram district of which I am a resident. The college administration has refused to pay the amount and has even misbehaved with me. I approached the Citizen’s Portal, which initially said the “issue has been resolved” and later updated it, saying “Relief cannot be granted (college principal remarks)”. What should I do next?

Nasir Ud Din Bangash

GENUINE QUESTION: I recently conducted a four-day training session regarding the Single National Curriculum (SNC) during which I came across genuine questions by the trainee teachers. If the purpose of the SNC is to have a uniform medium of instruction, why is it that schools under the Punjab government are teaching several subjects in Urdu, while those under the federal government are teaching the same subjects in English?

The policymakers need to clarify such queries in the minds of the teachers.

Faheem Hussain

SMUGGLED FUEL: Fuel smuggling causes loss of revenue. Someone is surely making money. The oil marketing

companies and refineries should have their outlets in border areas, and should train and employ the locals. We should proactively provide jobs and investment while keeping a strict check on the borders.

Muhammad Iqbal Bhaty

QUOTA SYSTEM: This refers to the news ‘Failed candidates may get another chance in teachers’ recruitment’ (Oct 13). While the government is giving another chance to the failed candidates, those who could pass the examination easily were not even eligible due to the quota system. This is what the quota system has done to Sindh.

S. Nayyar Iqbal Raza

Published in Dawn, October 17th, 2021



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