Mini petrol shops

31 Jul 2020


THE petrol mafia has shown its ugly head a couple of times in Pakistan. The high penalties imposed by the government has failed to stop the fake shortages from time to time that greatly increases petrol sale for them.

The government can end petrol mafia’s monopoly by opening thousands of mini petrol shops across Pakistan. These shops will sell one litre petrol bottles and will supply to motorcycles and rickshaws. Since 45 per cent of the population owns motorcycles and they buy one or a few litres at a time, such petrol shops can greatly reduce petrol stations’ monopoly.

Similarly, the government should ensure that standard, transparent glass bottles are used as petrol bottles. New companies can become suppliers of sealed, pre-filled petrol bottles to increase safety and reduce the use of smuggled petrol.

The government can increase women’s share in business ownership by allowing only women to own these mini petrol shops. They can hire male workers but bank account, licence and transactions should be their concern.

Shahryar Khan

Published in Dawn, July 31st, 2020