Health is priceless

This refers to the article “Health is priceless”, by Laraib Faisal, published on June 20, 2020. The current Covid-19 pandemic has made us all realise this important fact that there is nothing more important than health. Everything else can be regained and replaced, except for health and life.

We do not care for our health when we are all fine and healthy and only realise its value when we fall even a little ill. And a person’s ill-health doesn’t just affect that person, but all the family. Therefore we should maintain healthy habits so that we do not fall ill and can lead a healthy and fruitful life.

Mujeeb Moinuddin,


An open letter to elders

This is an open letter to all elders and parents. These days everyone is in stress, and maintaining social distancing means we are mostly at home and spending more time with the family.

Some of us are having a bit of academic activity through online classes, but others are just sitting idle. And we are also unable to meet our friends or do all the fun outdoor activities we did. This is taking a lot of toll on our mind and spirits, and on top of that we constantly keep hearing from elders to do this and don’t do that.

The constant supervision and instructions can be very irritating, mainly because there is no outlet for us to give us a break from a boring routine.

So I would like to request all elders to be more patient and lenient with us, let us relax and do not keep giving instructions on everything. Too much scolding only adds to our stress and then we become rebellious and then get more scolding.

I know that not every parent does this, but sometimes parents take out their anger and frustrations of other things on children, and I feel this is happening more now during the lockdown situation.

I hope the world becomes a safer place and doctors can find a medicine and vaccine for this soon, so that we can all go back to living a happy and healthy life like before.

Aisha Sohail,


Dads of different kinds

I would like to give my feedback on the article “Dads of different kinds” by Ambreen Arshad (Young World, June 20, 2020).

The article was really interesting. I enjoyed reading about the different kinds of dads. I loved reading the techno dad, the overprotective dad, the trendy dad and the super dad because all these traits are in my dad.

My dad is always on his phone, checking Facebook or playing Alpha guns or other games. He protects us, but isn’t overprotective. My dad is trendy and knows which pair of shoes match with which clothes.

My dad is my hero and I love him.

Somia Faisal,


Published in Dawn, Young World, July 4th, 2020