May 10, 2020



Meherposh | Geo TV, Fridays 10.00pm

The newlywed bride Mehru (Ayeza Khan) gets divorced on her wedding night because of some light banter the groom Naeem (Ali Abbas) overhears, where some young men from Mehru’s neighbourhood are pairing her with Shah Jahan (Danish Taimoor), the handy Andy in Mehru’s house. Naeem’s aunt Shakeela (Iffat Rahim), of course, catalyses the entire situation to break up the marriage out of revenge, for she wanted Mehru for her own son Waqas (Syed Ariz). Mehru arrives home to her shocked parents Nusrat (Sania Saeed) and Jahanzaib (Rehan Sheikh), and Shah Jahan who realises that he is the reason behind the divorce. Not long after that, he also hears Mehru resolve that she would kill the person who maligned her character so ruthlessly. All eyes are on this serial which is the star couple Ayeza and Danish’s seventh project together, and certainly a challenge for Sky Entertainment to fulfill the audience’s high expectations.

Kashf | Hum TV, Tuesdays 8.00pm

This one is developing into an intriguing story, one that is a little bit different from the quintessential saas-bahu sagas. Remember the ‘precogs’ in the Hollywood film Minority Report (2002), who could dream or imagine events that would take place later? Well, our Kashf (Hira Mani) here is somewhat of a precog, and this time she dreams of a plane crash and manages to save lives after warning them to postpone their trip. As the grateful people praise her uncanny powers, her greedy, mysogynist father (Waseem Abbas) is already planning to take advantage of Kashf’s powers, and to make money off it. But what is more disturbing to her is when she sees her beloved fiancé Wijdan (Junaid Khan) dressed up as a groom getting married to her jealous sister Zoya (Sabeena Farooq) in bridal finery. What Kashf doesn’t know is that, in reality, Zoya wants exactly just that.

What To Watch Out For

Jhooti | ARY, Saturdays 10.00pm

Caught up in her greed and manipulation, Nimra (Iqra Aziz) ignores the tell-tale signs that she is getting from her swindler husband Ali (Yasir Hussain), that there is something majorly wrong with him. Ali wants to live in Nimra’s parents’ house because he has nowhere to accommodate her, and he wants Nimra to claim her inheritance money so that he can pay off his ex-wife, who is threatening to expose him to Nimra. And when the ex-wife visits Nimra to warn her about Ali, foolishly enough Nimra tells her to scoot and blames her bhabhi Zubia (Madiha Rizvi) of trying to break up Nimra’s second marriage too. It’s not going to be too long now that Nimra finally realises just how deep in trouble she really is, and what happens when she meets a big, fat liar like herself.

Published in Dawn, ICON, May 10th, 2020