Noak Jhoak: Tanz-o-Mazah, Haqqee Ke Purkaar Aur Bagh-o-Bahar Qalam Se
Shanul Haq Haqqee

This collection of humorous, satirical and literary writing by the late, great author, translator and lexicographer serves as an amusing pathway to reflection on deeper issues. Also included are some pieces, such as ‘Mirza Ghalib London Mein’[Mirza Ghalib in London], that were originally written as radio plays and broadcast on national airwaves.

Mere Lafz Mere Nasheed Hain
Jameel Usman

A volume of poetry that is separated into three sections. ‘Baab-i-Aqeedat’ consists of devotional verses and is followed by ‘Baab-i-Ghazal’, which is perhaps the longest section comprising of nearly 60 ghazals on myriad subjects, including love, the human experience, the natural world. The book wraps up with ‘Baab-i-Nazm’, with several poems on the subjects of politics, society, collective human suffering and culture.

Published in Dawn, Books & Authors, April 5th, 2020