March 21, 2020


Tips to ace the Spelling Bee

This refers to the cover story “Tips to ace the Spelling Bee” by Talat Naz (YW, March 7, 2020). The writer has been concise and comprehensive throughout the piece and the story had a good tone.

Indeed I found myself getting interested in spellings of words. The article was a useful source of information and I would like to thank the writer for it and YW for the coverage of the Spelling Bee competition.

I am looking forward to more pieces like this to be published in this magazine in the future.

Laiba Yousuf,



This is with reference to the article “Tips to ace the Spelling Bee” by Talat Naz (YW, 7 March), which is one of the best pieces to have been published in Young World magazine.

I appreciate the writer for her efforts in making us realise how reading is important for learning correct spellings. In addition, the writer mentioned some tips which are really helpful for all the readers. I am waiting for more amazing and informative pieces of writing in next week’s magazine.

Khalil Ahmed,

Hub Chowki

Improve your focus

The younger generation may not be able to focus well on their studies because of their extra-curricular activities, access to modern gadgets and availability of social media. However, the focus of a person also depends on their interest. If one is determined about something, one will definitely not be distracted by anything.

Lastly, parents should not pressurise their child, perhaps they should discuss what their child is interested in and support them in planning their lives and careers.

Ali Haidar,


The power of positivity

This is in regard to the article “The power of positivity” by Kainat Mahessar (YW, February, 29, 2020). I read this in one sitting and enjoyed it because of the interesting style the story was written in and I appreciate the writer’s imagination.

Indeed, everyone in the world has a unique personality which is why we should deal with every person according to their personality.

Sameer Umrani,


Young World

Young World magazine is a magazine which we enjoy reading as it is full of wonderful stories, articles, poem and much more. Furthermore, it is informative with meaningful articles. I recommend every young person to become a reader of this magazine.

**Hammal Naseer,*


Published in Dawn, Young World, March 21st, 2020