LONDON: A strong appeal for a solution of the Indian problem was made by Chaudhuri Sir Muhammad Zafrulla Khan when he replied to the toast “Delegates from Overseas” proposed by Viscount Astor at a dinner to the delegates to the British Commonwealth Relations Conference last night [Feb 19].

Sir Muhammad Zafrulla Khan said: “Believe me, issues far more momentous and vital for future peace and civilization hang upon the solution of this problem than is perhaps being appreciated at this moment. The attitude of His Majesty’s Government appears to be that they having announced a policy regarding India it is in now up to India to make the next move. Failing such a move, is Britain released from all further liability concerning India? In the interests of the United Kingdom itself, in the interests of world peace and security, the situation must not be permitted to deteriorate any further.”

... “In foreign relations [Britain] has struggled through to an understanding with the United States, and what is more satisfactory, with Russia. Is Britain content to accept defeat only in the case of India?”

Published in Dawn, February 22nd, 2020