Unemployed youth

December 02, 2019


APROPOS the letter ‘NTS subjects’ (Nov 26). I agree with the writer that the National Testing Service has no proper measurement scale for a specific job.

Recently, candidates who appeared for the Ministry of Defence test held by the NTS were flabbergasted by the questionnaire. It seemed like the NTS was looking for a jack of all trades.

Every candidate was desperate even though they had Masters’ degrees in different disciplines. Prevailing, circumstances depict that majority of youth is unemployed. Hard work does not matter for passing these tests. Those who pay — pass.

The test service providers not only earn more than enough from the candidates, they also take fees from various employers for arranging such facilities. Hence, they should fulfill their responsibility with due diligence.

Test service companies should revisit their pattern for conducting test and test validity needs to be given prime importance so that the future of the educated youth of Pakistan may be saved.

Rizwan Ali Abro

Published in Dawn, December 2nd, 2019