Remember to say sorry

We simply say sorry when we want to apologise to someone. If we go into the depth of this word, then we come to know what a powerful word it is. Sorry means the acceptance of what you have done mistakenly, unintentionally or unconsciously.

Sorry does not always mean that we are guilty for what we did and we have learnt from our mistakes. We have been using the word “sorry” in our daily conversation just to fool others when we want to get out of a situation that we don’t like to be in or when we are not ready to listen to something.

Moreover, it is also one of our biggest misconceptions that we think saying sorry would make us get less respect and lose our value. When someone makes a mistake, they usually lie about it because they are scared of the punishment or being condemned for doing the bad thing.

If your friend or sibling does something wrong by mistake and says sorry to you, you should forgive and forget the mistake. After that you can think together on how to salvage that mistake.

You may not be able to undo it, but surely you can make up for it. If someone says sorry you should appreciate it and forgive that person.

Moheem Abdullah


Say thank you

We should say thank you for many reasons and on different occasions. But it is equally important to have a thankful attitude in general and that is not an easy thing to do.

We must be thankful and grateful for all the blessings in our lives. As a teacher, I have observed that these days, many people seem to take things for granted and in their stride, and therefore feel no need to be grateful for anything. So in order to inculcate the habit of thankfulness in my students, I asked my class to create an art project that depicted people and things that they are grateful for. Children came up with ideas such as life would not be the same without their parents, pets, food and even a television!

Make sure it becomes a routine in your family for everyone to write thank you notes, give presents to express gratitude or hug and kiss to say thank you. Always say thanks to waiters, domestic servants and maids as well as people who open the door for you in restaurants, shops, school and other places.

Rahima Sarwar,


Published in Dawn, Young World, November 30th, 2019