ISLAMABAD: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) on Friday decided to seek federal government’s input to determine the cost of land allotted to an intelligence agency.

Sources in the CDA said in 2009 the civic agency had allotted 45 acres to the agency in Zone IV subject to approval of the prime minister.

The prime minister granted the approval in 2018 and now the CDA is deliberating whether to charge the rate of 2009 for the land or it should be disposed of at the rate of 2018.

The sources said the federal government was supposed to pay to the CDA at the official rate as the land was being purchased for the purpose of official residences.

The CDA board, which met with its Chairman Amer Ali Ahmed in the chair, discussed the matter. The sources said all the members were of the view that the rate of 2009 should be charged for the land.

In 2009, CDA allotted the 45 acres in Zone IV which was approved by prime minister last year

They said for a formal decision the CDA board would refer the case to the federal government for its input regarding the rate of the land and duration of the payment installments.

The sources said in 2009 the rate of land was around Rs2,200 per square yard while last year when the prime minister approved the summary the rate fixed in 2014 was in place which was Rs7,200 per square yard.

“It’s a government-to-government deal. The land is being purchased by the government for a government agency for official purposes, so it’s our duty to accommodate them,” said an official of the CDA. He said the price of land existing in 2009 should be charged as the land was allotted that year.

Meanwhile, the CDA board also approved a site in 1-11/2 for a grid station to resolve the electricity issues of the residents.

“The establishment of the grid station would provide new electricity connections besides reducing the load on other grid stations,” said an official.

The board also decided to reschedule payment for those who have been allotted plots in Park Enclave-II- a CDA’s housing scheme on Park Road. The CDA sold out more than 300 plots in the Park Enclave extension in Jan 2016 and was supposed to develop the area within a year. People allotted plots were also to deposit their payments in installments by that time.

However, the plots owners stopped depositing their installments after the CDA failed to start developing the land. So far, the CDA has even not taken possession of the land.

The CDA had auctioned one kanal plot for Rs20.5 million but failed to start development.

When asked about the 45 acres allotted to the intelligence agency, a CDA spokesperson said the federal government would decide the case. About the Park Enclave-II, he said the board had approved an extension for depositing the installments.

Published in Dawn, November 16th, 2019