Wonder Craft: Chenille stick butterfly rings

02 Nov 2019


Photos by the writer
Photos by the writer

Don’t you love simple crafts that require few things to make them and they still look amazing? I’m pretty sure today’s craft will surprise you all, but little girls will be more than delighted.

We will show you how craft butterfly rings are made and all it needs a chenille sticks (also called pipe cleaners). So, buckle up girls, as this low-mess craft is fun for tweens, teens and even adults.

Things you need:

  1. Three chenille sticks (in the colours of your choice)

  2. Scissors

  3. Ruler to measure length (optional)


  1. Chenille sticks are usually 12-inches long; you will need two to make the wings, and the third one half, that is six-inch, this will be used in making the body and the antenna of the butterfly, picture 1.

  2. Take the two long chenille sticks and place them straight, so their ends meet. Twist them from the middle, about four to five times, picture 2. (This part of the ring goes around your finger).

  3. Place the twisted middle part of the stick under one of your fingers, and make sure the length on both sides of the sticks is equal; now twist them a couple of times, picture 3. (Keep in mind that it doesn’t get too tight).

  4. Take the ring out from your finger and choose a colour for the top and bottom wings of the butterfly. In my case, I chose the dark shade to be on the top and the light shade to be on the bottom. In any case, the sticks at the bottom are an inch smaller than the top ones. See picture 4 and 5.

  5. Pinch the end of one of the top sticks and roll it inwards, picture 6.

  6. Repeat the step on the other stick, and then roll the bottom chenille sticks; you have formed four spirals, see pictures 7 and 8.

  7. Make sure the spirals at the bottom are tucked behind the top ones.

  8. Pinch the spirals from the side and give them a wing shape as shown in picture 9.

  9. Take the remaining six-inch long chenille stick and place it behind the butterfly, passing through the ring. Tuck it in behind the wings right where the body of the butterfly would be, picture 10.

  10. Wrap the bottom of the stick up and around the butterfly to make its body. Then twist twice or thrice above the top wings and finally pinch the end of each stick and roll it inward to make the antenna.

Voila! The cute chenille butterfly rings are ready!

Published in Dawn, Young World, November 2nd, 2019