Each failure in life teaches us a lesson. Without knowing our shortcomings and faults, we cannot improve ourselves. I have failed often times and would like to share the pitfalls that led me to my horrific experience of failure.

I hope it will inspire and motivate you. I failed despite being considered a promising boy. I feel that the following things led to my failure.

I used to mix up with people who were not serious about education. I talked to everyone without any purpose, I spent excessive time on WhatsApp and Facebook whenever I was free. I used to go to the school library not for studying, but to gossip with friends.

I was also disconnected with God who has blessed me with two ears for hearing His call for prayer. But I would ignore it and did not offer my prayers.

Failure can turn into success if we start to learn from our mistakes

I was often misguided by evil and I indulged in deeds which only wasted my time and led me towards sins. Gradually, I began to feel that I was a burden on this planet. In fact, it was a chain of derailed misdeeds in my life that led me towards failure.

There is a saying that committing mistakes is natural, but repeating mistakes is indeed foolish.

Now I realise that I should have disconnected myself from people who wasted my time. I should have kept silent instead of speaking words that had no relevance or importance. I should have studied instead of pretending to study. Instead of wasting time on social media, gossiping and playing online games. I should have focused on my exams.

But now I have realised my mistakes and I have promised myself that I will focus on improving myself and, slowly and steadily, change my failure into success.

Published in Dawn, Young World, October 19th, 2019