RAWALPINDI: Police have decided to seek Federal Investigation Agency (FIA)’s assistance to ascertain the motive of a man and his wife arrested on the charge of sexually assaulting 45 girls and making videos of them.

According to the police, the couple got married two years ago and started kidnapping and sexually assaulting underage girls.

The police decided to involve the FIA as they do not have modern technology to analyse laptops and other gadgets used by the suspects.

Police seek FIA help to ascertain motive of suspect and his wife behind making videos of their victims

A senior police official told Dawn that the man, who was in his 30s and an IT expert, had confessed to sexually assaulting 45 girls and making their photographs and videos.

The police have also contacted other victims but none of them was willing to come forward and record statements with the police.

A police spokesman said the man lived in a rented house at Gulistan Colony along with his wife and parents. The suspect is being grilled by the police after he was remanded in custody while his wife, a nurse by profession, has been sent on 14 days’ judicial remand.

According to the police, the couple was arrested after a female MSc student lodged a complaint accusing the couple of abducting and sexually assaulting her.

The complainant alleged that she had gone to Gordon College to attend a workshop on Aug 3. When she came out of the college, a masked girl met her and posing as a student started walking along with her towards Tipu Road.

In the meanwhile, she added, a car driven by a young man pulled up and the MSc student was forced into it and driven away. Black curtains were dropped on the car’s window glasses and she was taken to a house in Gulistan Colony where the man raped her and the woman made a video of it.

After committing the crime, the student was asked to go away. The victim then approached the police and lodged a complaint.

City Police Officer (CPO) Mohammad Faisal Rana ordered registration of a case against the suspects which led to their arrest.

The police said during investigation the suspects revealed that they used to abduct minor girls. The man sexually abused the victims while his wife made videos of them on a mobile phone.

The police said the accused had confessed to abducting 45 girls, adding videos of 10 of the victims along with thousands of photos had been recovered. The police also recovered the car used by the accused to abduct the victims.

The police said evidence in the MSc student’s abduction case had been sent to Lahore for a DNA testing and forensic analysis.

Like the other girls, the student was blackmailed by the couple and threatened of consequences if she reported the incident to anyone.

The CPO said no relaxation would be given to the suspects for playing with the honour of innocent girls.

“I will personally monitor the investigation process while the SSP investigation will himself supervise the cases.”

The CPO instructed the concerned police officers that if there were any facilitators of the suspects they should also be arrested and brought to justice.

The police are also investigating whether the couple had links with any domestic or international gang.

A senior police official said though the police had a team of IT experts who were analysing mobile phones and laptop of the suspects, the FIA’s help would be sought.

Published in Dawn, August 17th, 2019