June 30, 2019



Surkh Chandni | ARY, Tuesdays 8.00-10.00pm

Asma Nabeel’s story of an acid attack victim is not a new storyline for television, but it has an interesting ensemble cast, with Sohai Ali Abro returning to the mini-screen after Motorcycle Girl. Ayeda, a middle-class girl, is all set to be happily married to Amaan (Osman Khalid Butt), but Jawad (Asad Siddiqui) nurtures an unwelcome desire to marry her. Jealous and enraged, he connives with Ayeda’s mean sister-in-law Shumaila (Mansha Pasha) and throws acid on Ayeda as she emerges from the salon, dolled up as a bride.

Amaan, Ayeda and their families are devastated. Surprisingly, no one in the family expresses any suspicions about Jawad being the attacker, even though they know what a pain he is. Jawad’s mum (Gul-i-Rana) knows what her son did but both she and Shumaila keep mum about it. Amaan insists he will marry Ayeda despite her disfigurement, but Ayeda refuses to marry him.

Mera Rab Waris | ARY, Wednesdays-Thursdays 8.00pm

ince Faizi (Mirza Zain Baig) literally saved Nimra (Anamta Qureshi) from the evil clutches of her ex-boyfriend Hashir, she falls for him big time. But Nimra’s mum Durdana (Seemi Pasha) initially hits the roof when she discovers her daughter’s inclinations for Faizi because he is, after all, her daughter-in-law Ayesha’s (Madiha Imam) governess’ son.

Nevertheless, lured by Faizi’s powerful status as a high government official, Nimra’s mum entrusts Ayesha with the job of securing the unwilling Faizi for Nimra. Discreetly but deeply in love with Ayesha, Faizi agrees to marry Nimra because she asks him to, and Nimra is over the moon. But not for long, as Ayesha’s villainous brother-in-law Mazhar (Tipu Sharif) concocts an evil plan.

What To Watch Out For

Inkaar | Hum TV, Mondays 8.00pm

Rehan Chaudhry (Imran Ashraf) confesses his crime to the police and admits in court that he attacked Hajra (Yumna Zaidi) in the beauty salon with a pair of scissors, causing her multiple injuries, because he believes she belongs to him, and he could not fathom her being married to anyone else. His lawyer manages to convince the court for another hearing, pleading that Rehan is traumatised. The second time in court, Rehan changes his confession.

Hajra’s lawyer does a great job fighting her case, but her messages on Rehan’s mobile phone drastically changes the entire scenario. Writer Zafar Mairaj and director Kashif Nisar are dishing out episode after episode of taut and relentless suspense in this crime-thriller, one of Hum TV’s best dramas this season.

Published in Dawn, ICON, June 30th, 2019