5 takeaways from Pakistan's disastrous ─ but predictable ─ World Cup defeat to India

17 Jun 2019


Imad Wasim reacts after bowling to the Indian side. ─ Reuters/File
Imad Wasim reacts after bowling to the Indian side. ─ Reuters/File

Pakistan's record of losing to arch rivals India in World Cup cricket remained unblemished when the latter thrashed the green shirts by 89 runs off the Duckworth Lewis method in their encounter in Manchester on Sunday.

Here are five takeaways from yesterday's game:

1. Not painful anymore

This wasn’t painful. It was painful in 2015, 2011, 2003, 1999, 1996 and before that.

We have long been numbed by Pakistan team’s continued failures in the face of expectations against this specific opponent. It’s almost routine now.

That’s probably as nice a spin as anyone can put on the situation. It’s sad that a proud cricketing nation has been reduced to this.

2. Bat first, bat last, or don’t bat at all

It wouldn’t have mattered or made a difference.

This was boys against men; this was professional athletes of the 21st century versus 'raillu kattas' and parchis of the previous millennium.

Whatever the reason, the Pakistan cricket team has remained at a standstill while other top teams have progressed and evolved.

3. Pakistan is no stranger to post-World Cup purges

It will happen again ─ as it should ─ but not just to pacify angry fans.

The system needs upgrading. Athletes need to align themselves with modern-day standards, and for that to happen, the troglodytes running the show need to go.

The back-in-our-days approach needs to make way for a more scientific one where fitness, athleticism and mental fortitude are at the forefront.

It's easier said than done with Pakistan cricket, of course.

4. The specifics

The captain is pudgy, the coach is clueless, the chief selector is archaic, the bowlers are wayward, the batsmen are mentally weak and the fielders... Well they are Pakistani.

This bunch can be relied on to be flat-track bullies, or to cause an upset or two once in a blue moon, but when pitted against top-notch sides, it's no surprise that they get thrashed.

5. This isn't just about cricket

Zoom out and observe Pakistan cricket as a microcosm of the entire country.

You'll find that this team is not operating any different than anyone or anything else.

What the Pakistan team is, is what we are. And what we are, is the Pakistan team.

One doesn't change without the other.