January 27, 2019


Pashaimaan Chahatein — Three Novels
Aziz Aijaz

Set in modern Pakistan, the titular tale tells of a cricket fan and the player she has supported since his early days playing street cricket. In Adhoori Tasweer three friends and a teashop waiter are caught in a complicated web spun around a painting while in Saaz-i-Dil, a car washer dreams of becoming a singing superstar.

Socio-Political Features of Educational Landscape in Pakistan
Dr Zahid Munir Amir

An anthology of research articles includes observations on Pakistan’s formal educational systems, a biographical essay on Muhammad Asad (born Leopold Weiss) and his association with the University of the Punjab, and a discourse on the popularity of Allama Muhammad Iqbal in Lebanon.

Published in Dawn, Books & Authors, January 27th, 2019