Police told to use latest technology for crime scene management

Published January 21, 2019
Public awareness and preparation of SOP must to protect crime scene for investigation, official says. ─ File photo
Public awareness and preparation of SOP must to protect crime scene for investigation, official says. ─ File photo

ISLAMABAD: Though after every crime, management and protection of the crime scene is considered as the most important element to start an investigation, in Pakistan evidence is mostly wasted before the launch of a probe.

Inspector General of Police (IGP) Islamabad Mohammad Aamir Zulfiqar Khan during a visit to the Crime Investigation Agency (CIA) headquarters directed the officials to use latest technology and expertise to ensure crime scene management for quality investigation, and resolve cases on merit.

A senior official of the police told Dawn that in forensic science Locard’s exchange principle claims that whenever a crime takes place the perpetrator brings something to or leaves something at the crime scene. So it can be used as the forensic evidence.

Public awareness and preparation of SOP must to protect crime scene for investigation, official says

French national Dr Edmond Locard was the pioneer of forensic science and the principle of “every contact leaves a trace.”

The official said there were four parts of crime scene management: protection, training, resources and standard operating procedure (SOP).

“Whenever a crime takes place, protection of the scene is the first step for an investigation.

“As police or rescue officials usually reach the place of crime first, they should be properly trained to protect the crime scene.

“Criminals can leave hair, saliva, blood, seminal fluid, influenza liquid etc., which can be used for a DNA testing. Moreover, fingerprints are also collected,” he said.

However, it is observed that in Pakistan families, mediapersons, residents and even police officials do not care about the crime scene management. So there is a need to train the staff, give awareness to the citizens and make SOP for the crime scene management.

“Unfortunately, proper training is not given to officials to protect the crime scene,” he said.

In every police station, the official added, at least one senior officer should be trained and designated to collect evidence from the crime scene.

“A vehicle, which is called a lab, is used for collection of fingerprints, biological and electronic evidence such as use of mobile phone, internet or tyre marks.

“The police management should consider that if there are experts and proper equipment to collect evidence. But even the capital police are not equipped with modern technology so it is very difficult to ensure crime scene management. Moreover, resources are also required for it,” he said.

However, an official statement claimed that the IGP directed the police to use latest investigation techniques to curb crime. He directed to ensure the arrest of criminals at large and provide protection to the citizens.

The IGP said Islamabad should be made free from car theft and car lifters as well as receivers should be nabbed. He also directed to complete investigations on merit and in a transparent manner. He said public confidence in police should be restored by providing justice to the citizens.

Published in Dawn, January 21st, 2019



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