Drug abuse in schools

December 30, 2018


MORE than 50 per cent of students in private schools in Islamabad are using drugs, according to a report presented in the Senate by the South Asian Strategy Stability Institute.

After surveying 44 schools in the federal capital, SASSI demanded the government to investigate the matter via the anti-narcotic force and collect blood and urine samples of students.

They claimed that action must be taken against the individuals providing drugs in these schools and ensure that future generations are safe from this evil.

I feel that most kids of this age use drugs as they think it is ‘cool’. Parents need to monitor what their kids are doing in front of them and behind their backs.

They need to give their children limited pocket money because if you end up giving more, then kids might use it for dangerous activities such as drugs.

School and college going children often use drugs because of peer pressure and depression as well.

Popular drugs include ice or meth, hashish and weed. Even hard drugs like cocaine (which are expensive) are accessible to them.

Some kids smoke them while others prefer snorting the drugs. These can lead to a lifetime of health issues.

Many also partake in this activity because they keep seeing actors smoking on TV and feel that it is okay.

Initially, these things are just for an escape but before you know it, you are addicted.

Mir Mansoor Ahmed


Published in Dawn, December 30th, 2018