Lawyers above law?

04 Dec 2018


All animals are equal but some are more equal than others (George Orwell)

THERE has been much uproar in the media, judiciary and in the parliament that no one is above the law. This must be upheld without any discrimination. However, it all seems eyewash. The status quo in Pakistan strengthens the view that there’s nothing to deter the powerful. The so-called custodians of law, the advocates, are actually the infringers.

Even after the Lahore High Court’s decision which makes it mandatory for the bike riders to use helmets, most of the lawyers do not wear helmets. They violate many traffic rules for which a common man is fined but the traffic officers are not ready to fine the lawyers just out of fear.

The recent storming of the DC office, Faisalabad, by the violent lawyers is another example of how they disrespect laws. Are they above the law? Has the government failed to uphold the rule of law without discrimination? Should not the Supreme Court of Pakistan take suo motu notice of this issue? If the lawyers’ behaviour is not checked, it will produce the same value in others and disturb the social equilibrium.

I appeal to the Chief Justice of Pakistan to pay attention to the rebellious and lawless behaviour of the lawyers. People have many expectations from Prime Minister Imran Khan. If he fails to check this, he may fail in other sectors too.

Muhammad Iqbal

Published in Dawn, December 4th, 2018