Naan, chapati prices go up by Rs2 in city

Published October 24, 2018
THE common man’s daily bread has just gotten more expensive.—Fahim Siddiqi / White Star
THE common man’s daily bread has just gotten more expensive.—Fahim Siddiqi / White Star

KARACHI: The price of different types of roti — chapati, naan, sheermal and taftan — is being increased thanks to a massive rise in the gas tariff as well as wheat flour prices.

Prior to the recent increase in gas prices, a chapati was available for Rs7 to Rs8 in different parts of the city, but now many chapati outlet owners are charging between Rs9 and Rs10 for a chapati.

A naan, or tandoori roti, now costs Rs12 as against the previous price of Rs10 in many areas. The price of one sheermal/taftan has also been increased to Rs35 from Rs30-32.

“Around 50 per cent producers of various varieties of roti in the city have increased the prices before even getting their gas bills. Others will follow suit after getting their gas bill for the current month,” a roti maker in Bohra Pir said.

Tandoor owners have passed on the impact of rise in gas price

Some tandoor owners may have reduced the weight instead of raising the price.

“The weight of a naan should range between 170 grams and 180g while a chapati should weigh between 150g and 160g. A sheermal should be of 250g weight,” he said.

In the last five years, the prices of various essential items have risen.

“We are now getting polythene bags at the rate of Rs275 per kilogram as against Rs170-175 a kilo five years back. The rate of one kg old newspapers stocks is now Rs55 as against Rs40 five years back,” he said.

The rate of 25kg bag of full-cream milk powder is now Rs9,000 as compared to Rs5,500.

Besides the increase in gas price, the flour mills have also increased the price of 50kg flour bag by Rs60 to reach Rs2,060 in the last 10 days.

The prices of five-kg and 10-kg flour bag produced by Ashrafi and Bake Parlor have risen to Rs230 and Rs440, respectively, from Rs220 and Rs420.

The owner of a sheermal outlet in Ranchhore Line, Salman Mian, said 60-70 per cent producers of various roti varieties in the city had passed on the impact of gas price increase to consumers ahead of getting new gas bill.

He said others may increase the rates from early next month.

He claimed that the price of naan and chapati was increased after four years while the rate of sheermal and taftan was revised upward after three years despite rising expenses.

He said low-income families were now facing difficulty in paying extra price as they could not afford high cost.

Published in Dawn, October 24th, 2018

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