Maryam's not running for NA-125. Why?

Updated 28 Jun 2018


It's official ─ Maryam won't be running from NA-125, a constituency where both her parents have been elected from in previous polls. Instead, she'll be running for NA-127.

Marriyum Aurangzeb says PML-N leadership decided on the switch because they considered it a better choice, but an aide to Maryam claims she is not in a position to campaign for NA-125 while she is in London.

Although it seems counter-intuitive for Maryam to contest from a constituency where she isn't a known face, today's Dawn report says "many unfavourable factors in NA-125 forced Maryam to think about NA-127 option":

  • PML-N fears that the biradri (Arain) vote would go to Yasmin Rashid
  • The religious vote ─ the same seat saw Labbaik Ya Rasulallah and MML win more votes than the PPP contender in last year's by-poll
  • PML-N's survey showed Maryam would have to work hard like she did with Kulsoom's by-poll campaign last year. Her competition, PTI's Yasmin Rashid, has been conducting an intense door-to-door campaign in NA-125.

Full story here.