"I would do anything for love, but I won't do that," sang Meat Loaf in the early 1990s. Imran Khan should pay heed — whether love, war or politics, you have to draw a line somewhere.

In Tuesday night's interview with Hamid Mir, when asked about choosing 'electables' and making seat adjustements with political parties he previously deemed unworthy, the PTI chief got straight to the point: "We will adopt every strategy that will help us defeat PML-N."

Like in [almost] every interview, Imran touched upon his sports career to say that he perhaps has the best training when it comes to competition. "The strategy is to win the match — and our [PTI's] match is against PML-N."

Even in sports, there are certain moral and ethical obligations that you have to follow. A strategy to simply win — with no regards to blurred lines — is questionable on many fronts.

"We will also do seat adjustments where we feel PTI doesn't have a strong candidate against PML-N but some other anti-N League candidate can win the seat," said the PTI chief.

But what if that PML-N candidate is the right person for that consistency — should the drive to defeat N League overcome the obligation to put your people's interests first?

Are you willing to upset your loyal voters by bringing in questionable leaders from other parties? Is it worth making alliances which create resentment among existing party members?

These questions weren't asked by Hamid Mir. But for all the rest, see the link below.