Akshay Kumar's Pad Man banned in Pakistan: reports

Updated February 10, 2018


Bollywood's latest offering Padman, an Akshay Kumar-starrer awareness movie about menstrual hygiene, has reportedly been banned in Pakistan due to the tabooed subject it touches, according to media reports.

"We can't allow our film distributors to import films which are against our traditions and culture," Times of India quoted Federal Censor Board member Ishaq Ahmed as saying.

The Express Tribune reported that members of the Punjab Film Censor Board refused to even watch the movie's screening let alone issue a clearance.

"We cannot allow a film whose name, subject and story are not acceptable yet in our society," a member of the provincial board told the publication.

However, Central Board of Film Censors Chairman Mubashar Hassan told Dawn.com that an official confirmation in this regard will be issued on Monday.