Police to file cases against PU students involved in clash on campus

Updated 23 Jan 2018


Students demanding action be taken against the perpetrators of last night's clash — <em>DawnNews</em>
Students demanding action be taken against the perpetrators of last night's clash — DawnNews

Punjab University (PU) administration has decided to suspend at least 35 students allegedly involved in the clashes after Vice-Chancellor Dr Zakria Zakir ordered to take action without any discrimination, said a university spokesperson.

According to a statement issued by the PU spokesperson, the university administration has issued a letter to all relevant heads of the departments to suspend admissions of the mentioned 35 students.

Earlier in the day, the administration of Punjab University (PU) had decided to file three cases regarding Sunday night's brawl on campus premises, DawnNews reported.

The decision was taken during a meeting chaired by Punjab Higher Education Minister Raza Ali Gillani at the office of PU vice-chancellor on Monday.

One case each would be filed against the Islami Jamiat Taleba (IJT) and Pakhtun students with the police as the complainant, while the third will have the PU administration as the complainant.

While speaking to media after the meeting, Gillani said that the situation would not have reached this point if action had been taken on suggestions by police following previous clashes on PU campus.

His position was in line with an earlier statement by capital city police officer (CCPO) Lahore, who said that the elements identified by the police for their involvement in previous violent incidents at the campus are involved in this incident as well.

A December 2016 document sent by the Muslim Town police station to the PU, a copy of which is available with DawnNews, had requested the administration to cancel admissions of over 60 students identified by the police but the administration had later decided to pardon those students.

The minister said that the responsibility of the clash lies on both the student groups, and promised indiscriminate action against those involved, including the administration. "Action will also be taken against those residing in the hostels illegally."

Regarding Sunday night's clash between the IJT and the Baloch and Pakhtun students at the varsity, PU VC Dr Zakariyah Zakir said: "The chemistry lab was set on fire at 4:45am, when there was no activity at the university. This shows that the act is nothing more than a ploy to discredit the university."

The clash occurred while preparations for the yearly Pioneer Festival were underway.

While students claim that the Pioneer Festival is an event organised by the IJT, the PU VC said that the festival was organised by students. "We do not allow political activity in the university."

Earlier in the day, the IJT, and the Baloch and Pakhtun students protested against the incident. While the IJT submitted a written application for a first information report (FIR) to be registered against Pakhtun students, Pakhtun students demanded an FIR — including terrorism clauses — to be registered against the IJT.

The Pakhtun students also demanded a terrorism case to be registered against IJT students and threatened the administration with a boycott of classes if the case was not registered.

Pakhtun students are subjected to violence and not allowed to study, a Pakhtun student at the PU, Asfandyar Khan said. "We are fed up of acts of terrorism occurring everyday on campus," he added.