Pakistan has won today: Imran Khan

Updated 28 Jul 2017


Khan thanked the SC, the JIT and the people of the country for their continuous struggle against corruption. — DawnNews
Khan thanked the SC, the JIT and the people of the country for their continuous struggle against corruption. — DawnNews

Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan said on Friday that the Supreme Court's (SC) decision to disqualify Nawaz Sharif marks the start of a new era in the history of Pakistan, where justice will be held supreme.

"Pakistan has won today," Khan said while congratulating the nation, also thanking the SC and the JIT for upholding the law.

He added: "I have no personal agenda against Nawaz Sharif; I have known his family for 40 years, he did not take anything of mine — he had done wrong to the people of this country and that was why we wanted him to be held accountable."

"Historically there have always been two kinds of laws prevailing in the country; one for the weak and poor and the other for the rich and powerful," he said, adding that he spent eight days in jail and all he saw there was poor people held on minor charges while the biggest thieves in the country sat in the assembly.

Khan asked: "I have a question for the nation today: are those poor people rotting in jail responsible for laundering money in this country, or are those crooks responsible for illegal practices who live in houses worth billions of rupees?"

"This country is standing at the brink of destruction; we have never taken more loans than we took in the past year, there is not enough money here to run this country — and yet, a US report says that millions of dollars are laundered and sent out of Pakistan each year," Khan said, while emphasising that Nawaz Sharif's disqualification is the first step towards saving he country.

"Today, for the first time the law has worked against a sitting PM who had a hold on all offices capable of holding him accountable," he said. "It has been established that the chief of the National Accountability Bureau was involved in covering Nawaz Sharif's tracks. That man is responsible for keeping the country's assets safe."

"I hope and pray that this win brings the nation together and we are able to save Pakistan, and turn it into the country Allama Iqbal dreamed of and Quiad-e-Azam would be proud of," he said, asking the nation to continue the struggle for a better Pakistan.

Khan announced that the PTI will hold a Youm-i-Tashakkur (day of thanksgiving) gathering at Rawalpindi's Parade Ground on July 30 to celebrate Pakistan's victory against corruption.

He instructed party workers to not engage in any kind of actions causing chaos and wait for July 30 to celebrate the victory.

He added that the party will announce the course of action at the celebration.