Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman Shahryar Khan announced on Saturday that Pakistan and Afghanistan will play two T20 matches with each other.

Speaking at a press conference alongside the chairman of Afghan Cricket Board Atif Mashal, Khan said the short friendly series could be played in Afghanistan, Pakistan or Sharjah.

He said the date of the series could not yet be decided as the two cricketing sides were preoccupied in their own commitments at the moment.

Shahryar said that regional teams from the two countries would also play possible series, which would include A-teams and under-16 teams.

He added that Pakistan would help Afghanistan in International Cricket Council (ICC) issues and in making the country a permanent member of the international cricket governing body.

The PCB chairman said eight or nine Pakistani players would be facilitated in their endeavours to participate in an Afghan cricket league.



26 Nov 2021

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Updated 26 Nov 2021

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If present govt can muster will to achieve this task it would set a solid precedent that no future govt would find easy to undo.
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