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24-year-old Shalem found dead in peculiar circumstances in Karachi

Updated May 19, 2017 11:08pm


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Shalem Kamran
Shalem Kamran

A 24-year-old boy, Shalem Kamran, was found dead in mysterious circumstances on Sunday in the Mehmoodabad locality of Karachi.

According to police, Shalem died of an alcohol overdose — a claim his family vehemently denies.

His death comes as a shock to his family, who deny the police's version of events. Shalem, they said, had gone out on Saturday night to party with six of his friends.

Mahmoodabad Station House Officer (SHO) Anwar Ali Sheikh speculated that Shalem died of an alcohol overdose. The police have arrested Ahmed Paracha, one of Shalem's six friends who was out with him on the ill-fated night.

An official of Mehmoodabad police station, Mohammed Ashraf Ghuman, told Dawn that the police have registered the FIR against six friends of the deceased under Section 302 (murder) and 34 (common intention) of Pakistan Penal Code on the complaint of the victim’s father, Pervez Kamran Masih.

According to police, Paracha disclosed that Shalem was his co-worker and on Saturday they made a plan to party. Ahmad claims Shalem died as a result of an alcohol overdose, the police maintains.

During the initial probe, Paracha told the investigators that they had arranged a ‘whisky party’ at home in Mehmoodabad on Saturday night.

Paracha told the police that Shalem arrived at the home at around 12:30 night who was ‘already under influence of alcohol.’ The suspect claimed that they went to sleep late at night. However, he had to wake up at 3.30am as Shalem was ‘vomiting’ and insisted him to let him sleep.

At around 6:30 a.m. on Sunday, Shalem was found dead when they woke up.

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Qarar Ahmed Abbasi, a doctor at Karachi's Civil Hospital told, he did not find any bruises on Shalem's body, however, a detailed medical report that will ascertain the cause of Shalem's untimely death is still being awaited.

Shalem's family is adamant that it was neither a suicide nor a case of alcohol overdose — they feel that Shalem was killed by one of his friends.

Shalem's sister spoke out through her Facebook status saying, "My brother was poisoned we are still waiting on the chemical report. Every person in medical field told us beforehand that he [Shalem] wasn't drunk he was poisoned."

She insinuated that Shalem's friends had poisoned him, and are now blaming alcohol and suicide as the cause of his death.

Shalem's funeral was held at St. Anthony's Cathedral on May 19 as police continue the investigation into his death. The services were largely attended by the relatives and the members of the community.


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Comments (20) Closed

M Jamal May 19, 2017 09:56pm

Please satisfy the deceased family through honest probe of the case as we know the ability of our police.

Netjockey May 19, 2017 11:24pm

Alcohol overdose!! Never heard of it.

Saeeds May 20, 2017 12:13am

So sad loss of young life. RIP

Ahsan gul May 20, 2017 12:29am

Alcohol is bad and can kill when abused. Well this gentleman opted to overdose himself and now he is dead. Strange, that we feel sad about him. Wasn't that his choice?

Zak May 20, 2017 12:36am

What a shame. Find the murderes and sentence them.

(3H) May 20, 2017 01:19am

Alcohol overdose nonsense ,if one drink excess,he will vomit. Let the detail chemical analysis report comes.

Sahil May 20, 2017 02:00am

@Netjockey What do you mean? Alcohol poisoning is a very real thing, if you drink way too much. However he could've had drowned in his own vomit. If you throw up in your sleep, vomit can travel to your lungs and block oxygen.

Zia May 20, 2017 02:42am

Tough times for family. Sad! What a loss. Keep good friends and company. Will family get justice? May be but they will never get their young son back.

Ayub May 20, 2017 02:51am

The deceased was a smart guy. We fully share the grief of the bereaved family.

saz May 20, 2017 03:17am

@Netjockey alcohol is worst addiction can cause serious and fatal effects worst than other addictive drugs like heroine etc. There are so many poisonous forms of Alcohol available around. Abstinence is best strategy.

Arshad, Canada May 20, 2017 04:12am

One of my cousin's son, about 24 years old bright kid and a friend died a few weeks ago under the same mysterious circumstances while staying overnight at a farm house near Karachi. What is going on in Karachi? is it drinks or some kinds of pills?

ANWAR S SYED . St.Louis, MO. USA May 20, 2017 05:55am

Excess of alcohol could kill you. Depending upon your body. I am sure alcohol or other drug may have caused his death. Let the expert decide. Karachi have good doctors and I am sure they will find out the real cause of his death. A lesson to be learn.

Truth be told May 20, 2017 06:29am


Now you do, it is possible.

But a thorough toxicology screen should decipher whether the boy had an other medicine(s) (stimulant or others) in his system that acted synergistically to cause death.

I am somewhat confused about the name. Shalem is a biblical name; haven't heard it in Muslims yet. If the boy is a non-Muslim I won't be concerned but a Muslim boy dying of alcohol overdose is despicable.

Indian May 20, 2017 06:30am

98% Murder.

What is the time of his death? Link it with the known fact that he was ‘vomiting’ at 3.30am and you will get your answer.

Muhammad zafar iqbal May 20, 2017 07:23am

Victim was himself responsible to took him to this unfortunate fate , bad selection of friends will definitely leads to this tragic end.

naeem May 20, 2017 07:34am

Deepest condolences to the family. Loss of a young family member is traumatising and life changing.They appear to be in a stage of severe stress and denial. This is a classic text book presentation of drug intake. Patients never complain , they only fail to wake up. All the signs and history points to that. Kids should learn from this episode. This is not the first time this has happened.

Doc K May 20, 2017 07:39am

@Netjockey Never heard of it?? Yes, maybe in Pakistan. Go to any ER in the west, especially on any special Holiday, and you can see Alcohol Over-dosage cases where individuals are actually provided life support. Yes, these are young alcoholics not the chronic ones.

MD May 20, 2017 09:29am

Never heard of someone dieing from alcohol overdose. Something fishy in this story. Either of the following happened: . Poisoned . Illegal or home made dirty alcohol . Strangled to death while he was buzzed.

Saif Zulfiqar May 20, 2017 01:39pm

INDIAN : 20 year old Indian student of Cornell University, New York State, found dead. Today's" Indian Express" reports. 100% murder.

sajjad May 20, 2017 04:01pm

Professional probe / investigation needed here, could be a test case. but we have sindh policemen incompetent and do all wrong things. Society has gone in a trauma because of injustices. I dont expect to see justice here, It is always RICH vs POOR in our society.