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Ahead of Panamagate verdict, Imran Khan instructs party leaders to remain in Islamabad for three days

Updated Apr 19, 2017 07:01pm


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Imran Khan on Wednesday instructed the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf's (PTI) senior leadership to remain in Islamabad for the next three days ahead of the Panamagate verdict on April 20.

Khan issued the missive in a meeting to discuss party strategy in the days following the Panamagate verdict, due to be announced on Thursday by the Supreme Court.

The judgement will be announced by a five-member larger bench of the Supreme Court, headed by Justice Asif Saeed Khosa, in Courtroom No 1 at 2pm amidst tight security.

No one is certain if it will be a unanimous judgement, with most practitioners saying it’s very difficult to guess what dimension of the case the bench will consider.

However, legal experts are of the view that certain adverse observations and directions may be in store for the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) and the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) for their inaction over the Panama Papers leaks.

'PTI spoke up for the people'

PTI's Shah Mehmood Qureshi on Wednesday took a brief moment to speak to the media while the PTI core committee meeting was underway in Bani Gala.

"They tried their best to put off discussion on Panama Leaks. They wanted the issue to die on its own. But PTI kept pushing," he said, adding if the party had not pursued the case like it did, the issue would have been forgotten.

He said that PTI spoke up for the people of Pakistan and clear the misconception that they do not care about corruption.

Qureshi appreciated the role of the media, and said journalists in talk shows and newspapers kept the issue alive.

He also thanked the public for taking interest in the issue, saying it made other political parties take notice and speak out on the issue as "previously, they were trying to deflect it".

Khan's party, which was a petitioner in the case, has agitated repeatedly for the accountability of ruling powers in the country and stands to gain considerable political capital ahead of next year's general election if its allegations against the Sharif family are vindicated by the apex court.

In the past, Khan said: “due to the Panama Papers leaks case, the entire nation has been in state of confusion for the past 10 months and the government machinery has done nothing but protect Prime Minister Sharif."

He believes the PML-N government has 'destroyed' state institutions "for the protection of the rulers" and used these organisations as a tool to "twist the arms of their political opponents".

“Due to corruption at NAB and the Federal Bureau Revenue, foreign investment could not save the country ... It is time for NAB’s funeral as it has only pressurised the poor instead of laying its hands on bigwigs involved in mega corruption cases,” he said in the past.


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Comments (65) Closed

Iqbal Hadi Zaidi Apr 19, 2017 05:20pm

What will be the punishment for Imran + Rasheed and Siraj if case if PM Nawaz is declared as an innocent person? May be only 'mitti paow' (b) Who takes over as Prime Minister incase if PM Nawaz is disqualified to continue as PM? (C) What action / reaction if SC not only disqualifies PM Nawaz but also bars Nawaz from contesting next election like Yousuf Gilani? Iqbal Hadi Zaidi / Kuwait /

water world Apr 19, 2017 05:27pm

in just next two month this will be old and forget story ,, no body in Pakistan bother or remember , poor nation with poor memory.

KHALID YOUSAFZAI (UK) Apr 19, 2017 05:30pm

@Iqbal Hadi Zaidi : Your view is thought provoking, in the light of the past history of Pakistan. I think we have to wait for about 20 hours more to let SPEAK THROUGH SUPREME COURT's

Yogesh B Bhosale Apr 19, 2017 05:31pm

Nothing is going to happen Mr navaz sharif

Ace Apr 19, 2017 05:35pm

@Iqbal Hadi Zaidi why would Imran Khan be punished? He wasn't accused in the Panama Case.

Tanweer Apr 19, 2017 05:35pm

lots of excited folks out there....

ABE Apr 19, 2017 05:41pm

Class of the Titans? Or showdown at the ISB Coral ??

This is going to be an interesting Weekend in Pakistan.

Nomi Goraya Apr 19, 2017 05:44pm

@Ace He means keeping the nation hostage taking the expectations to high closing the cities if he is not able to prove anything in court of LAW.

Rashid Apr 19, 2017 05:45pm

@water world , don't worry we have followup man IK

AQ Apr 19, 2017 05:49pm

@Iqbal Hadi Zaidi Petitioner do not get punished just for seeking of justice. If that would happen people would stop going to courts to seek justice. Your this punishment question (a) does not make sense at all. As for the b& c just wait for the verdict to come out.

shan Apr 19, 2017 05:50pm


Really?? with all the lies and false statements by Sharif clan, you think about punishment for Imran, Rasheed and Siraj. Total bonker.

Zia Apr 19, 2017 05:52pm

Pakistan should thank Imran. For last few years he has tried to reign in corruption of these parties. If Pakistan gets justice these corrupt mafia will resist but eventually will run away where they have hidden looted money. If not, then Pakistan move ahead on course to disaster

Muhammad zafar iqbal Apr 19, 2017 05:57pm

Unnecessary hype by the PTI , they wil disappoint from the verdict as they produced nothing concrete against N.S , mr IK is only ambiguous to get PM slot whatever the way it is possible by hook or crook .

Harmony-1© Apr 19, 2017 05:57pm

@Nomi Goraya - Imran Khan didn't make corruption allegations; Panama revelations did. There is a difference! He only asked for justice when no one could agree on TOR's

Akhter Apr 19, 2017 06:11pm

THRE will be lots of verbosity Nawaz will go free and Sindh will feel betrayed

zahid Apr 19, 2017 06:15pm

@Muhammad zafar iqbal It's open and shut case nothing to be proved, everything is clear, properties were bought from corrupt money and the same money were laundered / sent illegally outside the country - period.

Iqbal HADI ZAIDI Apr 19, 2017 06:18pm

AQ! False accusation cannot and should not be tolerated. Three mentioned by me have accused Nawaz of telling lies and thus be disqualified but if SC does not accept it means Nawaz has not lied then those who falsely accused him should be punished for hurling false accusations otherwise anyone can accuse anyone and enjoy. I as a neutral person have commented on merits and talked about both the parties namely plaintiff and defendant thus I have asked what would be the scenario if Nawaz is disqualified. Iqbal Hadi Zaidi

Harmony-1© Apr 19, 2017 06:24pm

@Iqbal HADI ZAIDI - Panamagate is not accusations concocted by Imran Khan!!!

Scary Apr 19, 2017 06:27pm

Panama leaks, the biggest fraud on earth. These papers were leaked to harm Putin. The rest of the names were "collateral damage." These leaks do not reflect anything illegal. In fact a legal way of hiding your money in order to pay taxes. For 10 months we have wasted our time and money just as we did at the time of "dharna" to chase a dream that has nothing to do with the prosperity of our country or welfare of our people. What happened in 1990's is history. If we were clever we would have moved on from agitation to development.

ft Apr 19, 2017 06:30pm

SC should act according to the will of the people if it believes in democracy. SC is the strongest pillar in democracy, it's supposed to exterminate Hypocrisy.

The Observer Apr 19, 2017 06:30pm

@Iqbal Hadi Zaidi wait bro its just a day away

Harris Ahmed Apr 19, 2017 06:32pm

@Iqbal Hadi Zaidi I can not believe that inspite of Nawaz Sharif's proven corruption record and lies some people in Pakistan are still arguing in favor of him. This proves that morality is not their concern. The nation cannot rise if the people are morally so corrupt. We should all thank Imran Khan that he changed Pakistan. These politicians are more careful now doing corruption because of him. Pakistani nation should thank him that he created an environment of accountability.I am surprised that this kind of honest and courageous man was born among them. Guys remember Nawaz and Zardari there for the last 40 years. How stupid can we be to still give them a chance again. Give one chance to Imran Khan if he is not good through him awar as well. Harris Ahmed

ft Apr 19, 2017 06:33pm

This is Pakistan, the Qatari letter can't even be considered by SC, Sharifs &co are doomed.

Ali Asghar Apr 19, 2017 06:40pm

I am afraid it will be a major disappointment for most of us looking for this corrupt mafia to be punished. In a country where Ayan Ali was not punished after getting caught red handed, it is difficult to see if the PM or his cronies will face any sort of punishment. Rulers are only reflection of the people they rule. Unfortunately our nation as a whole is corrupt one way or the other.

Ali Asghar Apr 19, 2017 06:44pm

@Muhammad zafar iqbal on the contrary was MR Sharif able to justify his source of Income to buy the flats in London. Dont tell me you actually believe in the Qatari Letter.

khanm Apr 19, 2017 06:47pm

The genius of our ruling class is that it has kept a majority of the people from ever questioning the inequity of a system where most people drudge along...

The end is near Apr 19, 2017 06:52pm

IK is 100% right.

Saeeds Apr 19, 2017 06:53pm

There was tragedy happened in the KPK university which is the biggest issue than other Poitical drama. Nawaz be gone in next election if you sincere to people make difference. But screaming corruption mean nothing.

Asteroid Apr 19, 2017 07:04pm

Well done IK, you have done enough , but you can not change 70 years old corruption culture ...

Harmony-1© Apr 19, 2017 07:05pm

@Harris Ahmed - "Give one chance to Imran Khan..."

What exact leadership qualities one is looking for in Imran Khan other than corruption? Khan's government is not exactly a disaster in KPK - far from it - compared to the previous lot.

KPK is the only province where something visibly is being done on human development that no other leader even else talks about. Better police, better health & education, better local bodies. It could have been better but in which other province governance is any better? So, what else Khan needs proving?

Asteroid Apr 19, 2017 07:10pm

@Scary forget panama papers the case is Nawaz family own 4 flats in london, who and when they bought and where the money came from .. why do not sharif family reply and give documented evidence of the money ..

Harmony-1© Apr 19, 2017 07:11pm

@Scary - So we gather, you believe in Qatari letter as proof of money trail? Unbelievable!!!

rEALITY Apr 19, 2017 07:20pm

Hopefully SC decision will start the processing of cleansing and other corruptions will also be earthed as well. Its not only NS who is corrupt rather there are other politicians as well which should be brought to justice including high officials of other institutions as well. Once the transparent process starts then in the longer run Pakistan shall be having strong institution in place to put check and balance in the society. This is the long term solution of corruption free PAKISTAN.

Dr.Sadaf Apr 19, 2017 07:20pm

@Yogesh B Bhosale , is that your wish or view.

Dr.Sadaf Apr 19, 2017 07:25pm

@Iqbal Hadi Zaidi , apologies but your first option does not make any sense, secondly an illiterate person can also tell you that there is something wrong, where has all this money come from, seeing the lifestyle one can easily come to a conclusion, you don't have to be an Einstein to understand all this.

Changez khan Apr 19, 2017 07:28pm

Good news. We are going to have another Dharna part-3.

majid Apr 19, 2017 07:37pm

@Muhammad zafar iqbal agreed with you & once again he showing poor sportsman spirit that in case if the decision is in favour of NS then IK will once again resolve to Dharna politics

abubakar Apr 19, 2017 07:39pm

best of luck IK

Iqbal HADI ZAIDI Apr 19, 2017 07:43pm

Dr SADAF! Please personify yourself as I do. Iqbal Hadi Zaidi

Harmony-1© Apr 19, 2017 07:51pm

@Dr.Sadaf - For some, Qatari letter is enough proof and that is despite the fact that PM in all his speeches claimed he has 'full money trail'.

Clearly, some trolls here are in denial to believe in a Qatari letter :)

Sarwar, USA. Apr 19, 2017 08:03pm

@Iqbal Hadi Zaidi
Dont worry too much zaidi sahib .. all will be taken care...

Kashif Apr 19, 2017 08:04pm

Though not a big supporter of PTI but I salute PTI for their stance against corruption. I just feel hopeless that nothing will change in Pakistan since we don't want any chnage. We only want fast money. I don't think most of us cares for any reforms in Pakistan to help poor Pakistanis and to save Pakistan?

Nahrad Muni Apr 19, 2017 08:10pm

Nothing serious or drastic will be revealed. Nawaz will just be warned. It will be a joke for IK.

khanman Apr 19, 2017 08:19pm

@Iqbal Hadi Zaidi punishment for imran + rasheed kindly add + people of pakistan too, because i a citizen was also behind wanted supreme court to take action on one news which came as panama papers ..there is not punishment for diverting supreme courts attention to a news

Raja farhat Abbas Apr 19, 2017 08:29pm

@Harris Ahmed ...I agree with everything you have said 100%!.

Sallu Bhai Apr 19, 2017 08:36pm

Nothing's gonna happen! That's the truth!

nac Paris Apr 19, 2017 08:41pm

@Iqbal Hadi Zaidi If educated people can be fooled by not believing the truth then just imagine the situation of uneducated illiterate masses

Harmony-1© Apr 19, 2017 08:42pm

@Raja Farhat Abbas - Me too - 100% :)

Hidden truth Apr 19, 2017 08:56pm

@Ace is there no punishment for wrong accusation? It's time to get one to discourage wastage of time.

Harmony-1© Apr 19, 2017 09:06pm

@Hidden Truth - "wrong accusation?"

Qatari letter is okay for you too???

Boo ali Apr 19, 2017 09:10pm

This man has got integrity and is most sincere of all current politician lot.

HawrIs Apr 19, 2017 09:18pm

Last year in May general perception was that panama gate will maximum reach June July and people will forget .But thanks to Imran for keeping the case alive.

NONAME Apr 19, 2017 09:20pm

I have no concern with the uneducated people supporting Nawaz Shareef. But when it comes to educated who still support Nawaz Shareef, I have my reservations. Nawaz Shareef unable to proof the money trail to buy the flats in London. I don't know why this simple point, our educated people, are unable to understand. What a sick nation that is, Educated illeterate people.

Rafe Apr 19, 2017 10:29pm

@Iqbal Hadi Zaidi are you really former diplomate ? Your comment says otherwise.

Jamil Apr 19, 2017 10:56pm

@Nomi Goraya If the issue had been taken up by the court earlier, things you are mentioning would not have arisen. Therefore the government is at fault for not letting the courts to take up the case earlier as is the norm in a civilized and democratic country.

Jamil Apr 19, 2017 11:16pm

@Scary I think you are also one of the beneficiaries of corruption and lootmar of the past 30 years and do not want accountability.

Jamil Apr 19, 2017 11:26pm

@rEALITY But there are people who do not want the good changes to take place, as those people who have benefited from the corrupt system will lose out.

missireallymiss Apr 20, 2017 02:22am

@khanman dont believe it.

Zee Apr 20, 2017 02:56am

Imran has set the foundation for accountability of powerful, untouchable. I hope its beginning of the new culture.

A.M. Khawar Apr 20, 2017 03:05am

There is no doubt that it was Imran Khan’s personal insistence against all odds, over a long long time, that today, the most powerful leader of the ruling party is made answerable in an open court. Regardless of the nature of the Supreme Court Panama Gate verdict, due out tomorrow, a new unmistakable precedent of accountability at the highest level has been forced. IT RE-DIFINES THE ART OF THE POSSIBLE.
Personally, I have significant differences with Imran Khan’s methodology in of pursuit of his not so hidden ambitions. But today I solute Imran Khan. He has set up this precedence of accountability of the highest corridors of power that will become FOLK LORE for the nation thirsting for noble deeds. History will give him credit for this far bigger than the credit he deservedly received in winning the Cricket World Cup for Pakistan in 1992 or in setting up the Shaukat Khanem Hospital. Thank you Imran Khan, Sir.

Scary Apr 20, 2017 03:49am

@Harmony-1© Sir, nothing is unbelievable. When you hear that Mushraff received a gift in the form of mansion from the Saudi King, Zardari is the owner of Surrey Palace and another Palace in Dubai, then Nawaz Shariff's 4 flats in Park Lane are peanuts. Beside what everyone forgets is that Main Sahib (NS father) was a very rich man in his time. So where did all his wealth go. He gave them to his grandson when they realized that NS was entering politics. NS confirmed this in an interview with Hamid Mir in 1994. beside NS assets were thoroughly investigated by Mushraff. These are simple facts that leads me to believe that NS not all that bad. I agree their is no one good in Pakistan. I respect your opinion though anyway.

Khan Apr 20, 2017 04:13am

@Iqbal Hadi Zaidi subjunctive thinking

Sameer Apr 20, 2017 11:13am

@Harmony-1© I understand what you mean. But Iqbal Hadi sahab is simply implying that their can no be no mitti pao scenerio. If the guilty party is sent free that the accusing party seeking justice need to be put behind bars so that the public can know the power of our masters.

Sameer Apr 20, 2017 11:37am

@nac Paris two kind of educated in this country. One that gets appointed to key positions by the gov to strengthen their hold on the masses(fine nepotism). Two; the labor force that struggles day in day out hoping for change.

Harmony-1© Apr 20, 2017 03:29pm

@Scary - "Nawaz Shariff's 4 flats in Park Lane are peanuts".

Really, peanuts?

If your house-keeper keeps stealing money from your house, would you turn a blind eye to it or sack the person? Saying Mushraff and Zardari got away is no excuse. By the same logic let all criminals loose. Why have law, police anyway?