Former president General (retd) Pervez Musharraf disclosed that he had received millions of US dollars from Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud of Saudi Arabia back in 2009 to purchase apartments in London and Dubai.

In an interview with Nadeem Malik on Samaa TV, he claimed that he had received "financial assistance" from King Abdul Aziz back in 2009. However, Musharraf avoided to disclose the details, saying that it was a "private affair" so he would not go into details.

"Shah Abdullah was like a brother to me," Musharraf said, adding that they had family relations and he even had access to the residence of King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz.

"I was the only one with whom he used to smoke," said Musharraf while trying to cement his claim.

"King Abdullah himself had invited me to the holy Khana Kaaba and in one instance he brought me forward in Jumma prayers," he said while explaining his relations with the late king.

Musharraf claimed that no one can prove that he had purchased any property abroad while enjoying power in Pakistan. The former military ruler said that he used to deliver lectures abroad and receive payments ranging between $100,000 to $150,000 per lecture.

“I would be held accountable, if I had make property while being in power. But I went abroad in 2009 and then established the property in my individual capacity, so it is my private matter,” he said.

Musharraf suggests operation in Punjab

Talking about the current scenario in Pakistan, he said “Punjab has become the stronghold of militancy”. The former military ruler suggested that an operation should be carried out in the province.

“The problem is that there is a political over tone in Punjab, politicians are involved with them [terrorists]. People associated with the main party are involved (with terrorists) here, so they do not allow an operation there. They are not thinking for Pakistan but for their party and their individual benefits.”

He alleged that an important personality in the ruling PML-N has “linkages with terrorists” and everyone knows this.

‘Hafiz Saeed should be set free’

When asked about recent developments regarding Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD), he said, “We (as a nation) remain confused on terrorism, like we are confused in respect to JuD and Hafiz Saeed.”

“India is against them because their supporters go voluntarily to India-held Kashmir to fight with the Indian army.”

He added, “In my opinion they are against Taliban (in Pakistan), they did not commit any terrorism in Pakistan or anywhere in the world. So they should be dealt separately.”

They were banned through United Nations by India and we are following the same line, he said adding that Indian army have been committing terrorism in the held Kashmir and freedom fighters were confronting the Indian army.

“Hafiz Saeed should definitely be freed. They are not terrorists, they are running a very fine NGO, they contributed in relief activities in post earthquake and post floods periods in Pakistan. They are running a great welfare organisation.”

They [JuD] have been engaging the religious youth in relief and welfare activities and if we push them against wall and call them terrorist, the religious youth could incline to Taliban and terrorists, said Musharraf.


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Back to governance

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