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India beat Pakistan by nine wickets, winning the T20 Blind World Cup 2017 title on Sunday for the second consecutive time, DawnNews reported.

Pakistan had set India a target of 198 runs in the final match of the T20 Blind World Cup held in Bangalore today.

Pakistan Captain Muhammad Jamil had won the toss and decided to bat first, with the team managing to score 197 runs at a loss of eight wickets in 20 overs.

Babar Munir scored the most runs at 57 while Jamil scored 24 runs.

Ketan Patel and Jaffar Iqbal of India took two wickets each.

In the second inning, Indian openers provided a solid foundation and put 110 runs before their first wicket fell.

India's Ajay Kumar was run out after scoring 43 runs but Prakasha Jayaramaiah kept scoring aggressively and eventually won the title for India. Jayaramaiah scored 99 runs, the highest in the match.

This is the second time Pakistan faced India in a blind T20 World Championship.

Pakistan not only remained unbeatable and won 10 consecutive matches in this tournament, they also set a world record for highest total posted in a T20 match when it gave West Indies a total of 373 runs for the loss of only four wickets.

In the inaugural edition of the T20 championship, which was held in the same city in 2011, India beat Pakistan by 29 runs.

Comments (131) Closed

Naveed Iqbal Feb 12, 2017 02:27pm

Pakistan will beat India.

adnan Feb 12, 2017 02:38pm

Best of Luck Green Shirts!

Ahmad Feb 12, 2017 02:41pm

@Naveed Iqbal India won by 9 wickets.

Rahul Feb 12, 2017 02:40pm

@Naveed Iqbal - "Pakistan will beat India"

India has already won the game by 9 wickets. They scored 200/1 while chasing down 198. India has successfully defended it's T20 World Cup title.

NOMANSLAND Feb 12, 2017 02:41pm

@Naveed Iqbal India already won bro....

NOMANSLAND Feb 12, 2017 02:42pm

Congrats India !!

arif Feb 12, 2017 02:44pm

@Naveed Iqbal

Can you? challenge from India.

سے Shaam (Hanafi) Feb 12, 2017 02:43pm

India has WON the cup, congrats!!

Rik Feb 12, 2017 02:46pm

India beat pakistan by 9 wicket

Gautam Feb 12, 2017 02:44pm

India beat Pakistan 200/1 in 17.4 overs. Wel done, India!!!!!!

Bored Feb 12, 2017 02:47pm

See, India knows exactly when to beat Pakistan! Congratulations India for winning the World Cup

JS Feb 12, 2017 02:49pm

still better performance than the ones with "sight"! Board should invest more in this green rather than the other green which is mostly corrupt...

Girish Feb 12, 2017 02:56pm

Well done Team India. You have done us proud.

The Indian Govt. And people should show full solidarity with the boys by recognising their feat and rewarding them handsomely.

kerala Feb 12, 2017 02:58pm

Congrats Incredible India. . .India defended its world cup title.

Sarfaraz Khan Feb 12, 2017 02:59pm

India has never lost to us in any WC event.

Saudagaar Feb 12, 2017 03:03pm

Gone are the days when Pakistan could even think of defeating India.

yunis Feb 12, 2017 03:09pm

congrats india...these events make sprit of cicket won

Jaydeep Feb 12, 2017 03:11pm

Congratulations to both India and Pakistan ...

Saqlain Feb 12, 2017 03:19pm

Good luck boys good job

AdivishNu Feb 12, 2017 03:40pm

Congratulations to both the teams to reach upto finals. India eventually won the finals but that doesn't matter. We love both the teams. In fact all the teams who participated in this tournament.

However it is different when it comes to the regular teams. We definitely support India in that league.

Abdulla Hussain Feb 12, 2017 03:39pm


IMTIAZ ALI KHAN Feb 12, 2017 03:50pm

Good job India, good game India. Congrats! Good job Pak team in defeat there is strength, don't forget. We will beat them next time around :) True spirits of sports is beautiful. Congrats again India!

Truth Feb 12, 2017 03:50pm

INDIA thrashed Pakistan to win the world cup.

rich Feb 12, 2017 04:05pm

well played pakistan, keep it up, good perfomace in the tournement

congrats india for winning the final

rich mumbai

Ravi Feb 12, 2017 04:11pm

@IMTIAZ ALI KHAN . Well said bro, you always are a sane voice. Congrats to both teams.

Mohammad Feb 12, 2017 04:27pm

Congrats to both team players, specially India for good game and wining. (pls don't politicize, despite disability they are entertaining people and keep cricket/sports alive, appreciate with good words). thanks.

M. Emad Feb 12, 2017 04:34pm

Congratulation Indian T20 Blind World Cup Cricket Team for winning the 2017 T20 Blind World Cup.

kamal Feb 12, 2017 04:34pm

@Naveed Iqbal Waste of time...Pakistan never win against India..not even by mistake.

Sandeep Feb 12, 2017 04:41pm

Irrespective of winner please appreciate the sheer courage of these boys to beat odds in life!!

Nilesh Feb 12, 2017 04:44pm

Good game both sides

Jigar Feb 12, 2017 04:44pm

Big win for the blind people, playing cricket for thier countries. Good going India and Pakistan, keep up the good human spirit, no politics and no religion.

Ayaz Feb 12, 2017 04:45pm

@ Naveed Iqbal/ Adnan are un-necesassarily getting emotional without reading full post which is India Defeats Pakistan.....Congrats to our Indian Brothers for winning again....Great going guys !!!!!!!!!

Pawan Feb 12, 2017 04:54pm

@Naveed Iqbal right. As usual

Luke Furtado Feb 12, 2017 05:03pm

How is it possible that NO Pakistan team can beat an Indian team in World Cups EVER ??? Mens ,womens ,Blind World Cups....This defies all the laws of logic and physics.....

Ali Feb 12, 2017 05:06pm

Congratulations to the Indian team. Love from Pakistan and good effort by our team as well

Vishnu Shankar Feb 12, 2017 05:07pm

I would have brought India-pak rivalry if it was a normal game of cricket, but these boys deserve much better. Both the teams did well, both countrymen should be proud of the fact that our boards are supporting teams with special needs. I would have totally enjoyed even if Pak had beat India bcoz this game is above our normal rivalry. Congrats to all the players for fighting out a disability, you all should be proud about representing your country. The efforts you are putting in is much higher than a normal person like me who is blessed with everything but still chose not to utilize all that I have. Cheers

Mukul Feb 12, 2017 05:06pm

Naveed is a little late AND wrong in his predictions!

RAJESH PAWAR Feb 12, 2017 05:07pm

Congrats to both india n pakistan. All team members u all r turely inspirational. U all made cricket proud. U all proved that nothing is impossible if there is commitment

Armaan Feb 12, 2017 05:13pm

Being an Indian I am happy that we won. But i am equally happy thay pak reached final and won all previous matches. Thanks for coming to India.

AHA Feb 12, 2017 05:14pm

Congratulations for both teams for great sport spirit. Win or lose are secondary.

Arjun Feb 12, 2017 05:18pm

Cricket won today.

The end is near Feb 12, 2017 05:20pm

Well done, India. Congratulations! !!

fkhan Feb 12, 2017 05:23pm

Congratulations India! Well played Pakistan. Next time boys, well win next time.

Venkat reddy Feb 12, 2017 05:24pm

@Luke Furtado Best team wins always. Simple logic

omveer Feb 12, 2017 05:26pm

Well played Pakistan. It's not the result but the spirit that counts. Hats off to the sightless wonders

Pra aksha Feb 12, 2017 05:30pm

Sport won! Congratulation India & Pakistan! My team, you played well & deserved your win! Pakistani boys better luck next time!!

IsaBhai Surat wala Feb 12, 2017 05:28pm

Congratulations to both of the teams......

Mahendra Singh Feb 12, 2017 05:33pm

In this game both teams win. Congratulations to these players .

Arun Feb 12, 2017 05:37pm

@Bored very sinister comment yeah?

Nitin Feb 12, 2017 05:37pm

Isn't it all too familiar?

Jamal Feb 12, 2017 05:41pm

Congrats to both the countries. Sports brings us together.

SMI Feb 12, 2017 05:48pm

From Pakistan Cong. to the Indian Team

Indian Feb 12, 2017 05:55pm

It's sad that I found this news here and not in any Indian news paper

saudagar Feb 12, 2017 05:53pm

pakistan team is WINNER all the way seen through my EYES !

Vish1 Feb 12, 2017 05:56pm

Thanks Dawn for making it your sports headline. I was there in the stadium... amazing game, skills and spirit!

Nb Feb 12, 2017 06:08pm

Congratulations India on winning the Cup. Three cheers to both the teams for their fantastic spirit and inspiring effort. U all are winners today. Something the rest of us should look up to.

Joe Feb 12, 2017 06:14pm

Well played both teams.winning loosing is part of game. Hopefully we will be able to make lives of physically challenged WORTH , due to the struggle they go through.

®POT_BELLY DANCER Ω Feb 12, 2017 06:23pm

Congratulations to the Indian Team !!!

Santhosh Feb 12, 2017 06:31pm

Congratulations to both teams for being finalists.

ONKAR Feb 12, 2017 06:34pm

Well Done Blue Boys.....India .......Don't mess with u boyz

Shahryar Shirazi Feb 12, 2017 06:38pm

Congrats India and Pakistan. Being blind it self is a challenge, and the teams have defied this disability. It doesn't matter who wins.

ABHISEK Feb 12, 2017 06:38pm

Good work team!! Both are winners!! It takes lot of courage for differently abled citizens to live their life in this fast greedy world..

A Shah Feb 12, 2017 06:45pm

Pakistan will beat indian100%! If not then I will convert.

A Shah Feb 12, 2017 06:43pm

Everything india touches turns to gold.

Ajay ladkani Feb 12, 2017 06:49pm

A very good attempt by Pak team. Win or no win, hope that this will pave the way for a normal relation between two countries.

AbhiManue Feb 12, 2017 06:53pm

@Shahryar Shirazi I agreed 100% with you. So good if we both India and Pakistan could live like America and Canada

Bharat Kumar Jaiswal Feb 12, 2017 07:36pm

Congrats to all players of all countries who participated.... Just a salute to spirit of all....

Vin Feb 12, 2017 07:42pm

Let's not be blinded. Both teams are winners if you take a different perspective in account.

Vivaan SINGH Feb 12, 2017 07:48pm

I m very happy india won world and Pakistan is 1st runner up .. Not bad ..!!congrats both teams!!

Lal Feb 12, 2017 07:50pm

@NOMANSLAND His wishes for future

neeraj Feb 12, 2017 07:53pm

goodjob guys and better luck next time pak

Proud to be an Indian Kashmiri Feb 12, 2017 08:02pm

I love my India.

syed wasim haider Feb 12, 2017 08:17pm


ThatsThat Feb 12, 2017 08:20pm

@Naveed Iqbal Sorry

deepu Feb 12, 2017 08:20pm

Congrats boys in blue.

Truth Feb 12, 2017 08:22pm

@A Shah You're time has come.

Fahad Amir Feb 12, 2017 08:35pm

Congratulations India from Pakistan. And for my team well done boys were proud.

Ranveer Feb 12, 2017 08:38pm

well played Pakistan .... Congrats India ...

raj Feb 12, 2017 08:48pm

cong both team reach the final

vorshal Feb 12, 2017 08:58pm

@Naveed Iqbal -- REALLY!

vorshal Feb 12, 2017 09:03pm

With CPEC in the development stage with the funds contributed by Chinese government and entrepreneurs, it is a good time to play cricket with them. This will improve Pakistan's winning overall standards.

Aik Pakistani Feb 12, 2017 09:28pm

Congratulation - Great achievement by India team.

Arif Feb 12, 2017 09:27pm

Congratulations to the Indian blind cricket team

BROTHER THERESA Feb 12, 2017 09:31pm

India and Pakistan are both winners in our books. We just happened to become Champions (:

Nadeem Feb 12, 2017 09:51pm

Well played, congrats team India!

mandy Feb 12, 2017 09:57pm

well played team india

JIm beam Feb 12, 2017 10:07pm

Congratulations to all the players for doing what many of the keyboard warriors do not do, show up and do their job.

anil mumbai Feb 12, 2017 10:20pm

@JS true said same from india

Atticus from India Feb 12, 2017 10:30pm

Congratulations to both team... appreciate the josh of these cricketers.

Justice Feb 12, 2017 10:52pm

@BROTHER THERESA that's what you think, India always a better side.

J. Gamble Feb 12, 2017 11:24pm

Can anyone explain how this kind of cricket is played?

Harmony-1© Feb 12, 2017 11:50pm

@J. Gamble - With bat and ball.

subir Feb 12, 2017 11:56pm

Congratulations Team India !!!! You done it again.

Kau Feb 12, 2017 11:59pm

Congratulations to India and Pakistan for a good clean game.

subir Feb 13, 2017 12:01am

@Mohammad : Good words.

MURTHY Feb 13, 2017 12:59am

Congrats both teams. They may be physically blind, but not by heart. They played with good sports spirit. Both broke records and keep goodwill. Humanity and Cricket prevailed together.

dhanesh Feb 13, 2017 01:03am

best wishes to winners and runner ups.

GREAT Feb 13, 2017 01:22am

Well done Indian team.

Kamran quraishi Feb 13, 2017 02:06am

I'm disgusted by the comments of some individuals regarding winning and losing. It's extremely childish and offensive to make these type of comments. Both teams should be congratulated for overcoming their disabilities to play a game which is meant for people who can see yet it seems to be another case of the blind leading the blind. I loathe these type of comments where Indians and Pakistanis are berating each other using extremely vulgar language (YouTube comments section is the worst). Anyway, I hope we can overcome these challenges to live in peace. Kudos again to both teams.

Teja Feb 13, 2017 02:56am

The best thing is that the finals keep happening between south asian brothers. Pakistan better luck next time. This game was above all rivalry. Only humanity won here.

R K Mohindra Feb 13, 2017 06:22am

Congrats to both teams. Next time for Pakistan. However at the present-Well done India. This should be the spirit of sports.

Irfan_Sydney Feb 13, 2017 06:39am

Congratulations to India on winning the cup. Congratulations to Pakistan on playing the final.

Good Point Feb 13, 2017 07:15am

Friends, every player in this tournament is a winner.

Ravi Feb 13, 2017 07:21am

@Indian have you even read Indian newspaper? This news in almost all hindi/English newspaper.

Ahmad Feb 13, 2017 07:44am

@Indian That means you didn't look for this NEWS. In Indian papers TN episode is main NEWS so this one was little down on page but it is there.

Check Sports section of all NEWS websites.

bALAKRISHNAN kamesh KAMESH Feb 13, 2017 08:44am

Well done India and Pakistan... Hope Blind cricket players had opened the eyes of both the Governments... hope this will prosper to a new chapter... wishes from an Indian

Ali Feb 13, 2017 09:18am

Congratulate team India!

PopnRolla Feb 13, 2017 09:41am

@Sarfaraz Khan dude we lost the last game against Pakistan. But champions of both teams played well to be in the finals.

PopnRolla Feb 13, 2017 09:47am

@Arjun so did Ravi Shastri with your comment.

D.K. PAMNANI Feb 13, 2017 10:53am

Well done India and Pakistan. I watched the match on TV. Well played by both the teams. Let us forget the result but must remember that we are neighbours and we must keep peace and humanity in the region. These matches only tells us that we are brothers and live like a good brothers. Jai Hind.

Symphony Feb 13, 2017 12:11pm

Congratulations both teams

SHOAIB AHMED Feb 13, 2017 03:44pm

@Naveed Iqbal Indian team has won

Deepak Talwar Feb 13, 2017 03:55pm

Each and every one of these players is a winner and a champ.

SUhas SENGUPTA Feb 13, 2017 04:00pm

@JS Why blame the 'other' green. They are picked by the Board and ultimately it is the board's responsibility to nurture talent. The board is to blame.

kerala Feb 13, 2017 04:30pm

Meanwhile Indian national cricket team beat Bangladesh. Its double treat for India.

Javed khan Feb 13, 2017 04:59pm

@IMTIAZ ALI KHAN thanks! im sure pakistan will come back strong and might even beat us next time! lots of love from this side of the border!

Kabeela Khan Feb 13, 2017 05:00pm

Both teams are champions, lets celebrate together!

JOshi Feb 13, 2017 05:40pm

Every participant is a winner in this game. I am equally happy about the match irrespective of outcome. Congrats Pakistan, Congrats India.

JOshi Feb 13, 2017 05:44pm

@Kabeela Khan I agree with you 100%.

Prab Feb 13, 2017 06:35pm

@Kabeela Khan , It is so heartening that players who can not see play with such gusto and that is important, not that who won or who lost. Well played both to reach the finals.

k p rao chennai Feb 13, 2017 08:18pm

Differently abled persons playing cricket. This itself is fantastic. Why bring nationality in this? I watched the live telecast. Indian player took a catch - a catch. Many cricketers who can see properly spill the catches. See the score line 198 and 200. Normal T/20 games have lesser score lines. So congratulations to both the teams for fantastic play. May your tribe grow. God bless you guys.

Kannadaboy Feb 13, 2017 08:20pm

In my opinion all these players are winners irrespective of the sides they represent. They are real Hero in real life...Period...

DJ Nshyap Feb 13, 2017 08:50pm

Indian team received only 3 lakhs as prize money. Not sure the prize money Pakistan Team received. Dont we feel thats too less for their efforts for both the teams.

DJ Nshyap Feb 13, 2017 08:54pm

@Ali Truly man,, Hats off to both the Team Players...May God Bless All...

Adeeb Feb 13, 2017 09:10pm

Congratulations from Pakistan, great victory you defended the title very well and well deserved.

KRIS Feb 13, 2017 09:56pm

They are all winners in my book. Their mental strength and courage are truly an inspiration to one and all.

Stardust Feb 14, 2017 12:51am

Better luck next time.

Excelsior Feb 14, 2017 02:07am

Laddoos for both teams!

Shailesh Feb 14, 2017 03:21am

everybody is a winner in this game. Congrats to pakistani brothers.

Love Feb 14, 2017 06:39am

Why was Pakistan team hyped so much. Still good work. Cheers

skumar Feb 15, 2017 10:40am

congrats to the indian team . Let us remember all the players(from both teams) first defeated the disability and have high motivation levels . Kudos to both teams .